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Night life logo Already in Prague? Is there a long night in front of you and you still have no idea where to go or what to do? Great! Be sure that after reading these pages you'll be troubling yourself with totally different problems.

  • We have arranged a list of all kinds of entertainment on this page for you. So please be careful reading through all of it including those little advice points at the very end of each article. They may not have seen to you as really important or maybe as a matter-of-course, but they can save you from many unpleasant situations.
  • This page is designed to provide information to all tourists coming to Prague from various places all around the world. They may be younger or older, on a business trip or just spending their vacation here. As you see, it is not easy for us to satisfy all of your demands. Thus we prepared the offer as extensive as it can possibly be. Warning Unfortunately because of this you might bump into some for youth inappropriate material.
  • The Entertainment section is subdivided into six more themes. (places to eat; night clubs, casinos, discotheques; erotic clubs, specials), underneath follow some more useful tips. All of them you are able to access straight from the top menu.
  • ENTERTAINMENT. It is said that Prague is very cheap. That's right and entertainment is no exception. But still you should give on our advises and check the prize of everything before you decide for it. The prices of a same thing may differ a lot from one place to another. If you are prepared for it, you will not be surprised then.

    PLACES TO EAT. This link includes list of places opened late in the night.

    NIGHT-MUSIC CLUBS. Are you under 40? Like fashion? Have nothing against partying? Then you should not skip this section!

    CASINOS/ BILLIARDS. -Are you a gambler or damn good in playing cards? No? Then see the section with billiard clubs.

    DISCOTHEQUES. This is mainly for those dance-willing ones. List of the biggest and most famous discotheques in Prague.

    EROTIC CLUBS. We understand that lonely people need somebody to be with and make them happy, this is for them. If you are under 18 there is no sense in entering.

    SPECIALS. I guess this will become the favorite place for foreigners living in Prague for a longer time. It will include list of Internet cafes, literature clubs, bookstores etc.

    MONEY. About money is already written a lot in our general Prague guide. Here I would only emphasize some well known recommendations. Here they come!
  • First of all, what we don't recommend is carrying larger sums of cash with you than is necessary.
  • When you're going to a place, where you know you can pay with a credit card, take one and limit the cash.
  • Try not to show how much money you have in your wallet.
  • Never leave your wallet lying free on a table or anywhere else. Best to keep it is in a closed pocket. Those secret pockets like I have seen once (in underpants or a bra) are maybe a little exaggerated.
  • If you know a little Czech don't worry to ask more times when you don't understand the exact sum at the counter. And if you don't, try to pretend you do.
  • If you go through or to an especially dangerous place divide your money into two halves and store them in two different places. Then if you are mugged there is a chance that the second half will pass unnoticed.
  • Despite of all these frightening advises the crime in Prague is no worse than in any other big city. For instance the editor of this article is living downtown his whole life and it never ocurred to him that he would have to face any criminals. But still the pickpocketing exists and is advised to be aware of it..
  • For more info see general Prague guide or the FAQ section.

  • SIGHTSEEING. There is nothing more exciting than night walks through the oldest districts such as Mala Strana, Kampa, Hradcany or Stare Mesto. It's highly recommended for all visitors to experience this at least once during your stay. For more info see Prague walks and tips & tricks section.
    Tip: Make sure you take some comfortable walking shoes!

    TAXI. Taking taxi late in the nigh is quite dangerous. When there are your friends with you, it is a good idea to ask them to put down the number of the license plate and make it apparent to the driver. He won't try to cheat you or anything else. For more info see Prague taxi.

    TOILETTES. (public toilettes) In your own interest do not visit these places. Especially not in the night. Always try to find some other place where to go.(pubs, bars, music clubs, fast food restaurants etc.).

    PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION. Best way how to get home before midnight. The Metro functions only till midnight. Then you have to rely only on night tram links which are usually very crowded and full of annoying individuals. For women is recommended to have always someone to walk them home. If you want to know more there is a special section about Prague public transportation for you. If you are already in Prague you can visit one of these five information centers at Muzeum, Cerny Most, Andel, Nadrazi Holesovice and Jungmannovo namesti.

    DID NOT FIND WHAT YOU WERE LOOKING FOR? Check out tips&tricks, visit our FAQ page or go and check some useful links. If you are really lost and dazed visit our message board for an online help.

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    If there are still some unanswered questions, please email to: e-Jack-(The boy who knows!)

    Got tight last night on absinthe and did knife tricks. Great success shooting the knife into the piano. —Ernest Hemingway
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