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bullet     Katka 01/15/03
    Hi, do I find native english speaker who is living/staying in Prague for ocassional conversation or going out? answer to katka_balazova@hotmail.com !

bullet     Tommy 01/14/03
    Can anyone tell me is there any skiing close to prague and how to get to it.
ANSWER: The best skiing slopes are in Krkonose. You can either drive there, or take a bus from Florenc. For example to Pec pod Snezkou it takes around 3 hours by bus. Web about Czech mountains http://www.holidayinfo.cz

bullet     Skinar 01/13/03
    is drinking age strict in prague ? or any where in czech ??
ANSWER: 18 years for the whole country.

bullet     Muri 01/10/03
    Hi there, we visited Prague in April 2002 and I think it was the best holiday I have ever had (even though we were only there for 3 days!) We are thinking of returning in October and were thinking of staying at the "BestPrague" apartments on Wenceslas Sqaure - does anyone know if this is a good idea. Last time we stayed in the the Ariston Hotel in Zizkov, which was very nice but we would prefer something even more central this time. Thanks in advance for your help ! Muri Scotland
ANSWER: That is definitely right in the center. I do not know these apartements, but be prepared that staying right in center is usually more expensive and also more noisy.

bullet     hlb 01/09/03
    Have you some sites vere i can find a private ovner of houses in prag we can rent in the summertime, they have to bee in english or deutsch.
ANSWER: Yes. See interhome.cz. They specialise in this.

bullet     Jana 01/09/03
    Hi everyone, I have seen that many people asking for Pension Avalon II in Nerudova street 27 (wonderful location). The Pension is after renovation, running again, but it is called CORTO now. e-mail:pension@corto.cz.

bullet     mcCarthy 01/05/03
    hello friends. My name is chris and will be in prague around feb,8th for about 4 or five days. I'm a 24yo american male. very handsome and very fun. Looking to meet someone local to show me around a little and just have fun. pretty ladies preferred, but just someone very kind will be fine. thankyou. napom@hushmail.com hope to hear from you soon.

bullet     Larz 01/04/03
    I'm writing for information on how I might track down a friend of mine who I have lost touch with. I've only got a picture of the two of us outside a club (Karlovy Lazne?) in Prague. Any help or suggestions would mean the world to me. Thanks!
ANSWER: Hello Larz, do you know at least her name? Finding someone just with a picture in your hand.. that's quite hard. If you knew her name, I could try to search yellow pages. The only thing that comes to my mind- is to come back to Prague and search for her in the club Karlovy lazne.

bullet     Nick 01/04/03
    I am planning to visit Prague in February 2003. I am looking for a place or factory that sells Bohemian Crystal Chandeliers for my house in the USA. Do you recommend a good place with reasonable factory prices? Do they ship big chandeliers to the USA? Thanks a lot
ANSWER: There is a big manufacturer in Liberec. Their web site is http://www.preciosa.cz/. You can email them to sales@preciosa.cz for more info (if they ship to US).

bullet     Rocket 01/02/03
    What is the easiest way to get from Prague to Špindleruv Mlýn by train or bus. i am also trying to sort out for three people snowboarding for three days, ie: looking for a hostel or cheap pension (Pension 48, Svaty Petr 48) and trying to get an idea of the cost of hiring kit and passes.
ANSWER: The easiest way is to take a bus from Florenc. It takes about 3 hours. About prices and stuff like this- visit web about Czech mountains http://www.holidayinfo.cz.

bullet     i m patrick. 12/30/02
    hi im patrick from ivory coast living in prague.i would like to live with czech woman.i m looking for one which one i can live and partage my love.i live in kacerov.00420/0/728607182.please send me some address.

bullet     Agil 12/17/02
    Hello everyone! Does anybody know any sites in the Internet when can I find a friend in Czech??? please write any idea to agil@nm.ru! Thank you very much! :)))
ANSWER: Visit seznamka.cz or chat room on xchat.cz.

bullet     jimmy 12/17/02
    Coming into town on friday dec. 26th whats the first place I should have a beer. Getting in around noon
ANSWER: At the first pub that will be open :).

bullet     Dom 12/13/2002
    Hello my name is Dominic .If anany body reads this please right back
ANSWER: Hello Dominic, you should add your email address, so people could answer you...

bullet     knedliky :) 12/13/2002
    Lenka, Glad to see you are back. Where have you been? Did you run off and get married? Regards, Ken Nedliky
ANSWER: No :). I am not planning anything like that in the near future. I was just way to busy. I am planning to add bunch of new picture soon, hopefully they will be up after the Christmas vacation. Merry Christmas to you!

bullet     Michel AURIBAULT 12/13/2002
    Bonjour, j'essaye de retrouver la trace d'un couple d'amis qui vivaient ŕ Prague jusqu'en 1993, avant d'aller s'installer ŕ Bratislava. Il s'agit de Jan et Annie JARON. Un de leurs enfants s'appelait Martin. Annie a travaillé ŕ l'Ambassade de France ŕ Prague de 1990 ŕ 1993 au service de presse. J'ai perdu leur trace depuis 1995 et vous remercie par avance si vous pouvez leur communiquer mon email auribault@mistral.cz et mon numéro de portable 604564066. J'habite moi-aussi ŕ Prague depuis le mois de mars 2002.

bullet     someone 12/05/2002
    where can I meet nice woman in prague who would like to live with a man in USA?
ANSWER: Everywhere :), seznamka.cz. But it will be hard to persuade her to leave Prague.

bullet     hlady 11/26/2002
    would like to buy Czech beads whilst visiting Prague - anyone know where there is a bead shop? PLEASE
ANSWER: There are many shops in the center, try a shop in Tynska 9 Prague1.

bullet     Hamsa beydoun 10/28/2002
    Dobry den , i am looking for my friends Dagmar and Daniel Strnadova' .I had their old email but no answer , I wish to write them again and contact them, so if anyone can help me I'll be forever gratefull .My email is( beydounhamsa@hotmail.com ).

bullet     Paddy 10/27/2002
    Can anyone give me any information about the U zlateho stromu(Goldentree) hotel?
ANSWER:It is located on a quite busy street, they have their own discotheque. More info at zlatystrom.cz, it is also in English.

bullet     amoude 10/20/2002
    Hi i like to now if there is dating service online for women seeking men and men seeking women in prague
ANSWER:Yes. Use seznamka.cz, that is the most popular online dating site.

bullet     Mark 10/20/2002
    Can someone tell me when the Christmas markets tend to be up and running?
ANSWER:Usually they start the last week in November.

bullet     Beantown 10/18/2002
    Theres a group of four guys going out there end of next week and we're staying at the Pension Unitas. Any word on this? More importantly, where are the best places to meet girls? I heard the clubs are the main places, but we're not too into the techno scene. Any recommendations?
ANSWER: It is right in the center, there are a lot of clubs around- try Roxy or Karlovy lazne (different types of music there).

bullet     Ian 10/17/2002
    I am visiting Prague in November on my own. Where is a good place to meet 30 somethings in the city?
ANSWER: Hard question, basicly everywhere. These people do not usually go to the popular music clubs, I do not know about a special place where they would gather.

bullet     Lora 10/14/2002
    Hi, can anyone has an opinion on Salvator hotel? Thanks
ANSWER: It seems like a nice hotel, very good location. They offer 10 percent discount if booked through Internet.

bullet     Tourist 10/14/2002
    Do anybody know anything about the hotel GUNO in Prague 10?
ANSWER: I have no info about this hotel.

bullet     james 10/14/2002
    i will be traveling through prague in january... i will be there just long enough to forget who i am in a local pub. my question is, what is the drinking age in c.r.?
ANSWER: The drinking age is 18.

bullet     Europebn 10/10/2002
    I checked out the Czech hockey league schedule, but I don't speak Czech, so I can't tell who are the 'home' and 'visiting' teams. The 3 possible games for me to see Sparta Praha would be on the 18th vs. Karlovy Vary, the 20th vs. Zlin and the 22nd vs. Ceske Budejovice. Which ones are being played in Prague? Thanks.
ANSWER: The last one is a home game- they play against Ceske Budejovice in the Paegas arena.

bullet     Irish 10/10/2002
    I could do with some help , I have been appointed tour operator for a stag party in prague and have no idea where to begin What are the best pubs to visit? Where is the strongest beer to be had? What nightclubs are best for meeting members of the opposite sex?
ANSWER: Try to contact the "professionals". Visit theirweb.

bullet     toytoytoy 10/10/2002
    Hello. I have visited czech rep 4times since 1992. I really love to live and work in prague if its passible. I guess my question is if its hard to find a job for outsider. I know there are many english teacher posiotions but since my first laungage is not english, I do not qulify... god I love cz!!
ANSWER: It is hard, but not impossible. The easiest way is to post your CV online (jobs.cz, cvonline.cz, jobonline.cz etc.) or directly visit some recruitment companies. Good luck!

bullet     Gabby 10/09/2002
    Hi! I will be visiting Prague soon and was led to believe that there is good hunting within the vicinity of Prague. Does anyone have any further information on this. Thanks.
ANSWER: I found a company that offers hunting in Rozmberk nad Vltavou.

bullet     Marina 10/04/2002
    Hi! Can anyone give me an opinion about the following hotels: "U Suteru","U Zlatych Nuzek", "U Klenotnika" (Praha - 1). Thanks!
ANSWER: U Suteru has quite a good rating 8.9 / 10. If you click on the link, you can read some more reviews. For more info about U klenotnika, visit their website. I would not choose U zlatych nuzek, because it is located at Kampa which is now being repaired after the floods.

bullet     Lars 09/30/2002
    Hi... I will be in Prague over the weekend and I´m wondering wich metrostationes that still are closed.
ANSWER: Here is a map of the stations that are still closed.

bullet     Ashton 09/28/2002
    We will be in Prague in October and would like to take a day trip to Telc on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Are there any organized tours on those days? I have only located tours on Thursday and Saturday. Thank you.
ANSWER: I was not able to find any organized tour, but when you will be in Prague try to stop at one of the sightseeing tours stands that are in the center. Also ask at the Information office (Na prikopech, Staromestske namesti). I am sure you will find what you are looking for.

bullet     Mark 09/26/2002
    Hi we will be visiting from the US during the 2nd week in October. Does anyone know where I could catch a NFL game? Are there any bars that have a satellite feed of American Football games? I am interested in watching the Monday night football game on 10/7 (will be 3am 10/8 in Prague).
ANSWER: Try Jagr's Sportbar on the Wenceslas Square (Vaclavske namesti) or Sportbar in the street Ve smeckach.

bullet     Terri 09/18/2002
    We will be in Prague for the first two weeks in October. We would love to see a couple of hockey games. Will the Czech National team be playing in the city during this period? Who do we contact to find out where, when, price and if tickets need to be purchased in advance? Thanks for your help!
ANSWER: The Czech national team will not be playing, but the Czech league will be going on. Here is a schedule (Sparta Praha is a really good tema). Enjoy.

bullet     HP 09/17/2002
    Hi I am a male visiting prague for a week on 6 October 2002 alone. Where is best place to meet people 20 -50 years
ANSWER: Smile and you will meet them everywhere. Do not be afraid to talk to different people. Good place where to meet young people are music clubs and different cafes. Good luck.

bullet     Jason 09/13/2002
    i am planning to move to prague in january and am looking for any info or someone to talk to extensively about this. contact me at historymadeusdie@hotmail.com. i am desperate for information.
ANSWER: Hello Jason. I am sure our reders will help you. there is also a special web for people like you expats.cz. Good luck.

bullet     Adie 09/09/2002
    Hi, I will be in Praha on Sunday 15th September, following the speedway GP in Chorzow, Poland. Can you reccomend good cheap accomodation for the night and is there any speedway or football happening on the Sunday afternoon/evening? Adie.
ANSWER: Hello, as for the accommodation, try to search for a good offer at abaka.com. Bohemians Praha will be playing against Ostrava at 16,30.

bullet     Britmaveric 09/09/2002
    Hello again-Do you know of any firms that offer organized pub crawls in Prague? If so can you provide contact info. Cheers Ian
ANSWER: Hello Ian. I am sorry, but this time I can not help you.

bullet     Robie 09/06/2002
    I just came home last week from a 2 week visit to the Czech Republic, I had the most incredible time, met some incredible people and saw the most intriguing sites. Czech Rep is a must visit for everyone, I'm only sorry that I didn't get to experience Charles Bridge, it opened the day after I came home...I guess that means I have to come back!

bullet     Zoe 09/06/2002
    Can you tell me how to get from Malostranske Nam to Trmal Vila Studio ,Prague 10 using public transport.Thanks.
ANSWER: I do not know to which part of Prague 10 you want to get. To Hostivar and places near take tram 22. If you want to get to places near Flora, also tak 22, but on I.P.Pavlova change to tram 10 or 16.

bullet     Britmaverick 09/03/2002
    Cheers for the info. Much appreciated and look forward to visiting your beautiful City! Ian

bullet     Zoe 08/31/2002
    Does anyone know ,since the floods,if the resturant Country Life (Melantrichova 15,Stare Mesto)is still operating as normal. Good vegetarian eating places are hard to come by.
ANSWER: It should be operating again, it was not flooded, but there was no electricity in this area.

bullet     Britmaveric 08/29/2002
    Hello-I'm booked at the Hotel Anna. I haven't heard much about this hotel. Can anyone give me an opinion? Also looking for a jewelry shop which sells gold items at a reasonable price. If anyone can give me recommendations I would be most appreciative! Lastly-visiting Prague 10-15 Oct from London, and would love to meet up with locals or fellow travelers!!! :) Ian
ANSWER: Hello, this is the first time I heard about this hotel. I searched for some info and it seems OK. As for the jewellery, try te shops around the hotel (for example one on Francouzska). Enjoy your stay!

bullet     missing you Mui Praha 08/28/2002
    Ahoy Every one! It is so sad what happenen in praha and many places around there...and so sorry for my friend and her baby who are living the area that covered with 3meters of water....I hope maruska and Divi is ok... I just wish every good thing will happen to every one.

bullet     llcool 08/28/2002
    hi. how can i find acomodations if i am staying in prague for a long time? (over a month for work)abaka.com didnt help...
ANSWER: Hello. Yes, Abaka is for shorter stays. Try to post a message that you are looking for accommodation at expats in their accommodation section. Here is a post a found there : A young female is looking for a fun American roommate for a nice partly furnished 2+kk flat next to the Old Town Square - Prague 1. Preferably a smoker. Rent 6 000 CZK plus a half of utilities. E-mail at Snow.White@seznam.cz

bullet     Gabby 08/27/2002
    There is a new hotel due to open there on Oct 1st called Le Palais, U Zvonařky 1, Praha 2. they are doing a very good opening offer, but will it be completed on time? Is it near the city centre and night life? Many thanks gabby
ANSWER: If they are doing the offer than I would say they must be sure that they will open by that day. Zvonarka is a good place, just a couple of tram stations from the center (5 minute walk to the tram station). There are a lot nice restaurants and cafes around. More about the hotel at this web site.

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