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bullet     Beth 10/06/03
    I am trying to convince my 18 yr old brother to go with me to Prague for Christmas. He is concerned about having fun things to do during the day, do you have any suggestions for around that age group? Also will we have problems with activities being closed for the holidays?
ANSWER: It is better to come either before Christmas or after the Christmas Day, because the 24th and 25th people prefer to spend at home with their families. Once you get to Prague, you can visit music clubs, go ice skating, see a hockey game- there are tons of things to do. For the list of concerts - check out www.ticketpro.cz.

bullet     Steph 10/05/03
    My parents visited the old walled city of Chesny Krumlov (sorry if spelling is incorrect) last year (2002) and purchased some glass christmas baubles from a shop at the bottom of the hill , my mother has broken one of these baubles and was wondering if there is any way she could get it replaced , does anyone know of this shop and whether this shop has a website. thanks in advance.
ANSWER: Cesky Krumlov :). These stores hardly have a website and if you can not find any sticker or name on the product, then it is in general very hard to track it back. Can you check the bauble or see if you do not have a receipt?

bullet     Thomas 09/30/03
    Is Prague a safe place to visit if you're Asian? Hope this doesn't sound paranoid, but I've read there is violence sometimes against people who are non-white. Also is it pretty easy to get around if you only speak English?
ANSWER: There are a lot of people from Vietnam in Czech Republic, so people got used to it and I would not say that you should be afraid. In Prague you can get around just with English, but if you go to a countryside- it might be sometimes quite difficult.

bullet     J. Gouveia 09/29/03
    Hiya! im going 2 prague on the 4th of october and i would like to know the bests nightclubs in the city (trance and dance music)?
ANSWER: Hi. Try Radost FX or Mecca. If you want to be sure that you go exactly to the club you wanted, check out the list of Prague clubs at this web site. Futurum and Akropolis are also well known.

bullet     J - $ 09/28/03
    I am visiting Prague for a week around mid October - what is the weather gonna be like? Will I need a coat or jacket of any type?
ANSWER: Definitely. It might get quite cold, especially in the evenings and during the night. Check out the weather forecast on the main page.

bullet     Matt 09/27/03
    please list best 10 pubs in Prague.....
ANSWER: That is a tough thing to do :). If you want to experience some typical Czech pubs- visit the Zizkov district, around Seifertova street.

bullet     Mewie 09/25/03
    I am looking for glass bead shops in Prague. I have been on line to the czglass site but am unfamiliar with addresses, etc. Can anyone provide addresses specific to Prague. Thanks.
ANSWER: There are many shops like that in Prague. You can try the official shop of Jablonex for example, which is located in the department store Kotva (at Namesti republiky) and is called BIJOUX DE BOHÊME SHOP.

bullet     Ema 09/25/03
    hi my boyfriend and i are going to prague in december for the christmas markets. how cold will it be and is it expensive. are people friendly
ANSWER: It can get quite cold at this time of year, be prepared that the temperature can drop below zero. In general czech Republic is cheaper than other countries, but of course you can find some expensive restaurants and shops in the center. I think you will have a wonderful time in Prague during the Christmas time.

bullet     Luis 09/23/03
    I will be visiting Prague from the 5 to the 9 December 03. I will be staying in the Hotel Aradia. Are there any places in this area that you could recommend for a birthday meal out that will be remembered for a long time! It will be my husbands treat so money MAY not be the object.......
ANSWER: I do not know where that hotel is, so it is hard to recommend you a place that is near it. I would advice you to look at the website www.gurman.cz, where there is a list of Prague restaurants with a description and recommendations.

bullet     max 09/23/03
    we will travel to Prague on next week.What should we take-US dollars,EURO or czech crowns?
ANSWER: In the shops you have to pay with Czech crowns, however dollars and euros can be exchanged very easily and you might get a better rate when in Prague than at your bank at home.

bullet     Kimberley 09/19/03
    Hello, My fiancé and I are contemplating coming to Prague for Thanksgiving. Before we make our decision, I was hoping to resolve a question. Three years ago, I was shopping nearby the Old Town side of the Charles Bridge, and I purchased six lovely crystal glasses. I broke one of them yesterday, and desperately wish to order a replacement. My dilemma is this: I do not know the name of the store where I purchased the glasses or the name of the artist who made them. I am now engaged to be married and would like to purchase my crystal from this same artist. Any help you could offer me would be greatly appreciated. I had crossed the Charles Bridge on my way toward Old Town Prague, and within the first or second block of crossing the bridge, the crystal store was on my right. I believe the street I was on was Karlova, since I was coming off of the Charles Bridge? (It was not one of the big stores in Prague. It seemed that the glass in this shop was the work of a particular artist. It may have even been one shop in an arcade of many artists shops, not all related to glass. The glasses were very simple, with no etchings. Each glass had an air bubble placed decoratively in the stem, just at the point that the stem begins to descend from the cup bottom. When you look at the inside of the glass, the bubble reflects against the angles creating the look of a flower. I do have photos of the glass that show its four cut sides, square-like stem, and the single air bubbles inside each stem. The following information appears on the label where the bar code is. I don't know if the words pertain to the address or the artist. 1.jakost kalisek 14512/H044/D3090/220.ml 8 593401 021412 Thank you in advance for anything you can do to help. Sincerely, Kimberly Robinson
ANSWER: Hello. The information just say, that it is a glass and that it is the best quality. I do not know what the numbers are, they do not look like a telephone number or anything at all. Try to find the store when you are in Prague. Also it would be a good idea to bring a picture of the glass with you. They might be able to give you some useful info at the glass shops... Good luck!

bullet     Nog 09/17/03
    Re Currency question (KEITH C 09/11/03) In the UK, you can order currency from most banks, or get them from any Main Post Office without preordering. Rate early September was CZK 41/£. Don't think there are any restrictions on bringing currency back.

bullet     MLF 09/16/03
    I am visiting Prague for 3 days shortly,staying at the William hotel. Can anyone tell me how far it is to Wenceslas Sq, and how much a good meal cost.
ANSWER: The hotel is in the center of Mala Strana, a really good location. If you take tram number 9, it will take around 10 minutes to get to Wenceslas Sq., if you walk around 20-25 minutes. Cost of the meal depends where you are, in the center it is about 150 crowns.

bullet     Marie 09/14/03
    My husband and I are planning to visit Prague 11/26/03 - 11/30/03. What is the best mode of transportation from the airport to our hotel and will any of the tourist attractions (ie. Prague Castle) be open for business during this time period?
ANSWER: Usually one of the fastest ways to get where you want is the public transportation. If you want something more comfortable take the Cedaz minibus, it is cheaper than a taxi. Most of the tourist attractions are open all year round, you do not need to worry about that.

bullet     Chaz from New York City 09/12/03
    I would like to meet intelligent, pretty, nice women (not massueses, not hookers!). Where do most of the single women (25-35 years old) congregate? Thanks!
ANSWER: Life would be so much easier for every men if women of these characteristics were located just in one place. Look around yourself while you are in Prague. Try some of the clubs- like Lucerna Music Bar and also some University clubs might work too...

bullet     Clara 09/12/03
    Hello, I'll visit Prague in October, and I am interested in buying crystal beads for jewelry, and I will apreciate your advice for the best place to look for. Thank you
ANSWER: See the website glass.cz. It contains a database of Czech manufactures, quite a big variety to choose from.

bullet     KEITH C 09/11/03
    am I correct in assuming that you can only get Czech cash once in the Czech rep? and cannot take it out of the country? is there a reliable cash machine at the airport?
ANSWER: In general it is quite hard to get Czech crowns before you come to CZ, unless you come from the neighboring states. There are however several cash machines at the airport, and also some exchange offices- it should be no problem to get Czech crowns once in the country.

bullet     Karri 09/10/03
    arriving in Prague by plane, (October) and we are booked into the Ariston at Zizkov, can you advise us the best way to get there. There will be six of us. Cheers
ANSWER: You can either use the public transporation (12CZK each- you have to buy the tickets in a machine at the bus stop or at a kiosk at the airport.) Bus 119 will take you to Dejvicka station, where you will get into the subway/metro and you will go to station Mustek. There you switch to tram #9 and get of at the station Seifertova. Probably more convenient is to take the Cedaz minibus. Since there are six of you, it should not be that expensive (around 400cZK, I think) and it will take you directly to the hotel.

bullet     Jim 09/08/03
    What kind of weather can I expect in Prague the first week of November
ANSWER: Quite cold (5-12C), a little bit foggy, maybe some rain. But you never now how it is really going to be :).

bullet     Scott 09/06/03
    Hi we are a large group from the US and we want to travel to Prague. Is it true the backpackers can sleep with Czech girls very easy ans we are aloud to smoke pot in the streets? We will be about 30 aged from 25 to 35. Thanks Scott
ANSWER: You can have a possesion of small amount of this drug. However it is illegal to grow it or to distribute it. It is always better to smoke it in private if you do not want to get into trouble, but sometimes people just smoke on the streets. Where did you hear the backpackers story? :)

bullet     marcy 09/06/03
    I will be in Prague the first week in Oct. I want to get off the beaten path and stay in neigborhoods with good transit. I own a nursery and want to know what plant markets are available to visit. I want to socialize with the locals. Are there any festivals at the time we are there.
ANSWER: Try Prague 3, it is close to the center and has a specific atmosphere. There are no real plant markets, but you can visit one of the specialized gardening shops. If you stayed longer, there is an exhibition in Olomouc Hortikompex.

bullet     Zoe 09/06/03
    i was recently checking train prices and noticed cheaper fares are available with a "Z-card" what is a "Z-card".How do i get one.Thanks
ANSWER: It is a customer card. If you buy this card for 100CZK, then you can travel for less. These cards are issued at the same spots as the tickets. You will need a passport photo+ ID card with you. They say that this ID card should be issued by a state authority (they do not say if only Czech authority or if they accept foreign ID cards as well). Try it.

bullet     Yaprak Korkmaz 09/04/03
    Hi, We are travelling to Prague between 23th -26th September, could you give us a best places to visit, and good restaurant names? Thank you.
ANSWER: Hello. PLease, see the three day guide for hints what to visit. As for the restaurants- it is hard to recommend since I do not know which type of food you prefer and in what price range- see Gurman guide for a list of Prague restaurants and their ratings. Enjoy your stay!

bullet     Lucie 09/03/03
    My family has the Danish Aupair in Prague - she would like to meet some other aupairs (not only danish) - do you think there is some aupair club in Prague or something like that? Thanks L.
ANSWER: I do not know about any au pair club of this kind. Probably the ebst way how to meet other foreigners would be through www.seznamka.cz and their foreign section....

bullet     Mark & Jenneh 09/02/03
    We are travelling to Prague at the begining of October '03 for a few days cultural break (Opera, bars, art exihibitions. etc). Why have all the hotels loaded their prices for this period!! Is there something happening that we do not (as yet) know about and if it's good, how do we get tickets?
ANSWER: I do not think there is something special going on at that time. Hotels still think about October as a high season, so the prices might be still quite high. But probably if you search the database, you might get some good deals. For example try special offers. They start with five star hotels, but as you move down the list, the prices get more affordable. For a list of cultural events visit ticketpro.cz, where you can also book the tickets. Enjoy your stay!

bullet     RodP 09/01/03
    We are driving from Plzen to Prague Ruzyne Airport to catch a plane the next morning, and am trying to find a Czech hotel near to airport that will be easy to find from the Plzen to Prague main highway, and easy to drive from hotel to Ruzyne in morning rush. We don't want one of those modern airport hotels - we would like an older 2-3 star Czech hotel with a good restaurant and ambience for our last night in the Cz Rep. Thanks for any hotel recommendations. Have searched many hotel links and all want to put us in City Center.
ANSWER: Choose a hotel located in Prague 6. There is a main street Dejvicka going through the main part of Prague 6 and it should take about 20 minutes to get to the airport. I searched for some pensions, which are located in the area- Mlyn, VillaMaria or Jana.

bullet     sac 09/01/03
    I want to have czech friends. I m in India. If anyone interested in India or Indian culture email me lhindi10@hotmail.com

bullet     Susan Willett 08/31/03
    I am 20 and going to prague in january with a friend could you tell me about the weather and any fun things to do...i would be interested in going ice skating.
ANSWER: Weather might be quite tricky at that time- usually it's a little bit rainy, foggy in the mornings. Temperature around 10C. Actually I like Prague at that point of time more than in July :). It's always better to book a hotel in advance, but it should be no problem to find an accommodation at that time.

bullet     nataliemoose 08/29/03
    hey there, in paris at the mo but my french friend, and myself, an english girl are looking for fun and funky stuff to do in prague, and to meet lots of young people,is anyone going to be around from, monday the 2nd to friday the 6th? it would b great to hear from u all, at nal298bham.ac.UK thanks

bullet     gabika 08/28/03
    hi, does anyone know some german guys, women in Prague who i can talk to and so improve my german???if so, please let me know or email to: gabikaturocziova@hotmail.com thanks, have all of you a nice day:)

bullet     Beany 08/27/03
    I am 20 and going to prague in january with a friend could you tell me about the weather and any fun things to do...i would be interested in going ice skating.
ANSWER: That is a good question :). In January it is quite cold, between 0 to minus ten. Sometimes it's a little bit warmer, sometimes it's more cold- but rarely the temperatur drops below -15C. If you want to go ice skating, it should be no problem. You can either go skating inside (ex. Stvanice) or on a lake just in the suburbs, usually you can get there by the public transportation.

bullet     danny 08/27/03
    hello, if this is already answered please skip it, but, i will be coming to prague for an extended stay in december and i have heard some concerning things about corrupt police and anti-american sentiment. Is this true? please let me know, thanks so much, danny
ANSWER: Hello Danny. Probably all over Europe there are groups that have anti- american sentiment, but that is nothing new. Prague welcomes Americans and actually lot of them relocated here, I do not think that should be a problem. As for the police, it is illegal to tak bribes or anything. Sometimes it happens though- for example when people drive too fast and are afraid of loosing their driving license. If you come to Prague, you will probably meet only city policemen, which are walking in the streets.

bullet     Mac Ted 08/23/03
    I am thinking of visiting Prague over the Christmas holiday but dont know what if anything will be open , could someone advise please.
ANSWER: Definitely. Prague is very nice at that time, there are Christmas fairs and special concerts. Almost everything is open.

bullet     Charmaine 08/19/03
    Will be visiting Prague from the 6 to 9 December by way of a birthday present. Love food and drink so would appreciate some advice as to what should not be missed that includes sights as well!!! Cheers
ANSWER: Hello. There are a lot of restaurants of all kinds. The best thing is to check the gurman web site gurman.cz. Enjoy your stay!

bullet     Darren 08/18/03
    Hey, I'm visiting Prague for a few days in Early September, can anyone recommend a hostel (I hear the Travelers hostels or Elf is meant to be good). Also, keen to meet up for a beer and few sights? flick me an email on uk_dazz@hotmail.com Will be in Prague 2nd-5th Sept. Cheers Darren (27/M)
ANSWER: Travellers hostel is a good choice. People also like Sir Toby's hostel. More info about hostels at hostel.cz.

bullet     Someone 08/15/03
    Which breed of horse originated in Czechoslovakia?
ANSWER: Prevalsky Horse originated in Czechoslovakia. A picture of that horse can be found at foto.cz.

bullet     JJ 08/15/03
    Hullo, Prague Expert. We have a group of friends visit this city in Sep-Oct. We'd like to know whether there are any attractive spots near Holiday Inn by 10-20 min walk? Cafe, bar or any recommendation?
ANSWER: There are some cafes if you walk towards Pankrac. Probably the best thing to do, since Holiday Inn is right at the metro station, to take metro for one or two stations and you will find yourself right in the center with huge variety of cafes and restaurants.

bullet     Rudy 08/07/03
    I planing to go to Prague on the first week on nov and iam planing to stay at vinohardy area I would like to know if this area is to far from the center and how much is a taxi from the airport. thak you
ANSWER: Vinohrady are really close to the center, fifteen minutes by walk to the Wenceslas Square form the surroundings of Namesti Miru. Taxi can be as high as 1000 CZK. the best way is to take the public transportation- that will cost you only 15 minutes and it is almost that fast as a taxi, sometimes even faster.

bullet     beverly 08/05/03
    My husband and I will be visiting Prague in October and we would like to attend an opera at the State Opera House. While it is possible to get tickets via the internet, I am wondering if tickets are usually available on the day of the performance. Anyone out there with Opera info.
ANSWER: It depends what type of the performance it is and also what time of the year is. If you really want to be sure that you can get in- oreder the tickets online.

bullet     smok'in joe 08/03/03
    what are the laws and attitudes towards soft drugs(pot and hash)in prague?
ANSWER: You can have a possesion of small amount of this drug. However it is illegal to grow it or to distribute it.

bullet     Frantisek 07/19/03
    I am a Hungarian Prague-lover, who would like to have a penfriend in Prague. I know well your beautiful city, I know a lot about your culture, literature, history but it would be great to have a friend in Prague, too. I am 40+ years old, but you can be the same or young too, but please let this friendship be serious. I also study Czech language because I want to speak it. You can write me here: egermellett@freemail.hu

bullet     Juanita G 07/09/03
    Will be visiting there from 13 November through 15 November and trying to find a couple of trips (one day each) castle as well as perhaps other tours to take. Having trouble finding anything in the month of November. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
ANSWER: The well known castles like Karstejn or Konopiste are open (except for Mondays) even during November.

bullet     Mich 06/25/03
    I thinking about visiting Praque in August / September with my partner and not sure where to stay. I want somewhere quite central to everything, but not to noisey. Also ive heard of this pub called Bolden or something similiar, have you heard of it, its meant to be a good laugh.
ANSWER: Hello Mich, it is no problem to find such a place. I can recommend you an accommodation agency ABAKA abaka.com. If you tell them what you want, they will offer you a variety of places. I never heard about Bolden, but that does not mean that it is not good. There are just so many pubs and restaurants in Prague, that you can not keep track of all of them :)).

bullet     Gruver1 06/24/03
    Is there anyone with a one- or two-bedroom apartment in Prague (Old Town, Vinohrady, Mala Strana, south of Narodny) interested in swapping for an attractive, nicely located one-bedroom apartment in Paris's Montmartre district for a week from July 4th through 10th? American needs to know soon. By June 29th or 30th, if possible. Call me on my French cell ( or e-mail at gruver1@earthlink.net. Thank you.

bullet     Chivonne 06/22/03
    I am doing my MBA, in Jamaica and I have an assignment to do about importing or exporting products/services to any country. I was thinking of doing the exporting of Banana Chips from Jamaica, to Prague. I am trying to get some data to get my research going, like population figures, consumption figures, average income per capita, and so on. Any help would be greatly appreciated
ANSWER: See the web page of the Czech Statistical Office czso.cz.

bullet     neptun 06/22/03
    I'm visiting Praque mid july and I would like to have a female companionship (local ladies please,english speaking) for my stay.I'm a single 42yo,189cm tall professional and generous male.Please contact me : trispo2@yahoo.com

bullet     Juliet 06/21/03
    I am looking for source for wholesale faceted glass drop (for jewellry) & old glass pendant (hole-drilled) Does anyone know of source? Please.
ANSWER: Sorry, but I don't know this. Maybe some of our visitors could help you?

bullet     Sharkey 06/20/03
    I will just stay overnight in Prague on June 24 at the Ibis City Hotel, so I do not want to waste my time on transportation. I hear the Ruzyne Airport is some 25 km away from the hotel. How much (in euros, please) would I spend for a taxi to get to the hotel? How long might it take provided that I am supposd to land at 17.45 (I mean, how a possible traffic jams might impact on the transfer time)? Are there any shuttle bus from the Airport? Thank you for the info.
ANSWER: You pay 30CZK when you get on the taxi, then around 22 CZk/1 KM. There is a shuttle bus going from the airport which costs around 300 CZK. In the late afternoon there is quite a heavy traffic, I would count with an hour.

bullet     eagleflier 06/19/03
    Hi, I will be traveling to Prague between 6/28-72. I am interested to have a local female companionship between the age of 18-30. Will pay your service well. I am good looking Asian American professional, 36, 5'8, good educated, and well-mannered. If interested, please send me a picture of yours to eagleflier2000@yahoo.com

bullet     Jimmy Dark 06/17/03
    Hello there, I'm an architecture student coming to the beautiful city of Prague for 3 months in September 2003. Could anyone tell me what the music scene is like. I'm a Drum & Bass DJ in London and would like to blast off in Prague with a visit to a few clubs with immediacy. I'd love to play some of my London music as well if there's a scene. Where should I go? Has Drum & Bass been invented over there yet? J
ANSWER: Oh yes, Prague is very cosmopolitan in this way. Fans of Drum and Bass have even a special website drumandbass.cz. It is in Czech, but if you try to email to one of the guys (crew section), I am sure, they will give you more info :).

bullet     Richy 06/17/03
    HI Prague experts! I'm travelling to Prague this summer and going out seems to be fun. But, as my time is precious, i would like to get some tips on places to go out to and where we'll be able to meet some locals? We are mid-twenties... All suggestions are welcome! Thanx in advance!
ANSWER: Do not go to the club Karlovy lazne- most of the visitors are not local. Try Radost FX or any other club.

bullet     AJ 06/16/03
    Hi, I am a 30 years old doctor from USA and will be in Prague for the first two weeks of July! I am coming there to see the country and learn about her people and culture. I would love to meet a nice and cute girl (18-25) to be my guide and company for the time. She will be compensated for her time. Please email me at aj_verd@hotmail.comk.

bullet     friend ship 06/15/03
    im male///i want to ask if i had travely pobyt in the czech rep from 15.10.1996i left there at year2000i apply for citizen ship..the response were no...according to the czech low...can i apply again...i have alot of good friends there.i hope to get response soon.im looking for immigration lawyer in the cz my email narvik_us@yahoo.com hope to get response soon
ANSWER: I can not help you with this, sorry. See a list of Czech attorneys at seznamadvokatu.cz or email to info@seznamadvokatu.cz.

bullet     haryor Adedeji 06/14/03
    hello Buddies ,am looking for nice pal in prague to show me around the city and meeting PRAgue people .i will be there in July for Conference. Thanks. you can reach me at haryor_adedeji@yahoo.co.uk

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