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bullet     irl 08/24/2002
    i'm 27, female, speak no czech, and thinking about visiting prague alone. have enjoyed traveling alone and meeting other travelers in w. europe. how is it in prague? safe? fun? lots of other single travelers? anything to be aware of? thanks!
ANSWER: You are a type of person that will love Prague. There are a lot of people like you in this city. Prague is safe, just watch your wallet when you are on a crowded street. Enjoy your stay!

bullet     Ghimp 08/19/2002
    To go to Prague on 27th August. Would it be OK by then. Staying in Prague 2. Thanks
ANSWER: Yes, it will be OK.

bullet     Giff 08/15/2002
    Hi! I've been looking for a friend's phone for quite a while. The only thing i know is that he lives in Prague, at Jahodova 20. His name is Ondrej Benacek. Please, help me find him!
ANSWER: Hello. Search for him in the yellow pages zlatestranky.cz in the section "telefonni seznam". If you can not find him, let me know.

bullet     Giff 08/15/2002
    Can somebody please tell me what the nightlife will be like next week. I understand there has been severe flooding but how will this affect nightclubs and bars in the main prague centre. Thanks Giff
ANSWER: Life goes on, so they will be opened. Also most of the Prague area was not affected by the floods.

bullet     Rain in Prague 08/15/2002
    With all the rain and deaths how are the people coping in Prague. It is a terrible thing that is happening with the weather in Europe too.
ANSWER: As far as I know there was no death due to the floods in Prague till now. They did though affected seriously the Southern and Northern parts of Bohemia, only partially Prague. But the foreign journalists tend to inform only about Prague because those are "big news". No one knows Zalezlice or Metly.

bullet     Ali 08/14/2002
    Hi, I will arrive at Praha hlavni Nadrazi station by train at 21.00. Then I have to wait for my next train that dpartures 23.20. I heard that being in that station is dangerous at night. So what should I do during those two hours of waiting in there? any tips, suggestions, info??? waiting for reply, thank you Sincerely, Ali
ANSWER: If you do not want to wait in the hall, you can sit down in a cafe. But it is not that dangerous, there are a lot of policemen.

bullet     Boyce 08/14/2002
    hi i have booked a room at Hotel Tourist for my holiday in Prague. anyone has experienced this hotel?
ANSWER: Anyone who knows this hotel and would like to help this guy?

bullet     DaveyP 08/13/2002
    Hi - 5 days before I'm flying out to Prague for my first holiday in 7 years and I wake up to hear the main headline on the radio is that Prague is under a state of emergency! Seriously though, I hope you are okay and I hope that the floods aren't affecting your home. What is the current situation in Prague? How much of the city has been affected?
ANSWER: Hello Davey, I am sorry to answer your question a little bit to late, but: the airport was not affected at all. The center is opened again for the tourists- Old Town Square, Prague Castle etc. The only historical parts that remain closed are Kampa and some parts of Mala Strana. I hope you will enjoy your holidays.

bullet     darqueangel 08/12/2002
    Greetings from Redondo Beach CA! We're visiting Czech Republic in mid September. I did my homework and found the bead factories around Jablonec nad Nisou, but I have read that the pollution is so dangerous there that I was cautioned about going because I have asthma & emphysema, (a lung condition & a lung disease.) What is your take on this? Can I buy pressed glass beads in Prague or south of Prague? Thanks so much!
ANSWER: At the beginning of the nineties there was pretty bad pollution around the cities like Most or Chomutov. Not any more. And Jablonec nad Nisou is very close to the mountains, so I would say it is more healthy there than in a big city, like Prague.

bullet     matthew B smith 08/11/2002
    dear friend ,I knew a east european exchange student.She is in her twenties and has blond hair.She is into travelling and art etc.I have lost touch with her and haven't seen her since 1998 when I met her in my homeland Britain.What would be the best way to track her down?
ANSWER: There are thousands girls like the one you described, if you do not know her name or address, it is almost impossible to find her. Sorry.

bullet     Toro 08/07/2002
    now I am back in Istanbul again after spending 10 days in this beautiful city...stayed between Mustek and Narodni Trida subway stations which can be called as the center...very cheap city,nice looking girls and lots of silly tourists..Beware of the taxi driver's overcharges, never drink at the pubs at the old town square...Roxy and Radost surprised me to see empty and full of guys..my favourite place was Mecca Club in Prague 7 near to Vlatava (yellow line ) subway stat.It was a little expensive compared to others but quality club. Gipsy whores and drug dealers around old town square annoyed me and can be dangerous when u have extacy or much Ansinthe.Always bargain when shopping.Karlovy Lane ? at Charles Bridge seems to be a typical touristic club but biggest in Mid Europe :)Hey buddies, lastly, very nice city but try also seeing the city suburbs by taking the efficient trams.or try 2 see the best clubs and unbelievable ambience in the East Europe at Istanbul.cau... titanoglu@yahoo.com

bullet     Chris 08/07/2002
    Any rugby on in Prague or surrounding areas we can watch between 4-8th Nov ???
ANSWER: Try to visit rugby.cz, they have the schedule there and it is also in English.

bullet     Chris 08/07/2002
    Hi, I'm coming to Prague at the beginning of November with 3 friends & we are staying at the Corinthia Panorama. What's the best way to get from the Airport to the hotel ? Also, as it's late in the season, will all the 'tourist spots' still be open ?
ANSWER: Even at in November everything is open, the main season is all year round. Take the Airport minibus shuttle to Corinthia. It is quite fast and a lot cheaper than a taxi.

bullet     Martin 08/06/2002
    I want to get a gay male penfriend from Czech rep , I how do I get one?
ANSWER: Try to visit seznamka.cz and write a post into the section "on hleda jeho".

bullet     Cathy 08/02/2002
    I need to get from the Main Train Station in Prague to the Longin Center Marriott Executive Apartments. How far and what is best way to do it?
ANSWER: The best way is to take a taxi. To get a good deal , it would be wise to call for one (ie. AAA taxi 14014). If you want to take a taxi right from the Main statio, be sure to check the prices on the doors of the taxi and ask the driver how much it would be to Longin Center, it should not cost over 200CZK.

bullet     brother 07/30/2002
    A fellow American friend and I will be Traveling to Prague in mid September, 2002. I have read quite a bit about Absynthe and the effects that it can have on the human body. In your How To... section, you mention that it is much less potent than it was hundreds of years ago. I am curious, and would like to try it it, as it is illegal in the United States. Would you recommend trying it? Where would it be safe to purchase? Where is the best Absynthe? Much Appreciated.
ANSWER: It is legal here and no problem to try it. It is just a little bit different type of alcohol. You can get in in a cafe, but in Jindrichuv Hradec (Czech town) there ia a liquor factory and they make absynth there, you can try it at their store for free and then buy a bottle ot it there if you like it.

bullet     bead fread 07/30/2002
    I would like to come to Prague and Czech to find your famous pressed glass beads, and seed beads. Is it possible to visit the factories and buy large quantities? Thank you.
ANSWER: Definitely it is possible to buy larger quantities right at the factory. But those are not in Prague, but in the northern part of the republic. Try to search seznam.cz for the list of the factories. I f you can not find them, let me know, I will help you.

bullet     Sean 07/29/2002
    Hi Lenka If anyone in UK who has Sky Digital wants to watch Czech tv they now can. Go to the links below which explain how to add the programs to your digital box. topfun.co.uk, betelgeux.com.
ANSWER: Hello Sean, good to hear from you again. Thank you for the message, I will post the info for others.

bullet     medchick 07/27/2002
    The Czech Republic looks amazing! I am a med student who wants to come to the Czech Republic to study next summer. I have a friends apt. to stay at, but how much money should I plan on needing for having a fun summer? Also, how hard is it to find a job teaching English? My sister may come and she and I would love to teach English.
ANSWER: That is kind of hard to say, because I do not know what you mean by summer fun and how long you are going to stay. Just to give you an idea, I would say $300/month would be a good start (in general prices here are lower than in western Europe). If your sister comes, it is quite easy to give private English lectures and earn some money.

bullet     Chris 07/26/2002
    Hi, I am a 23 year old male student from the US and I will be living in Praha for 4 months, and I was wondering how hard it would be to find a job in something like a fashion or retail store, also i want to know how friendly the people are if you try and speak the laguage. If you have any tips email me at XtriumphX@hotmail.com
ANSWER: Hello Chris, it is quite hard to get such a short time job, but I am sure if you try, that you will succeed. People here really appreciate if they see someone trying to speak Czech, because they know how hard it is. Good luck!!

bullet     Emily 07/26/2002
    Hi !! 1) How can we go to Telc and Kutna hora from Prague ? 2) How can we get tax back if we don't back to Prague airport Ruzyne ? (We will arrive in Prague airport but leave in Vienna airport) 3) Thanks in advance !
ANSWER: To Telc the easiest way is by bus, to Kutna hora bus or train. To see the schedule visit vlak-bus.cz. You can also buy a tour of these cities in one of the travel agency in the center of Prague, but that would cost a lot more. To get the tax back you need to get a stamp at the customs when crossing the border. However the easiest way is to use one of the companies that will do it for you, it is more convenient (ask about it in the shop where you buy the goods).

bullet     kikker 07/24/2002
    Hi, just another question, not about Prague, but I hope you can help me. I do not have a lot of time to spend in the Czech Republic so I have to choose between visiting Cesky Raj and Ardspach or Teplice Rocktown. Which would you recommend?
ANSWER: I would prefer Cesky Raj and Adrspach. Especially Adrsbach is a really beautiful place to go. Enjoy your stay!

bullet     Stephen 07/23/2002
    Hello, we are two students(one american and one czech)living in Prague. We would like to offer assistance to anyone interested in moving to Prague. We can help you find a flat once you arrive and also help with translations or dealing with czech offices. One last thing is we can teach you the ropes on general living in Prague, along with being able to give private czech lessons too! so, email us if you are interested. Thanks. Stephen and Barbara. stepheninprague@yahoo.com

bullet     toro 07/23/2002
    hi there.. will be in Prague at Hotel u Suteru on 26 Aug..is this place near to clubs/bars etc? and are there any upcoming clubbin' parties? any cool towns to have fun near Prague? thnx-bye.. :)
ANSWER: I do not know where exactly this hotel is, but it is very easy and safe to get around in Prague. Public transportation runs even during hte night, except for metro. There are summer music festivals out of Prague during July and August, for upcoming events check out ticketpro.cz. Enjoy your stay!

bullet     Don't MiSs us ;) 07/20/2002
    Hi, we are two Good looking medical students 20 yrs old, WE will be spending the mounth of august in prague. we would like to meet two young prety ladies From Czech or visiting Prague to spend some Good time together ..... Going out for dinner, dancing, sight seeing etc. we also have an apatment if u r looking for place to STAY :) CONTACT: anatomy_mdl@yahoo.com.

bullet     DaveyP 07/18/2002
    I'm gonna be visiting Prague for a brief 3 day holiday next month (Aug 2002) :-) What's the best way of coverting my money to Czech crowns? I have a Visa credit card, or should I bring British money and convert it at the airport when I arrive? ...or maybe buy some American Express Travellers Cheques in the UK and change them at the Prague A.E. office? If I've only got three days in Prague, which attractions are the "must see" ones? Thanks!
ANSWER: Hello, the best way is to use your Visa credit card. You can either directly pay qith it or withdraw money from any ATM (there are a lot of them here). What to see in three days? Check out the three day walk from our main page. Enjoy your stay!

bullet     Valentin 07/18/2002
    hI, Me (26) and some friends (6) are visiting Praha (29th). We're wondering if there is any good techno club around... nOt the trance top 100 kind of stuff.. drumms and rythm please. maybe c u around ! greetinx from the netherlands
ANSWER: Try Roxy or Radost FX. More about it in our nightlife section.

bullet     Liza 07/17/2002
    In the city of Brussels, Belgium there is a bronze statue statue of a lady lying down. There was a big que so people could touch it. Does anyone know the reason for touhing it?
ANSWER: You mean a statue in Bruxelles? I do not a lot about it. Maybe some of our visitors?

bullet     Kikker 07/17/2002
    I booked a double room in Hostel Dlouha in September. I saw that the location is pretty good, but is it a nice hostel?
ANSWER: Good choice. I have only good references about them. Enjoy your stay.

bullet     Nikki 07/15/2002
    im trying to find out the exact amount a public transport ride is ne help will be apreciated :-) u can contact me on: princess_lessons_101@hotmail.com
ANSWER: If you change or if is a longer ride it costs 12 CZK, otherwise only 8CZK. More info about the public transportation at mhd.htm.

bullet     baf 07/15/2002
    i am arriving into prague by train from budapest and then have to find my way to the corinthia panorama hotel which i understand is on the metro line...how do i find my way from the main train station out to my hotel
ANSWER: Here is a map (metro is the blue sign), that should help you. If you get lost, do not hesitate to ask anyone.

bullet     toughgirl 07/14/2002
    hi people

bullet     Hanibal 07/14/2002
    I ve been planning to come to Prague and remain there as long as possible. I am interested in finding a mate for renting a flat, pole is no question, male or female. Also I dont make an issue of the nationality or religion of a rom mate. I am interested to get some information about life over there. How difficult is to find a job for a foreigner. By the way I am from Yugoslavia. Computers are my speciality, but I worked quite a long time like a barmen abroad. I also can do different art work but I dont know how appritiated that is over there and how easy is to find a job. Photography is my main interest combined with use of computer for all necessary modifications and techniques. I know to do web sites and presentations, and graphic design. I work in many programs and can also use Archy cad for creating enterier or exterier. However I am not ashamed to work any kind of work at least at first time. There is a lot more things I am interested in and I can do but a will like to make it short. I also have a friend there who may help me in the first time. Can you use english there and work without knowing their language. Please someone help me to get these information. Thank you Dragan
ANSWER: Hello Dragan. It should be no problem to find a work with your qualification, also you can use English. But I am sure you will understand some of what people are saying. The only problem could be with the Czech immigration office if you want to stay longer. But every foreigner has to go through that. it is not very pleasent though.

bullet     guno 07/13/2002
    I am searching a girl friend in Prague, who will guide me there in my holiday in August 2002. beydogan@hotmail.com

bullet     sandra 07/13/2002
    Hi Im traveling to Prague on early November 2002 and I will love to go snowboarding in Spindleruv mlyn. Im wondering if snowboarding is permitted in this ski area and also I would like to know if the facilities are open in early November. By the way whats the best way to get from Prague to Spindleruv mlyn?. Thanks, Sandra.
ANSWER: Spindleruv Mlyn is a good choice. They even have a snowpark for snowboarding there. The easiest way how to get there is by a direct bus Prague- Spindleruv Mlyn (it usually leaves from Florenc).

bullet     Matteo 07/08/2002
    Hi! Next week I will spend three days in Prague at the Hilton Hotel. I know it's not very close to the centre and I would like some advice about how to get there by bus or subway.
ANSWER: Hello. Hilton is not that far. The easiest way is to take metro from Florenc to Namesti Republiky or take two stops by any tram from the tram station that is right opposite to the entrance to the metro station Florenc (be sure that the tram heads to the center- to your right).

bullet     Bullhead 07/07/2002
   Hi, Heading to Prague in November for a serious lads weekend away. Hoping to stay at the City Prague Hotel at Belgicka Str, Prague 2. Is this close to the main nightlife????
ANSWER: It is not in the very center, but very close. It is a good choice.

bullet     Jason, 06/30/2002
    another option for asis (phone hire). Try praguetourist.com/mobil as you'll find it cheaper than the airport and they offer SIM ONLY hire which means you can bring your existing GSM phone. They make money on the credit i.e. if you take an 800kc credit and use only 650kc, they keep the rest. Better value than the airport overall.

bullet     Melissa, 06/26/2002
   Hi, I am heading to Prague in the next week and am looking for safe, cheap place to stay. And perhaps a traveling companion for the time while I am there (American, 21 yrs.). Any suggestions?
ANSWER: As for the accommodation, try to find something at abaka.com. For hostels go to hostel.cz

bullet     Rooster, 06/23/2002
    Dobry den!I am a 45 year old unattached Englander.I`m visiting Praha on 30th of June 02 for several nights.It would be great to spend some time in the company of a local girl .Go on Ibet I can make you laugh! n.russell@ntlworld.com

bullet     mickey, 06/23/2002
    HI! I'm 27 and live in Warsaw, Poland. Being fascinated with Czech Rep. I'm looking for a Czech girl (preferable up to my age) who is interested in having friends around the world. Is it interested for you please write at mickeyy@interia.pl - I will do my best to reply ASAP. Take care!

bullet     Elif, 06/22/2002
    Prophet said the truth; this is the best site about Prague I have ever seen. I'm going to Prague in the mid-July and I spent nights on the net ; trying to learn about Prague and thank you I found what I really want here!! :) I will try your 3 days walk suggestions I hope I will enjoy!
ANSWER: Thank you Elif. Enjoy your stay :)).

bullet     ChG, 06/20/2002
    Hi - I'm a single woman thinking about traveling to Prague on my own in late September. I'm thinking about spending two weeks abroad, maybe a week in Germany followed by a week in Prague. Any suggestions for how I should do this or a good resource? (where in Germany to start then how/where to progress to in Prague and get back to Germany to fly back to the US)? Thanks!
ANSWER: Good starting point would be Frankfurt, because it is quite easy to get an oversea plane ticket there and there are plenty of connections Prague- Frankfurt when you go back home. For the German and Czech part of the trip visit lonelyplanet.com travel guide. There you will get an idea what is worth visiting. Good luck.

bullet     asis , 06/20/2002
    I am going to spend a couple of weeks in Prague in July for business. Where I can rent a cell phone there and what would be the cost?
ANSWER: You can rent it directly at the airport. The cost depends on how long you are going to have it rented. If it is for couple of weeks it might be cheaper to buy a used phone with a direct card (Oskarta, Twist, Go). There are a lot of shops in the center of Prague that sell this.

bullet     kadi , 06/18/2002
    Is the Maestro or the Visa ELECTRON card widely accepted in Prague and Budapest? Very important. I am a student visiting those cities at the end of the month and don't have a proper visa card. Also does the staff at the Eurolines station in Prague speak English? Kindest Regards Kadi
ANSWER: Visa Electron is commonly used here, no problem with that. Eurolines have people who can talk english.

bullet     joel , 06/17/2002
    Hi: Traveling with a party of 5 from Vienna to Prague in mid-July (including 2 older persons), I'm looking for the best way to travel. The train is $72US and it seems that you need to pay another $11-27 to reserve a seat or couchette. I'm assuming that such reservations are a good idea in July. But given our group, I'm wondering if we might be better off renting a car or hiring a driver. Or is there some discount airline which would offer a good rate on a one-way flight???
ANSWER: Hello Joel. By plane it would be quite expensive and also it will take a lot of time. Train is quite a good idea, you should definitely reserve a seat. Renting a car would be more comfortable, but I am not sure if zou could get a better price than for the train. Also you usually need to return the car back. A very good thing though is a web site www.spolujizda.cz, where you can find persons who are driving to and from Prague to different european cities. It is very cheap and if you do not find anyone, they will reserve bus tickets for you. Good luck.

bullet     Gigi , 06/15/2002
    Good looking french man (37) in Prague for the week-end (14-15 nJune) is looking for a beautiful girl to have fun, going out to have dinner, dancing. I am satying at the Four Seasons. email: gil@calvc.com

bullet     Greg , 06/15/2002
    Hi, I am a young Canadian professional who will be traveling to Prague the week of August 16th. I would like to meet a young (18-25) lady to share a great time. No escort agencies just... young ladies, students or even independent escorts.

bullet     someone , 06/12/2002
   Hi, looking for cheap airfares from washington d.c. usa to prague. (arriving in prague jul. 8 - departing jul. 29, 2002. dates flexible). unable to find any thus far. $950 is the lowest i have found. most are at $1,100. would it be easier, rather, cheaper to get a flight from wash. d.c., usa to london and then london to prague, etc.? any suggestions are appreciated. thanks.
ANSWER: You should be able to get a ticket for a lot less than $1100. Try the route from DC to London and from there to Prague (London- Prague should be around $200 with discount airlines even cheaper) or try DC- Frankfurt and from there to Prague. Good luck in your search.

bullet     Andreas , 06/07/2002
    I'm a disabled man (37) living in London, England. I'm looking for a live in carer to help me.Must be over 25yrs old, Must have a driving license.Starting in August 2002. If anyone is interested, please contact me by E-mail on: fritz@blueyonder.co.uk If you can send a photo and details about yourself, work expierence, It would be nice. Look forward to hearing from you.

bullet     Neil , 06/05/2002
   Hi, I am going to Prague from 2 - 5th August with a stag group and wonder where we should go, & what we should see & do to make the most of our time in Prague (and an unforgettable weekend for the stag!!). Thanks.
ANSWER: Try to visit this web site praguepissup.com/, they specialize in this.

bullet     Alexandra , 06/04/2002
    Costa Rican sophisticated travellers looking for a good looking , blonde, fun girl, open to all kind of adventures who would like to show me ( 30 years old ) and my boyfriend ( 38) a good time around Prague at night. Will be there from June 8th to the 12th at the Intercontinental Hotel. ticaalex@aol.com

bullet     Con , 06/04/2002
    Hi! My name is Conor, I'm a 21 year old Irish guy and I'll be visiting Prague from the 6th to the 12th of June. My travel partner has had to pull out, so I'd love to meet any young locals or visitors who could show me around (or share the experience of getting lost!) Text me on +353857216468 or by email con@dublin.com

bullet     Gepetto , 06/04/2002
   Hi, I just arrived home after a week in Prague. It's really an outstanding city. But i must say that the Staropramen Brewery tour you've suggested me was a complete disappointment. It was quite boring; you can't see nothing interesting about process of beer and at the end of the (so called)tour, all they've served was a pint of lousy beer.I'm planning to visit the breweries in Plzen for the next time:))
ANSWER: I am sorry that you did not like it. A heard from a lot of people that they liked it, but you are absolutely right that you can not compare it with the tour of Pilsner Urquell or Budejovicky Budvar.

bullet     dryad & valkiria , 05/26/2002
   Hi there! we are two 20 year-old female student, and really need some information about working in pub or some bar in prague between august and september,how much is the payment? could you guide us where and is it possible taking such a job for us?thank you anyway driada23@poczta.onet.pl
ANSWER: Hello. The best way how to find a job in a bar or a restaurant is to visit them personaly and ask them if they need someone. It might take some time, but there is quite a high possibility that you will find a good spot. The is about 50CZK plus tips. Good luck.
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