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bullet     Jane , 12/25/2001
    I am leaving for Prague on the 30th of Dec. Will the stores be open on the 31th? Also can you recommend a good crystal stores in the area
ANSWER: The stores will be open on the 31th. As for the crystal stores- it is very hard to recommend one, because there are so many of them.

bullet     Richard D. James , 12/22/2001
    I'm going to visit Prague from December 28th to January 2nd and I would be very thankful if someone could suggest me some record stores in Prague where I can find quality electronic music (d'n'b, breakbeat, downtempo, house, techno...). Thanks.
ANSWER: A very good store is at the corner of Jungamnnova nad Narodni (near Vaclavske namesti).

bullet     doit? , 12/17/2001
    Hi, I am thinking of coming to prague for a visit for 5 days with a couple of my friends on a college vacation. Hoever, I am an asian american (Asian Indian heritage) and was wondering if it will be safe for me as I have read some news about the gypses. I will like to know if there are some places or times I should avoid while in Prague (if I do go)
ANSWER: Do not worry about it. There are a lot of Asian people living in Prague and they are safe. If you go out during the night, stay with your friends and no one will bother you. Have a nice stay.

bullet     brian , 12/17/2001
    Hi, I am looking for travelling companions from USA. I am will be in Prague in March 24-30. I was wondering if anybody wanted tour around Czech with me and my other American friend. We would like more companions since we like to be loud. So, please send me an email if you are going to be in Prague at the time. Thanks a lot! Czechs are welcome to because we want to learn and experience your country! my email is senorlee@chek.com

bullet     J.and S. , 12/17/2001
    Hello , do you have any clubs or pubs with hip hop and r&b music in Prague??
ANSWER: Oh yeah, see our nightlife section. We are preparing a new edition of this guide, it should be up after Christmas time.

bullet     J.D. , 12/16/2001
    I will be in Prague for 4-6 weeks from late January and I have some questions. I would like to rent an apartment and have found 2 that I like one in Jungmanova and one in Opatovicka. Which location is better? Could you recomend a Gym where I can find an English speaking Private Trainer? Also are ther any bars/pubs that you would recomend to meet English speeking Girls? Thank's
ANSWER: I would choose Opatovicka. Both streets are in the center, however Opatovicka is a better place to live. Factory Pro at Prague 5 is a huge gym and I am sure they will also have a trainer that speaks English. As for the bars- almost in every bar in the center you will find someone that speaks English. Try bars on Mala Strana on Ujezd.

bullet     Ithaca to Prague , 12/16/2001
    Greetings! I will be traveling to Prague from January 1 - January 9, 2002. I would like to know if there are any other American college students out there interested in touring the city of Prague with some students from Cornell University. Email: diamondsR4ever5@yahoo.com Happy Holidays! JJ

bullet     Sidney , 12/14/2001
    I will be in Prague over New Years---with my husband and his sister's family (with 2 kids, ages 3 & 7). Are there any New Years activities that we could do as a group? If not, is there something going on for children? Thank you!
ANSWER: Most of the activities are for grown up. A good program for the kids would be a visit to the Prague ZOO, walk in the center+ climbing to the top of the Old Town Hall Tower, visit of the Christmas market on Staromestske namesti (they can have a pony ride there) and in the evening a fairy tale musical ( ticketpro.cz). Enjoy your stay!

bullet     chris jardine , 12/14/2001
    I am moving to Prague in early january to take a course with Via Lingua to teach english. I will be apartment hunting soon after I get there. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Reply here or feel free to email me at chrisjardine@yahoo.ca
ANSWER: The best price/location apartements are located in Prague 3,4 and 5. Try to search the web site reality.cz). It is in Czech, but there is a huge variety of offers. Good luck.

bullet     Prid , 12/13/2001
    Are there any problems getting veggie food in Prague restaurants?
ANSWER: No. Most of the restaurants offer also meals without meat. There are also several "real" vegetarian restaurants. Restaurant guide can be found here).

bullet     Chrizz , 12/11/2001
    Hi! I am an Austrian student, planning to study at Prague's Charles University during the next semester. I'm not very keen on living in a student dorm, as I consider them to be a bit shabby. That's why I have already started searching for a flat to rent at bytyvpraze.cz - but I'm not sure about the various districts. It would be very kind if you could give a brief outline on the differences among the districts of Prague and where the most popular neighbourhoods are. Thanks very much in advance Chrizz
ANSWER: Sorry for the late reply. A description of the Prague districts is in our map section. There aren't really "bad" districts. Try to find a place which has a good connection to the city center. If you need some more help, feel free to email me.

bullet     zombi , 12/10/2001
    I cann't find out a cheep sleeping place in 2001 new year eve for 4 of my brothers. could you help me?
ANSWER: A cheep place where to stay would be a hostel. The hostels in the center will be probably full, try the student dorms. More info at hostel.cz. .

bullet     Ann France , 12/08/2001
    Trying to find Bonnie Brown who knew the Pilgrim family in England in the 80s.If your out there Bonnie,E Mail me at roberts188@ozemail.com.au

bullet     Kjell A , 12/08/2001
    we are 20 men that are going to Prague in january. We are looking for a bowling hall where we can arrange a small turnement. Do you now of a bowlinghall in sentrum of Prague with +/- 5 tracks.
ANSWER: Try hotel Duo. It is not in the center, but they are good. From the metro station nadrazi Holesovice take a bus to Prosek. Get off at "Liberecka" and you will see the hotel with the sport center. More info at hotelduo.cz.

bullet     von otter , 12/06/2001
    We'll be leaving n 16 days to spend Christmas in Prague. Where can I find a list of times when Mass is celebrated at St. Nicholas Mala Strana & St. Vitus Cathedral? I know that many tourists sites are closed on the 24th, 25th & 26th for celebrating Christmas. But are there any that would be open? If so, where could I get a list of them & the times they are open? Thank you for your help. Vesele vanoce!
ANSWER: Prague information office has on their web site a complete list of all Christmas events in Prague. Masse can be found here, other events+ when they are open click here. It is in English and other foreign languages. Vesele Vanoce!

bullet     Eric , 12/05/2001
    I'm going to visit Prague for the New Year Eve 2001/2002 with my girl friend. Flight and hotel are already booked and I am now currently looking for a good/typical czech restaurant with jazz atmosphere for the New Year Eve evening . Any sugestion ?
ANSWER: The best jazz clubs are Agharta Jazz Centrum, Reduta, Ungelt Jazz & Blues Club. Special New Year's concerts are on this web site ticketpro.cz , you can book the tickets online.

bullet     chris , 12/04/2001
    will my wife and i be able to fill 2 1/2 weeks in Prague ?.......where is the best place to ski near Prague in March?
ANSWER: Oh yes. I live here almost all year round and I don't have enough time to see everything I would like to. There are so many things going on. The best place for skiing are probably the Krkonose mountains, I would advice you to go skiing during the week. During the weekends the slopes are quite crowded.

bullet     peter , 12/03/2001
    I'm thinking of coming to Prague for New Years Eve. I'll be looking for a good "hard house/techno" club, any suggestions? And where would be a good place to stay? my goal is to be in major cities throughout Europe for each NYE. 2000 - Paris 2001 - London 2002 - Prague, Amsterdam, or Berlin? Any thoughts?
ANSWER: That is a good plan! For the good club read our night life guide, we have some wonderful reviews of the best Prague clubs there. I'm sure it will help you to decide where to go. As for the accommodation, it is hard to give you any tips because I do not know how much money you want to spend. If you want to stay in a hostel, be sure that you book your accommodation as soon as possible.

bullet     zamaks , 12/03/2001
    We are going to visit prague from December 31 till January 5. So thank you very much for your three days walk round Prague, we'll follow your guide by all means. We are going to live in the Opatov hotel. Is it' possible to return to this hotel at night by public transportation or only taxi available? Best regards.
ANSWER: The best way how to get from Opatov to the city center is by metro (subway), however it is closed between midnight and 5AM. You can take a night bus, but it is usually quite crowded and it takes forever. Maybe a taxi is a good solution, but be careful and read my tips in the FAQ section. Enjoy your stay!

bullet     Jason , 12/03/2001
    Always willing to help if I can. Always looking to learn more. jasoncholt@yahoo.com

bullet     teresa , 12/02/2001
    We are visiting Prague at ~Christmas and really looking forward to it. However we are unsure what is open on Christmas day and where we can eat. Can you help us please? Thank You
ANSWER: A lot of tourists are coming to Prague for Christmas and therefor most of the attractions are open almost all the time. They might be closed in the afternoon 24th and then on 25th and 26th (those are the state holidays). However the Christmas markets and churchs etc. are open all the time, as well as the restaurants. So don't worry and enjoy your stay!!!

bullet     Leane, 11/29/2001
    Im coming to Prague over Christmas and I want to know what happens on Christmas day there..are there any good parties, events or places to go. I dont want to be stuck in my hotel!
ANSWER: OK. Check out the list of the cultural events. Parties, clubs etc. can be found here.

bullet     nhan , 11/29/2001
    I am a programmer in the States. I don't speak any Czech, but I would like to work in Prague for a year or so. How difficult is it to find a temporary job there with a US company or any company for that matter, where knowing how to speak Czech is not a requirement?
ANSWER: It should not be that hard. The best thing is to contact an US company that has its branch here and found out what are the conditions of being employed. Almost everyone working here in IT/IS knows at least some English, that should be no problem at all. However the salaries here are lower than those in the States. A good web site for more info about moving to Prague is expats.cz. Good luck.

bullet     cat , 11/26/2001
    we are celebrating 16th birthday with memebers of one family mixed ages, can anyone teel uis a really nice palce to clebrate for birthday dinner in prague the first weekend of december?
ANSWER: Congratulations!! Choose one of the reaturants form the gurman's list gurman.cz. It includes types of cuisine and ratings.

bullet     Steve , 11/23/2001
    I am trying to help my child. I need to gather info about Christmas and its traditions in the Czech Republic. If anyone can halp I would greatly appreciate it.
ANSWER: That's nice of you. All the info you need can be found right here. It is in English :).

bullet     Tammy , 11/21/2001
    I am planning to visit Prague and Budapest during the spring 2002. I may want to live and work there any advise on jobs and how about schools for my 9th grade son? email me...tammykosco@hotmail.com
ANSWER: Try to post a message on the expats.cz message board. The school for your son should be no problem, there are special private English schools in Prague for the foreigners, so he doesn't need to know any Czech.

bullet     Foxmeister , 11/21/2001
    I'm coming to Prague tomorrow (22nd Nov 2001) and staying until Sunday 25th. I'd like to know if there are any Christmas markets on during my stay, and if not if there are any kinds of arts/crafts fairs during that time. Thanks, Dave
ANSWER: The Christmas markets already started last weekend, so you will have a good opportunity to see some of them. Enjoy your stay!

bullet     Jason , 11/21/2001
    Answer to Chris's question 10/22/2001 Try the two Bric-a-Brac antique shops in the passage at the back of the Tyn Church. comments: Who answers these questions?
ANSWER: Thanks for the info. To your question- the webmaster who knows everything is answering the message board questions. Would you like to help?

bullet     james , 11/20/2001
    I have excorts in Prague who need to speak English for there studies . send me an email if your intrested . 893003@seznam.cz

bullet     paul , 11/20/2001
    I am trying to reunite with a czech girl called Dominice who I met in Camden London She was 19 tall, short blonde hair, working as an au pair in Hornsey LOndon She had been in the UK for around 3 months Any suggestions
ANSWER: That will be quite tough. Didn't she mention the name of the agency that organized her au pair stay? They would be able to tell you more details about her.

bullet     sharon , 11/18/2001
    I am trying to find a friend i used to live with in Tokyo. She lived in Wein, Vienna. Is there any way i could try to locate her whereabouts?
ANSWER: Do you remember her name? Try to locate her through the lonelyplanet.com "thorn tree", maybe someone will give you a good tip there. Or try to find her on ICQ. Good luck!

bullet     looking for asoulmate , 11/13/2001
    hi there am fredrick ugandan living in kampala uganda east africa,23years old height 5/11, my hobbies are movies listening to music,going to church, painting,parting, travelling,photography,cycling,and playing computer games am intrested in someone who knows what love is e-mail fredjen88@hotmail.com

bullet     ana , 11/13/2001
    Im an architect, would like to work in Prague for a while- where do I get such informations?
ANSWER: The basic information on this web site. Then you need a place to stay- try to find an appartement on reality.cz. The last thing you need is the job- either contact an office in your country or find an architect here in Prague.

bullet     seens , 11/09/2001
    Anyone who can help me to get a job in Graphic design, or freelance writer or songwriter or just a worker in Hong Kong on March 2002? I am now in singapore. Tons of tks to you. :)
ANSWER: This is a web site about Prague, but maybe someone will know about such a job.

bullet     Herself the Elf , 11/08/2001
    Hello, My roomate and I want to stay in Prague this summer, but we have no idea where to stay, about how much it will cost, and if there are any jobs available for us. I looked at some of the websites, but I wasn't too sure whether their prices were for long term, or just a night. Also, when is high season and when is low season? Finally, what is a pension? Thanks a lot. HtE.
ANSWER: Hi, if you want to stay for a longer time, it would be better to rent a flat. That should cost about 6000- 10000 CZK a month. If you visit some web sites, their prices are usually for short term stays. The high season is from July- September. However there are not that many differences anymore between the high and low season. You could get a job, but it depends what type of job you want or what are your skills. The "normal" student jobs are not very well paid. Probably the best thing you could do is to contact some companies in your country that have their branches here in Prague and ask them if they have some short term job opportunities. Good luck.

bullet     RICKYP , 11/08/2001
    Is Prague the prettiest city in the world and do they sell the best beer ? p.s i know it is and i know they do i just thought everybody else should know as well
ANSWER: :))))

bullet     jennifer , 11/06/2001
    Hi! Thank you for this great site. Has really interesting information. Am student with a limited budget.... I am planning a long weekend trip to Prague and read about the 3 day transportation ticket and also about a Prague card (3 day pass which includes entrance fees for lots of the museums and monuments as well transportation on metro and trams), but I also heard that if you have the student card that there are a lot of discounts available for the museums and monuments. Would you recommend getting the Prague card or just use the student card for best possible discounts? Also, for the 3 day transportation pass, are there reduced prices for students available? Thanks for your answer.
ANSWER: Good questions. There is no student discount for the three day ticket /the shortest time is the month ticket/. It will cost you 200CZK. You need an ISIC card to be able to qualify for the student discounts, usually you get about 50% off, therefor I would not buy the Prague card if you are a student.

bullet     wida , 11/02/2001
    hi............. i just wanna tell that prague is very very.......beautiful place in the world( 4 me ) i've been stay there about 2,5 year it's a great place. now i want to ask what resturant that place in a church location that resturantis in the underground. that's all sorry if my language is bad
ANSWER: You mean if there is a restaurant in a church? The list of Prague resaturants is at gurman.cz. I am sure you will find a good one there.

bullet     Allen , 10/26/2001
    I appreciate your website very much! I have spent several hours reading all of it and it has only made me more excited to come to Prague! Thank you Lenka! I also have a question for you. What area of Prague, or the surrounding areas, is considered to be the most desirable area to live in? When looking for a place to rent, is there anything I should be careful of or any questions I should be sure to ask before I rent a flat? Thanks Lenka!
ANSWER: The best districts where to live is Prague 2 and Prague 6, they are also the most expensive. Be careful if the person who is renting the flat really owns it. Sometimes people are renting flats that are owned by the town and that is illegal. Good luck!

bullet     Stuart , 10/24/2001
    Hi every one!!!!! I`m from Scotland and we are planning going to Prague for a short christmas break aroung the middle of December. When do the christmas markets start? When is the best time to go? Any tips would be great. Drop me a line at sgwilson@altavista.co.uk Bye!!!!!!!!
ANSWER: The Christmas markets start at the beginning of December. The best time is after the Christmas Eve- Prague is wonderful at that time. Enjoy your stay!

bullet     Lynny, 10/23/2001
    Where are firework displays in Prague on New Years Eve?
ANSWER: They are displayed almost everywhere. The biggest (official) firework is on Letna and the best place where to watch it is on the bridges across the Vltava river.

bullet     Chris, 10/22/2001
    Is there any old flea markets in Prague to pick up any oldwhares or trinkets (antiques) Ta!
ANSWER: You need to visit the antique stores.

bullet     Chris n Belinda , 10/22/2001
    Hi, We are coming to Prague for the first time in Feb/Mar for 17 Days, Bell's a photographer who's never seen snow, where's the best place to stay (picturesque) and conveinent?. Can you get to the ski slopes easily from Prague to do a few days skiing. Thanks all BYE! comments: Fantastic site
ANSWER: If you are lucky you will get to see some snow in Prague. Anyway the best thing is to visit the Krkonose mountains. It is in te north of the Czech republic. From Prague you can get there by bus, it takes about 3 hours and it costs about 180CZK. In Pec pod Snezkou ski resort you can ski and from the top of the mountains there are some nice views for the photographer :).

bullet     brnb5673 , 10/21/2001
    I am going to be in czezh for the summer and I am trying to get some advice on where I should stay. I am 27yr old male and would like to hangout w/ locals as much as possible. Should I stay in prague or another location? Can you give me some people to contact before I arrive? Maybe an english chat line or something. Also, is it possible to tutor english at a university in the summer? thanks I can be reached at brnb5673@netscape.net
ANSWER: Probably it would be good to stay at first in Prague and when you find some friends- travel around the Czech republic. Try to find an accommodation in appartement that you cabn share with someone, it will be a lot cheaper. You can tutor english during the summer, but probably not at a university, because they are usually closed during the summer. Place an ad in the Annonce newspaper- it is for free or try to find some language school. Good luck!

bullet     Mark , 10/19/2001
    Got the web page sorted for Stag nights. www.praguepissup.com .

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