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bullet     Nancy , 08/15/2001
    Can anyone tell me the exchange rate for currency in Czechoslavakia. I also need to find out what the monetary denominations are. Help!
ANSWER: It is not Czechoslavakia anymore, it is just the Czech Republic. We use Crowns /in Czech Koruny/. You pay 38CZK for one US dollar.

bullet     Katie , 08/14/2001
    Hi, I am moving to Prague for a year to study. To do so I have had to give up my hoby ofplaying polo and other equestrian events. I will be studying and living in Prague 6 and limited by public transport and that I only speak english. I would very much like to find the oportunity to continue riding and/or working with horses while I am there. Does any one have any sugestions?? kskola@yahoo.com
ANSWER: I am not sure if there is any club where you could play polo. However you can continue to work with the horses- post a message on a specialized web site http://www.equichannel.cz/diskuze/ by clicking on "NOVE" and I am sure somebody will help you. The public transportation is very good, so you can get everywhere.

bullet     linds , 08/13/2001
    Hi, I am a student from Bowdoin College attending an exchange program in Prague. I will be there roughly 5-6 months. As part fo te program i am required to do an independent study for a month. I am particularly interested on doing Czech gardens, and coutryard gardens. I was wondeirng if anyone knew of any information concerning the history and present attitude towards czech/prague gardens, thanks
ANSWER: While you are here stop at the Prague Information Service /PIS/ office. They make guided tours of the Prague gardens and they might give you a hint where to find more info. Their email is info@pis.cz. Good luck!

bullet     Jackie , 08/11/2001
    Hi - I am planning to go to Prague in December. Does anyone know if there are Christmas markets? If so are they good?
ANSWER: Yes, there are a lot of Christmas markets in Prague during that time. One of the best is at the Old Town Square or at Havelska. I'm sure you will like them.

bullet     Michael , 08/10/2001
    Dear Lenka, My name is Michael and I’m writing from Poznañ, Poland. First of all I want to say that your site is honestly great and I mean it! It is easy to navigate, cool colours and it uploads very fast. But… I am planning to visit Prague next week and I managed to find every information I need on your page except one. Probably because it is connected more with the border between our countries than it is to Prague itself. Well, my problem is this: I know very well how to get from Poznañ to the border but unfortunately I have no idea how to get form the border to Prague. My plan was to get through the border in Lubawka (Poland) and get to Žacléø (the Czech Republic) or Mieroszów (Poland) and get to Mezimìsí (the Czech Republic).
ANSWER: Thank you Michael. All the connections can be found at this web site vlak-bus.cz. Answers to the rest of the questions I'm sending via an email.

bullet     Al , 08/07/2001
    How much english is spoken in the city? There are three of us traveling on business and all we speak is English. Will we be able to get around?
ANSWER: You will be able to get around without any problem. Almost everybody knows here at least some English.

bullet     Heather , 08/07/2001
    Thanks for taking the time to help so many people! I will be travelling from Canada to Germany and then to Prague by train with a Europass. I know the pass does not apply to the Czech Republic, so can you let me know how/where I might get a train pass extension into Prague and about how much it will cost. Any info will be greatly appreciated!
Thanks, Heather
ANSWER: I looked out the info about Europass and this is what they write: "Each basic EUROPASS / EUROPASS YOUTH is valid in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. For an additional small fee each type of EUROPASS can be extended to Austria + Hungary, Benelux (Belgium + Netherlands + Luxemburg), Greece plus (Greece + ferry to/from Italy), Portugal." No extensions for the Czech Republic. The best thing /if you are going to travel a lot/ would be to buy an EURAILPASS (More info about it at bahn.de or a normal ticket to Prague. If you are a student or under 26 you can get a special discount.

bullet     Mark , 08/06/2001
    Do you have the email for Paul who wants help with a stag night ?
ANSWER: No, sorry.

bullet     Tracy , 08/06/2001
    Thank you for the Info Mark I have booked the Hotel and all is well.
Thanks again Tracy

bullet     uli , 08/04/2001
    hi, i am a german male, 43/178, and look for partnership, marriage with a czech girl. pls write and we meet soon. solo42m@freenet.de

bullet     SmokyMonster , 08/04/2001
    Hi! I'm going to visit Prague again from august 12th until august 25th (my visit in may this year was again fantastic!) This time not alone, but with a group of friends. If anyone is visiting Prague in this period, we don't mind meeting any new people. In fact, we'd love to meet new people. So if you're going, mail me at smokymonster@hotmail.com and maybe we can hang out together. Greetings from Holland, Jochem aka SmokyMonster
ANSWER: Hi SmokyMonster, enjoy your stay. Thanks for your message and do not worry about the Dutch version, I know how time consuming it is. :)

bullet     for Paul , 08/02/2001
    Paul . I can help you with the events you need. Go carting Paintball para-shooting bars resturants Girls stripo gramms. Intrested ? mark0602411661@yahoo.com

bullet     Mark , 08/01/2001
    I am an English man linig in Prague. I can arrange stag night if you want. mark0602411661@yahoo.com, http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/praguestagandhennights

bullet     Kristin , 08/01/2001
    Hi, I have a bit of a strange request but I am currently writing a diploma work about Smetana's opera Libuse and I am interested in statues, paintings, murals or anything that can be seen in Prague related to Libuse. If you don't have this information, would you happen to know who I could contact to find out? Thank you, Kristin Bostrom
ANSWER: I did some research, but it doesn't seem that there is a lot of info about Smetana on the web. Try to visit http://klub.za.starou.prahu.misto.cz/ or email to kzsp@mail.cz, those guys know Prague very well and they might find someone who could help you. Other two relevant sites that I found are http://www.hyperlink.cz/hudebninauka/smetana.htm- that is about Smetana in general, it's in Czech. The second one is about Smetana festival, maybe you will find some useful info there http://www.smetanovalitomysl.cz/poradagb.htm/. Good luck.

bullet     sikin , 07/31/2001
    hi faizal...masih kenal lagi tak?????ni ur kawan lama lah...ur ex!!!!!!Skrang ade STEADY TAK!!!!!!!!hOW'S LIFE? OKIE ke tak?Dah lame tak nampak u eh??? Dah makin handsome ke?4 me...i single...okie lah...not much 2 say...send my regards to all ur frenz............& juz leave me a voicemail @ 94921287 okie? that's all... so take care and have fun!!!!!!!!!!bye comments: for the ite bedok guy named FAIZAL BIN SULAIMAN..

bullet     Chris from Sydney , 07/27/2001
    Hi everyone. I will be in Prague from the 12th September for 8 nights. I will then do some backpacking in the Czech Republic, maybe I will go to Karlovy Vary and Cesky Krumlov. Since I dont know anyone in the Czech Republic I want to start corresponding with local people.I want to get an understanding of how the Czech people are like. I am 27 male single, I live in Sydney, work as a database administrator and love travelling, socialising, partying and nature. If you are interested in corresponding with me my email address is chris_pappy@hotmail.com.

bullet     Andy , 07/25/2001
    Hi, I along with a stag party will be visiting Prague on the 26/07/01 - 29/07/01. I want to find a respectable sauna in the centre of Prague where I can relax and get a swedish massage for reasonable price without any extras being offered. Does anyone know of anywhere? Also any restaurants that will cater for a group of 12 males? Thanks Andy C. andyc@perfectworld.co.uk
ANSWER: Almost every better hotel has its own sauna in the center of Prague. It should not be hard to find a restaurant that will cater for 12 people, try to ask at a restaurant that is a little bit out of the center /Prague3 or 4/, it should be less expensive.

bullet     Houby , 07/25/2001
    Lenka, You said you would resume posting the messages on the bulletin board, on July 19th. It's now the 24th, and no new messages. What happened? We are all worried about you. Did you run off and get married? {;-)
ANSWER: Hi Houby! Sorry, I do apologize for that. I did not get married or anything :), I just traveled a little bit. Now I'm back and working.

bullet     Luís , 07/17/2001
    I am visiting Prague in late August/early September and believe the Czech football team will be playing Malta while i'm there. Does anyone out there know how to get tickets for these games and the best ways of getting to the Strahov stadium.
ANSWER: You can get the tickets right before the game at the box office on Strahov, it will not be sold out. The easiest way how to get to the stadium is by the public transportation. Take a bus from Karlovo namesti /a bus from Dejvicka also is a good choice/, it stops very close to the stadium. Let's go Czechs!!!

bullet     Luís , 07/17/2001
    Would like to have some info on Hotel Diplomat in Prague. I have been booked there for next September, but there is nothing on this Hotel on your page. Does it really exists? Can anybody provide me a link, or info on a picture, location, prices. Much apreciated to who cares about me...
ANSWER: Hotel Diplomat is one of the finest hotels in Prague. More info about it in English can be found at http://www.diplomat-hotel.cz/.

bullet     Cosmin , 07/13/2001
    I want to go in Prague in august 2001 Please tell me what is the most beautifull places in town because i want to see all. I wait an answerr soon on my e-mail adress : cosminmusat@hotmail.com. bye
ANSWER: Read the three days walk guide, most of the best places are included there.

bullet     Jaime , 07/05/2001
    I was wondering what the legal drinking age in Prague is, and do you know of any health related issues in going to Prague?
ANSWER: The legal drinking age is 18, usually they do not ask for your ID card.

bullet     Paul , 07/01/2001
    i'm coming to prague, 25th - 28th Oct 2001, with 25 friends for my stag party. Please advise any ideas for activities, a local organiser or tour company who can help us etc. Thanks
ANSWER: Read our three day tour of Prague, that should help you a lot.

bullet     Petra , 06/26/2001
    Hi! Looking for a new english speaking friends visiting Prague in summer. write soon: mysicka26@yahoo.com
Ps.I am looking forward to hear from you soon.

bullet     Ellis , 06/22/2001
    Thanks for the tip regarding Tanec Praha. It looks fabulous! Unfortunately, it appears the last show is June 28th and we arrive June 29th leaving on the afternoon of the 2nd of July. I have seen references to Don Giovanni's (sp?) Puppetry and the Black Theatre. We would very much like to attend a show one evening. Do you recommend these as good choices or do you think something else would be a better choice for first time Prague visitors?
ANSWER: That is a good choice. Maybe also consider the Laterna Magika, that is a special theatre. Have fun visiting!

bullet     Jeff , 06/22/2001
    I visited Prague in October 2000 and am returning again this September. I would like to make my trip to Prague a yearly event. I was wondering if you know of any timeshare properties that may exist. I spoke with one timeshare resaler and was informed that until very recently timeshares were not permitted by the government. This company only knew of one property and of course it is sold out. any info you could provide would be appreciated.
By the way, great website . . . keep ip the good work!
ANSWER: Right now you need to have a Czech citizenship to be allowed to buy or own any property in the Czech Republic unless you are a company. So I guess you have to rent your flat every time you come here.

bullet     Shaz , 06/21/2001
    Message for Charlet, a bar called the Thirsty Dog on Elisky Krasnohorske (sp?) is quite goth. Have fun

bullet     Fluffy cat , 06/21/2001
    I am thinking of visiting Prague in the first wek of January but according to loney planet most castles, museums and other tourists attractions will be closed until March...... Is this true? Should I visit another city instead?
ANSWER: That is not true. Most of the museums and castles are open all year round. Those that close during the winter time you wouldn't visit anyway, because they are not "that attractive" for tourists. First week of January is a good time.

bullet     Andy , 06/19/2001
    Should we change Travellers Cheques at the Airport or is it better to change these at a bank?
ANSWER: It is better at a bank. If those cheques are American Express cheques stop by American Express on the Wenceslas square (Vaclavske namesti), it is free of charge there.

bullet     Irv , 06/17/2001
    We would like to make a day trip to both Kutná Hora and Telc in one day Is that a reasonable amount of time to see both? Are they ever included in a single tour? We would prefer traveling independently or with a small group. Does any tour company specialize in that kind of arrangement. We will be in Prague in September.
ANSWER: Kutna Hora and Telc in one day is hardly possible. Even if you do not have enough time, it is better to choose just one. There are special tour operators that organize these tours, you will find them in the centre of Prague (Martin Tours etc.).

bullet     Tom and Barbara , 06/16/2001
    We're coming to Prague on 6/21. Just wanted to tell you how helpful your web site is, not to mention fun.
ANSWER: Thank you. Enjoy your stay!

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