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bullet Bobby , 12/28/2000
    I'm visiting Prague for New Years, are there any good vegetarian restaurants??????!!!
ANSWER: A good restaurant is in Melantrichova 15, that is Prague 1, very close to the Old Town Square. It is called Country life and there is a big variety of choices. A little bit expensive, though.
PS: Sorry for the slow answer.

bullet Judy , 12/24/2000
    Hello, my partner and I are travelling to Prague on the 30 Dec to 3rd January and would very much like to attend a classical musical concert whilst we are there. There seems to be very many to choose from! Would you please advise me on the biggest and best New Year concert in Prague, where is it and what is the cost and finally is there still time to book a ticket??
ANSWER: The best classical concert is on January 1, in Smetanova Sin in Obecni dum (Municipal house). The Symphonic Orchestra of Prague (FOK) is playing. The concert starts at 19,30 and it should be a very, very nice concert. You can book tickets directly from my web site. Just click on this link: www.ticketpro.cz and it will take you to a site where you can book them. Don't worry if it is sold out, there are always some tickets left and you can get them right before the concert in the Municipal House. Usually the cost of a ticket is about 300 CZK, however I expect this concert to be a little more expensive. Also a very good concert is in Rudolfinum on December 31. It starts at 16,30 and the Czech Philharmony is playing. You will find a complete list of classical concerts on the website mentioned above. I'm sure whichever concert you choose, you will like it. Just don't buy tickets on the street. Enjoy your stay!

bullet Adas , 12/21/2000
    What are the chances of getting accommodation in Prague from someone at the train station on the 30th of December? Should I book a hotel? What are the operating times of the Metro on New Years Eve?
ANSWER: The chances are pretty high. However it is always better to book a hotel in advance. Metro runs till 12PM. On the New Years Eve it will run even during the night. Have a nice stay!

bullet Miranda , 12/05/2000
    I am in college and taking a semester off. I want to go abroad and have heard many good things about Prague. I am really interested in teaching English abroad. Do you know of any good programs? Anybody with experience, please let me know!! mirandah7@aol.com

bullet salam , 11/23/2000
    hi! my friend works in Nexsus Evropa in Belgicka 36.Mr.Farhad PIRMORADI and i'm looking for his email address.
ANSWER: Sorry I can not help you with this. I guess you have to write him a "normal" letter.

bullet Lis , 11/22/2000
    This website is very good, but... I want to know the same about other parts of Czech, can you help me with adresses?
ANSWER: No problem. Go to www.travel.cz. Their site will help you.

bullet Ozi_Visitor , 11/18/2000
    I am visiting Prague this January (Cold!). Do you know any website that has some Czech phrases I could learn before I go. Things like, Good Morning, Yes, No, thankyou, How much is this?... etc. I undertsand English is widely understood, but I think it is good manners to know some of the local language. PS, Great site.;-)
ANSWER: I wanted to add this useful link a long time ago, so finally I will repay my debt. Go to www.locallingo.com, where you will find all the necessary phrases, plus how they are pronounced. Good luck!

bullet Katharine , 11/17/2000
    My partner and I are looking forward to spending the New Year in Prague. What is the likelihood of snow at that time please? Also should we book in advance for a restaurant on New Year's Eve, and if so, any recommendations?
ANSWER: There is a pretty good chance that we will get some snow by that time. And even if there is no snow, it is usually quite cold.
I don't think you need to book a restaurant in advance. When you get to Prague, take a walk and I'm pretty much sure you will find one you like. There are hundreds and hundreds to choose from. However if you want to visit some cultural event (such as a concert or a theatre performance), you should book your tickets as soon as possible. You can even do this online at www.ticketpro.cz. Enjoy your stay!

bullet John , 11/15/2000
    I've heard a little about Sir Toby's, but couldn't find it in the Lonely Planet. How much is it and why is so special? BTW - Great site.
comments: Thanks for the site, all the pics didn't download though. No problem though, thanks for your efforts!
ANSWER: Sir Toby's costs 250-600 CZK per person/day and is located on Dlouha trida 33, phone number is 02/24 82 66 62. What is so special about it? People like it. :)
PS: Thanks for your compliments. The pictures are pretty big, so sometimes they stop downloading. However if you click on a particular picture, it should download. There might be some problems with older browsers. I will try to improve it.

bullet ozian Sydney Australia , 11/10/2000
    On short notice I decided to visit London, with a side trip to Prague (for my birthday). What a memorable place to have spent my 50th Birthday (Praha). Many words have been written, and spoken, about this remarkable place, but can anything prepare you. I think not. Lying in the very heart of Europe it is a city pulsing with life of a modern metropolis and allso hides within secrets of the past. Little streets,passages,and wonderful nooks, and corners,you can wander endlessly round the town and allways find somthing to admire. Prague is a city of many images.Its mystery catches hold of anyone who looks down on it from the heights of Hradcany at sunset.The name PRAHA in Czech is feminine, and she has a soul.Perhaps this is why today, it seems like an opaque city of magic twilight, with hidden meanings. Let this glorious city, like a magnet, draw your steps toward her, to her soul, and to the heart of Europe. This indeed was a Birthday i will allways cherish.

bullet Danny - dani_bo@hotmail.com , 10/29/2000
    I will be in Prague over News Years Eve Two Questions: i) What kind of activities happen in Prague on New Years? Are there fireworks? parties? pubs? or mainly private parties? ii) I want to go to a town in Poland called Wroclaw from Prague, but am not sure how to get there, or how much it will cost. Thankyou.
ANSWER: 1) There is usually one big firework and than like thousands and thousands of small fireworks. Usually people celebrate in the pubs and restaurants or they have a private party for their friends. Most of the restaurants are opened and have a special menu "all included".
2)You can go there by bus or by train. More info at www.vlak-bus.cz.

bullet Sylvie , 10/25/2000
    Hi! Great site ... We will be in Prague in late November early december ... what will the average temperature (in celsius) be during the day? and about how cold will it get at night? Does Sir Toby's have a website?? Would they have special rates because it is the off season?
ANSWER: It gets pretty cold. It could be somewhere in between 8-0 C. Maybe a little bit more during the day. Basic directory of the Prague hostels is at www.hermescafe.cz. More info about Sir Toby's should be at www.travellers.cz, their rate is 250 CZK per person/night.

bullet Losing the plot , 10/25/2000
    Hi,I am just wondering what is the best way of making your way from the airport into town. I heard that the airport is an hour out of town.Any suggestions
ANSWER: It is not that far, but it definitely takes some time to get downtown from the airport (30- 50 minutes; it depends on the traffic). So the best way is to buy a ticket for a public transportation either at a machine or in a newsstand. It costs 12 crowns. There is a bus stop right in front of the airport (that is where you will see a crowd of people). You need to get a ticket before you get on the bus. Once you are on it, it will take you to Dejvicka. That is the subway (metro) station on the line A. From there you can get wherever you want. Or a second possibility is to buy a ticket for a private bus transit, that will take you to namesti Republiky and it is more expensive. Or take a taxi. My choice would be a public transportation.

bullet Saval , 10/24/2000
    I'd like to know some good restaurants (the kind not for tourists but that are visited by locals) in Prague 1 or 2. Thank you very much.
ANSWER: Some of these restaurants are: PIZZERIA KMOTRA - V jircharich 12, Prague 1 (a very famous one); LUCERN- Tyrsova 84, Prague 2; Pizzeria Grosetto- namesti Miru, Prague 2; MEDÚZA- Belgicka 17, Prague 2. A typical Czech restaurant is U HOFMANŮ - Nad Šutkou 16, but that is in Prague 8. A restaurant that I like is in Chodska (near namesti Miru) and is called Moravska Vinarna.

bullet roger the shrubber, 10/23/2000
    I will be visiting Prague as a backpacker are there any places that you could recommend staying on a fairly tight budget
ANSWER: I would recommend a hostel. Which one? There is a special webpage about hostels in Prague at www.hostel.cz. It is in English and you can book it online. Sir Toby's hostel is one that people like the most. Good luck.

bullet smrtmnky, 09/27/2000
    A friend and i are going to visit prague during the holiday season. what is the weather like? will it be enjoyable even if too cold? any suggestions? thanks in advance. :)
ANSWER: What do you mean by the holiday season? You mean winter? There is a weather forecast on the main page and I have a weather summary in the FAQ section. Hope it will help you a little bit.

bullet Cova, 09/21/2000
    I am going to Prague the first two weeks in October. I was there 7 years ago, so I guess everything has changed a lot. We have rented an apartment, and we plan to do a few day trips. Do you know if it is easy enough to buy bus or train tickets without speaking czech (apart from thank you, hello and please)? I manage quite OK with english and german. Also, what kind of weather should we expect? We are not afraid of cold weather (in fact, I prefer it), but this changing weather is driving me mad. Thanks and regards from Spain, Cova
ANSWER: Not everything, but a lot has changed :). Even if you don't speak Czech you should be able to buy a ticket. In Prague it should be no problem at all, in the country it would maybe help if you wrote down on a piece of a paper the name of the place place where you want to go. For the weather forecast check this website before you go, but in general the temperatures in October are somewhere between 15/19 C. Don't be surprised if it is a little bit foggy in the morning, and there might be some rainy days too. The fall is coming :). Have a nice stay.

bullet Sean, 09/10/2000
    A friend and I are coming from Santa Cruz, California to Prague on September 15 and would like to know if there is a way to find perhaps a college student to show us around inititally. We are both professionals, as well as guitarists and vocalists.
ANSWER: hi, that's a pretty good idea. you can go to www.seznamka.cz- that's a czech webpage for meeting people and post a message there. I'm pretty much sure you will find bunch of people who will love to show you the way around Prague. There is only one slight problem, the page is in czech. :) But if you send me the posting, I will put it there for you. Be sure to add a contact, so people know where to reply.

bullet doodz, 09/06/2000
   cheers for all the effort on the website...I will be there 22/23/24 september...I am looking forward to it to much to not go...just how bad is it gonna be...will finding accomadation be difficult and am I better training up from vienna than driving given the possible disruptions ???
ANSWER: The point is that nobody really knows how bad it is going to be. I will try to monitor the situation and update my site so those of you who are coming have an idea how it looks like. Finding an accommodation might be a little bit hard, if I were you I would reserve a place where to stay as soon as possible. Car or train? It's up to you. hope you will have a pleasant stay.

bullet zoomzip, 09/02/2000
   great information on this site- i look forward to prague in october. i am trying not to make many plans ahead of time, enjoy the spotinaity.....

bullet ????, 08/25/2000
   Dear Timble, when You will come to Prague and will protest against IMF go to hell rather than Prague! I´m not interested in Your stupid protests and inherent behavior like others in Seattle. I like to live in Prague without any disturbs from people like You. Thank You and let Your feet and protests on Your country, it will be better than there for You OK? Or You´ve got amazing kick on Your ass.

bullet John, 08/20/2000
   I'm coming to Prague next week and I have only a couple days to stay. I heard that Prague Castle is closed on Mondays. Is that true?
ANSWER: DON'T PANIC. IT's NOT closed. some, but very few galleries, museums and castles close on Mondays during the main season. If you want to read more about Prague castle and excursions you can visit their official webpage http://www.hrad.cz. If you want to save time and your feet while you are in Prague, I recommend you to buy Prague cultural guide. You can get it at every newstand and it should not cost more than 25crowns or so. It is also available in English and you will find there what's going on and when are the opening hours.have fun and enjoy your stay.

bullet 1ISRAELI, 08/16/2000
   HI ;)great site with many useful tips & very objective!!we israelis love itbehatzlacha(good luck) comments: give some tips how to reach to the czech girl's heart!!!! ;)promise to give you some about israeli girls ;)
ANSWER: Thanks for your compliments. It is always great to hear that my website helped.
So you would like me to give some tips about girls, huh? :) All right you get it. Be sure to check this site in a few weeks, you may be well surprised. PS: what about israeli boys? ;))) cause not all webmasters are males

bullet Thimble, 06/22/2000
   Hello everyone, Great webpage...My girlfriend and i are visiting prague at the end of september and I was wondering when the imf meetings are, as we would like to join the protest marches if there are any.
ANSWER: The IMF meetings will be from 18-29/9. There surely will be protest marches but nobody knows when and where. The police plans to close the city center, so no damages are made there. I think the protests will be very spontaneous. About 20 000 demonstraters are expected. If you feel like joining the protests go ahead, but be aware that it might not be peaceful. There are better ways how to spend the time here.

bullet Sara, 06/22/2000
   Hi, can anyone tell me the room rate to stay in Grand Hotel Europa, address, tel and fax number? Thanks.
ANSWER: Address is Vaclavske nam. 25,Praha 1 (it is on the Wenceslav Square). For more info go on this webpage http://prague-hotels.webjump.com. There click on hotels ** and the hotel you are seeking is under the name Hotel Evropa. You can email to reservation@bookit.cz. They should be able to tell you more information and you can also book it online there.

bullet Tim, 06/05/2000
   Hi. I heard that there is a historical tram running in Prague. What is true about it?
ANSWER: Yes it is true. There is a historical tram running through the center of Prague. It goes every half an hour or so, you can look on the timetable at a normal tram station. You have to buy a special ticket when you get in. It is a good sightseeing tour.

bullet Sheri, 05/22/2000
   I was wondering about rock climbing in Czech Republic. I will be there June 11 to June 25 and wanted to try to climb there. I believe there is a rock climbing gum in Prague, but that is all I have learned so far.
ANSWER: There are a lot of cool places where you can climb. If you want to climb near Prague then Cesky kras is the place to go. It is about 40 minutes from Prague by train (trains are pretty cheap here). If you feel more like travelling you can go to Prachovske skaly. For more information visit this page http://www.travel.cz/Extreme.asp .
PS: I know about the problem with posting. I apologize for it and I will "repair it" soon.

bullet Michel, 05/16/2000
   Hi everybody!!!Prague is the nicest town I know and has finally a great webpage, with the essential information you can and will really need:-)))I´ve been to Prague many times yet and will come again and again, because there are so many beautiful reasons to go there:-)))

bullet Matthew, 05/12/2000
   I am looking for an apartment in Prague the end of August for my wife and I. Hopefully under 15,000 a month and near the metro. Any suggestions? Know anyone who wants to rent? I need at least a 6 month lease, longer is better. Thanks!
ANSWER: I don't know anyone who rents an apartement. However I looked on a site where they offer apartements for rent ( unfortunately it's only in czech http://www.bytyvpraze.cz) and you can get a really good apartement for a reasonable price. There was one offer I especially liked, it is in Benediktska (close to Old Town square and about 5minutes away from metro), fully furnished, 40 sqared metres for 12000CZK with everything included (except the phone payments). Email on the person who rents it is karany@telecom.cz. I would like to help you more but I don't know exactly your needs. Anyway if you need more help, feel free to email me. Good luck.

bullet Tom, 05/08/2000
   Hi, I'm planning to come to Prague. But I don't know any Czech, is English OK?
ANSWER:Yes, English is OK. Most people will understand what you want. However it is better to ask younger people.

bullet Anne,annamir@polbox.com 04/20/2000
   HI, I am going to Prague in September. I am interested in prices for common things like bread, mineral water, fruits etc. Where can I find such information? I will be on a low budget so I'll have to pay attention to every CZK I spend :-)
I'd like to met a pen-pal from Prague or Czech Republic. Great page, isn't it? :-) Anna
ANSWER:I'm happy that you like our page prague2001.com. Some more pictures are coming soon, so check our site in the future too. Here is the answer on how much the food costs here: bread is 18kc, mineral water 10kc. To see how much other stuff is, click on this link. (it's in czech) http://dodomu.datalite.cz/openshop?000000000000000600001a3f000000025be6fda0 The cheapest stuff is in the hypermarkets and supermarkets (delvita, meinl), usually the most expensive stuff is in the small stores that are open 24 hours.

bullet susan, 04/10/2000
   Hello there!I am getting married in Prague on May 19th. What will the weather be like? I assume it will be warm (short sleeves) during the day but what about in the evening? where will I find a violinist to play in the church??
ANSWER: 1) I can't tell you exactly what the weather will be like. But in general at the end of May the temperature gets in the seventies (about 20C) during the day, however in the evenings it is a little bit colder, usually the temperature drops in the fifties (10C). So be prepared for it :).
2) That's a tough question. I don't have any experiences in that area. The best thing you could do is to contact someone in the church where you are getting married and ask them if they know someone. I'm sure that they will help you. GOOD LUCK!!

bullet misa, 04/07/2000
   hi lenka and others so what's up??? great webpage and pictures!!

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