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bullet     Arpad , 03/17/2001
    We will be in Prague in early April and are going to be staying at the Golden Well. This appears to be right next to the Charles Bridge and should be ideal for sightseeing on both sides of the river. Any thoughts about this hotel? It appears to be quite charming. Looking forward to our trip.
ANSWER: If I went to Prague as a tourist than I would stay in that hotel. The views you get from there are tremendous. Enjoy your stay.

bullet     Jill , 03/13/2001
    What are the rules on tipping in Prague? Do you tip at the hotels, cabs, restaurants? If so, how much?
ANSWER: You don't have to tip, nobody will be rude to you for it. However it is considered to be of a good manner to tip. In the restaurants we tip about 10%. In the cabs you usually don't require the coins back. In the hotels it is the same as anywhere else in the world.

bullet     Tammy , 03/13/2001
    I am trying to fix up a casual english teaching job. Though a little inexperienced, I do have a TESL certificate. As long as accomodations were available, salary would be very reasonable. Is this a probable situation in Prague? Thanks for your time.
ANSWER: Yes, you can teach English in Prague. If you work for the private sector you will get a very reasonable salary. The state schools pay a lot less, but they will try to arrange an accommodation for you.

bullet     ????? , 03/13/2001
    I and 19 other friends will be coming to prague on the 26th march for five days and would like to know best places to go for heavy drinking and women.
ANSWER: We are preparing a new section about Prague night life. All the info should be there, so check out our web site before you go. Please beware of the fact that Czech beer has more alcohol in it than you are used to.

bullet     Houby , 03/13/2001
    CSA has a bus to Bruno from the airport. I have heard there are other bus companys and destinations. Does anyone have any information? Names and websites?? I would rather save a trip to the bus station in the city.
ANSWER: If you don't want to travel to the center, take the CSA bus. Otherwise go to Florenc (that is the main bus station in Prague). More info can be found on this web site www.jizdnirady.cz. Don't forget to use the Czech names for the cities: Praha, Brno.

bullet     Ivy29 , 03/11/2001
    How you call the citizens of PRAGUE ?? like Parisian from Paris.
ANSWER: That is a good question. I never thought about it and I never heard an English name for citizens of Prague. In Czech it is "Prazane".

bullet     AB , 03/10/2001
    I am a Vajra/Mahayana Buddhist of the Sakya lineage, and will be moving to Prague this October. I am hoping to find a sangha that practices in English, or a very tolerant Czech speaking one, as my Czech vocabulary is VERY limited. Does anyone have any suggestions?
ANSWER: Try to address the Czech Buddhist community info@budhismus.cz. I'm sure they will be able to help you.

bullet     Joanne , 03/09/2001
    i'm visiting prague next week with a few friends. i was just wondering if the language barrier is going to be a problem in Prague. i was also wondering what clubs are the best?
ANSWER: No. The language barrier is not a problem at all. We know that Czech is a very hard language and therefor we are taught at least two foreign languages at school. English and German are the most common.
We are preparing a new section about Prague night life, it should be up at the beginning of April. Roxy and Radost FX are probably the best clubs in Prague.

bullet     Robin , 03/08/2001
    Urgent...need advice! We are hosting a meeting in Prague. Can anyone suggest a good reliable international shipping company that we can intrust our valuable materials to? Shipping from Washington DC to Prague! Thanks!
ANSWER: Yes. Send it via DHL or FedEx. Their prices are about the same.
PS: Thank you for the valuable suggestion, we will add a section about shipping as soon as possible.

bullet     wayne gerlich , 03/08/2001
    saw a tv show about americans living in prague.want to know what the living expences are?food prices,houses,apts etc.i know it's hard to compare depending where you live in the U.S. and the same in czech.I have visited germany and it was clean,frendly and safe.thinking about living abroad(one day).any help would be of help.thax
ANSWER: Since I haven't seen the TV show about Americans living in Prague, I don't know what exactly they said. If you have visited Germany you might have got an idea how it is in Europe. It is almost the same in the Czech Republic except for the fact that Prague is a lot better than any city in Germany. Maybe it would help you to visit Prague for a few days before deciding to move here.

bullet     Ari , 03/06/2001
    Will Prague be really crowded in June? When exactly is the peak season in Prague?
ANSWER: It should not be that bad in June. There will be a lot of people in Prague at that time, but they are here even in January :). The peak months are June and August.

bullet     Speech coach , 03/06/2001
    We are arriving in Prague on Sunday morning. Any chance of finding a Catholic Mass in English or Latin?
ANSWER: Yes. Sunday 11 AM there is an English Mass on Vinohradská 68 (Baptists), Klimentská 5 (Anglican Church) or Josefská 4 (Catholic Church, the mass starts at 10,30).

bullet     Speech coach , 02/28/2001
    We are attending the International Speech Tournament in March. How close is the Hotel Pariz to the Hilton Artium? Team is split between the two.
ANSWER: It is quite close to each other. I would say about ten minutes away if you take the tram. Click on this map and instead of "mala mapa" choose "velka mapa" (that means big map). Hotel Hilton is where you see the green point and in the left corner, just across nam. Republiky you will find hotel Pariz.

bullet     Prophet , 02/26/2001
    I've returned from Prague a week ago. This is a fantastic city. And thax a lot to your site, it really helped! Thank you!

bullet     Guclu , 02/18/2001
    I am going to make a trip to Prague in March. I did visit a lot of web sites about Prague and I think that your site was the most helpful one ! Best Regards from Istanbul/TURKEY email: basakguclu@superonline.com
ANSWER: Thanks. Enjoy your stay!

bullet     Allan , 02/17/2001
    My name is Allan. I visited Prague in 1991. As an American I was truly captured with the female personalities. I will be coming to Prague this summer and would like a marriage. I am a retired teacher and now an investor. A41636@aol.com.

bullet     DOCJOED , 02/12/2001
ANSWER: It depends where you want to go. I guess you meant Krkonose. The best way is to take a bus from Florenc. It costs 142 CZK and it takes about 3,5 hour to get there. If you go to www.vlak-bus.cz you will see all the available connections.

bullet     George , 02/10/2001
    I am coming to Prague in September and I am hope that someone can tell where to go and meet some gay men. Either nightclubs, bars, gyms or saunas Cheers
Mail me athens100@hotmail.com
ANSWER: There is a special web site that might help you. www.timeout.com

bullet     Toby , 02/09/2001
    Thanks for all your help and information the route from the airport by public transport was spot on and saved us a few pounds, much better than getting a taxi. We really enjoyed our stay.
ANSWER: Good to hear that :).

bullet     Jana Knotek , 02/09/2001
    Jana please contact joekonecny@sympatico.ca

bullet     donal@dublin , 02/08/2001
    hi great site, how much do you need roughly, for a couple of 18/19 year olds for 1 week(money)?food,heavy night life+hostels+sights?
ANSWER: Here are prices for a person/day. Food: Budget meal: US$2-5, Restaurant meal: US$4-10. Accommodation (hostel): US$10-20. Heavy night life : US$12-20 and sights+ public transportation: US$6-10.
It looks like it is quite a lot of money. But if you choose a good hostel and don't have every meal in a restaurant, you can spend a lot less. On the other hand you can spend a lot more, it is very easy to do so.

bullet     Anne , 02/05/2001
ANSWER: Mountains in the Czech republic are no that high, however there are several skiing centers. The highest mountains are Krkonose, so I would say the jr. worlds will be there.

bullet     John @ United World Travel , 02/02/2001
    I am bringing on of America's top Children's Choirs to Prague in July and I am looking for two contacts. The first is for the Prague Children's Choir to discuss a joint concert and the second is for a Moldau River Dinner Cruise.
ANSWER: Which Children's choir are you looking for? There are several Children's Choirs in Prague. As about the dinner cruises- this link might help you, or you can call them 00420/ 2/ 54 83 15.

bullet     Prophet , 02/01/2001
    Hi! A really great site!!! Anyway I'll be in Prague this month. I heard a lot about Prague's night life, but can you give me some particular advice? Interestig places to hang out etc'... :) Thanx A lot.
ANSWER: Sure I can. The best place where to go (the place I like the most) is Roxy. Also very good places are PALAC AKROPOLIS, MECCA and RADOST FX. A lot of tourists go to Karlovy lazne (it is very close to the Charles Bridge). I just mentioned those four clubs, but there are tons of places where to go :). You can check out the program of the clubs by clicking on this link. Enjoy your stay!

bullet     Toby , 02/01/2001
    We are visiting February 2001, we are aged 40 years, could you recommend any jazz clubs and restaurants. Thanks for the previous information it is extremly useful.
ANSWER: No problem. Probably the best-known jazz club in Prague and one of the priciest (thanks in part to Bill Clinton who blew his horn here on a visit several years ago) is REDUTA JAZZ BAR. (see the program by clicking on this link and choose clubs). Also good ones are JAZZ CLUB "U STARÉ PANÍ", JAZZ CLUB ŽELEZNÁ and UNGELT. Restaurants? That is a tough question. Maybe you would be interested in visiting New town brewery (Novomestsky pivovar) in Vodickova 20. You can have a meal there and you can also have a tour of the brewery with an expert commentary and samplings of the beer they make there.

bullet     Toby , 01/27/2001
    Could you tell me when the concerts are on at the Krizik Fountain. Are they daily even in February? We will be in Prague 020201 to 0500201. Thanks.
ANSWER: They are closed during the winter time. :(

bullet     Toby , 01/26/2001
    I will be in Prague 020201 could you tell me how to get from the airport to KInsky Gardens Hotel using public transport and could you recommend a reputable taxi firm.
ANSWER: OK. Get a 12 crown ticket at the airport. Take the bus 119 to Dejvicka. Everybody will go to Dejvicka, so just stay with the crowd. There get in the metro and go to Mustek. At Mustek get out and take the tram number nine . Which way? Look at the timetable and you need to see the name "Ujezd" there. Count four stations and the fifth one is yours. You are almost there just walk for a few minutes.
A good taxi firm is AAA taxi or Profi taxi. Do not take the official airport taxi.

bullet     Dejvid Penny , 01/24/2001
If you are looking for accomodation and are interested in participating in a dynamic community, Prosex Palace has a room for you. House includes washer/dryer, dishwasher, microwave, large kitchen, living room, sauna, swimming pool, garage, terrace and SAT TV. You will be living with an English bird who writes and teaches and sits, a Mid-western American dude who writes and teaches and sits, a Venezuelan computer programmer, and a lovely French fille who photographs and giggles. Rent is 8,500Kc a month. Give us a call: David 0604 457 053 or Liz 0606 943877 or Jeff 0604 909657 or email at dejvid_us@yahoo.com. Room is available from February 1, 2001.

bullet     for gr8fulnfa , 01/24/2001
    You asked me about a restaurant called the architects restaurant, if it still in Prague. I wasn't able to answer you, but today I got an email that this restaurant still EXISTS. It is called U Arkitektu and is located at Betlemske Namesti not far from TESCO in the center. lenka

bullet     Spud , 01/22/2001
    Could you please give me information on hotel accomadation in Wroclaw, Poland. Please give information in English, Thank You.
ANSWER: Sorry, but I do not know anything about hotels in Poland. You have to try another web site.

bullet     ballinaese , 01/18/2001
    I cannot seem to be able to get details of accommodation available by trying the link included under accommodation please advise what I should do.
ANSWER: Sorry for that. The broken link was replaced, now it is http://www.abaka.com/Czech/Praha.html.

bullet     ballinaese , 01/18/2001
    How can I contact the Pension Denisa on Dejvicka for details of their cost for accommodation in late May
ANSWER: Click on this link. There is all the info you need to know.

bullet     wentessa, 01/18/2001
    hello webmaster! great site! do you possibly know of any good sites regarding train travel from prague to amsterdam! i need to find schedules and fare info and hopefully in english too! thank you!
ANSWER: hello wentessa! thank you!! Sure we can help you. This link will take you where you want. Into the field "From" write Amsterdam and into the field "To" Praha. It is in English.

bullet     Marko, 01/16/2001
    Welcome to Prague ! I can recommend a great place to stay in Prague. A lovely apartment close to the Castle. For full details and pictures please contact: E-mail: praguepromise@hotmail.com
COMMENT: This note was posted by the owner of the appartment and Prague2001.com does not guarantee the quality of the accommodation.

bullet     Jay, 01/12/2001
    Hi, i'm thinking of visiting prague with some friends. a few questions. whats the nightlife like? what are the ladies like? whats the weather like in april?
ANSWER: Good choice. Nightlife is great. There are tons of places where you can go and enjoy every minute of the night. Ladies? That's a tough question- why don't you read the section about Czech mentality? That might help you. Anyway, I'm pretty much sure you will love them :))). Weather is pretty good, it is not hot and not cold. Just good for travelling.

bullet     gr8fulnfa , 01/09/2001
    I have been in Prague about 5 years ago and it is beautiful. I will be returning there this summer with my family. There was a resturant called the architects resturant. It was in a basement with no windows and oil lamps for lighting. This was my favorite resturant in Prague. Is it still there? Can anyone give me the address? thanks
ANSWER: I was trying to find out where the requested restaurant is, and I did not succeed. Even in the Yellow pages there is nothing about this restaurant. However it doesn't mean that it doesn't exist anymore. It might have changed its name or something. Hopefully you will find it when you get here...
One of our visitors sent me an email that this restaurant still EXISTS. It is called U Arkitektu and is located at Betlemske Namesti not far from TESCO in the center.

bullet     Miles , 01/03/2001
    I am a Brit living in Prague and would like to take up snowboarding at the weekends. Where should I go to arrange accommodation and board hire as a first step?
ANSWER: Good choice, I love skiing and snowboarding :). You can hire your board in Prague before you go (there is a good place on Koh-i-nor; trams 22, 23, 4); this way it is cheaper, but you have to travel with it and there is not a big choice. Or you can hire it directly in the skiing center- they have more snowboards to choose from and if you don't like it, you can easily exchange it for another type. To arrange your accommodation- you can easily choose a hotel/pension you like by visiting a search engine and type in the name of the center (ex. pec+pod+snezkou+ubytovani, spindleruv+mlyn+ubytovani) and you will get a list of various offers.
PS: If you are an advanced snowboarder and want to snowboard off the slopes, I have a good tip for you. Book your accommodation in chata Na vysluni and you can snowboard almost from the highest mountain in CZ (there are no lifts).

bullet     Steve , 01/01/2001
    I will be coming to Prague in April, 2001. I like to travel by bus because it is less expensive and more scenic. I will be coming from Frankfurt or Vienna or Warsaw. I will be going to Frankfurt or Vienna or Warsaw when I leave. Any tips? I have never taken buses in central/eastern Europe before.
ANSWER: Buses are OK. I would say, they are almost the same as in Western Europe and a lot safer than in the US. And they are quite cheap, too. International bus routes are run by Eurolines, and usually you travel overnight. If you click on the link, it will take you to Eurolines web page where you will get a lot of useful info, plus you can book your tickets there. Good luck!!

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