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Prague Guide logo Already in Prague? Is there a long night in front of you and you still have no idea where to go or what to do? Great. Be sure that after reading these pages you'll be troubling yourself with totally different problems.



These reviews are based either on e-Jack's own experience or on our visitor's perceptions. We would like everyone who's got some good ideas or experience, which would like to share with other people to let us know about it via email, so we can mediate it to our readers. Our acknowledement belong to: Janko( Czech Republic), Mary W.( New Mexico), .......your name.. Thanks a lot. :-)


Address: Bělehradská 120, Vinohrady, Praha 2, nearest underground station is I.P.Pavlova

Phone: 00420224254776

Hours: 10pm-6am

Entry fee: $ 3-7

Music: House, techno, drum'n'bass, breakbeat, skunkrock

Crowd: Very varied, from partly fashion industry leaches to seriously "lost'' clubbers. It depends on the DJs, the theme and the mood. None of the mullets you might associate with the former Eastern Block, but an elaborately decorated club with lots of little alcoves for chilling in. The saturday night packs out with beautiful women and their beaux. This is how much they love it. The club was packed and the sewers backed up, recalls Radost's spokesman. There was shit all over the club nobody wanted to leave.

Editor: One of two best music clubs in Prague. If you know what a "house" is then you gotta see it.

web address: www.radostfx.cz (Their home page is pretty cool and informative so check it out!)


Address: Novotného Lávka, Praha1,nearest underground station is Staromestská

Phone: 004202-22220502

Hours: 9pm-5am

Entry fee: $1.5 before 10pm; $2 after 10pm (minimum age: 16)

This music club has four floors and on each floor is situated a different club with a different music style. Thus everybody can chose his favorite one. There are alltogether four clubs (four floors)-MCM CAFE, PARADOGS, KALEIDOSKOP, DISCOTHEQUE for which you pay only one entry fee. Sometimes you must pay an extra one for entering Paradogs when there is some special programm.

Crowd: The typical visitor of this club is between 16 and 22. Usually there is maybe even more for foreigners than local people. If you are Italian, German, Spanish, French, Russian you can be sure you'll find someone from your country to chat with or maybe more. Typical cloth: cargo, baggy pants, T-shirt....nothing special.


music: life concerts, jazz, band revivals, rock

editor: Missing the atmosphere of a reall rock club or smaller clubs. If you want to go to a rock club then Lucerna music bar or Futurum are much better choices


music: dance, songs from the 80's and 90's, life DJ

editor: If you like discotheque then you might go there, but don't expect any miracles. The bier is nasty there, too.


music: some great and famous DJ's are performing there, ( Djs Geer, James, Kavalier, Dan Cooley, Bidlo, Lumier, Gael; techno, trance,electronic music, drum'n'bass- comparable to Roxy

editor: Definitely the best of all four. Chose the right day and you won't feel any remorse for the money you paid. If you are a clubber, then don't forget there are more clubs like this worth of seeing.


music: dance, best of 70's or 80's

editor: quite interesting interior, good sound, but still if you are above 20 it won't be any fun for you hopping there among all those teenagers


address: Balbinova 26, Praha 2, (nearest underground station is Museum and then you go up the Vinohradska street)

phone: 22252504

hours: 5pm(beginnings 9pm)- 5am

entry fee: $2

music: breakbeat, techno, drum'n'bass

editor: This club hasn't done any big expression on me, except there are many drug users, a lot of smoke inside, you have to wait for a drink a great deal of time when it's crowded and I would doubt it has any airconditioning. Unless you are a club sweeper, it's not a place to go.


address: Dlouha 33, Praha 1, (nearest underground station is Namesti Republiky)

phone: 24828285

hours: 9pm- ..?..

entry fee: $2-$4

music: house, techno, drum'n'bass...

crowd: You got to taste it yourself!

editor: In my humble opinion the best music club in Prague. The most famous, best DJs, great capacity, fine service, friendly staff, cool video projection, what else to say?

www address: www.roxy.cz


address: Vodickova 36, Praha 1, ( Nearest underground stations are Mustek and Museum)

phone: 24217108

hours: 7pm-6am

entry fee: $2 ( for a concert)

music: This is both a night bar and a konzert hall. About three or four times a week there perform popular, mainly Czech music bands such as Mig 21, Mnaga a Zdorp ( pop), Divokej Bill (county-rock) or some blues bands. Once a week there is 80's party- DJ Jirka Neumann. These performances start at about 9pm and last till short before midnight.

crowd: you can wear whatever you want, people are usually very friendly, no age border

editor: I like the atmosphere, the service is pretty fast even if it is crowded, it's not that large so you are pretty close to the performers. If you want to get in touch with Czech contemporary rock or pop music scene this place is recommended. You might welcome the separated bar, too. Don't worry to send your kids there. Drug level is none or minimal.


address: Zborovska 7, Praha 5, ( Nearest underground stations is Andel)

phone: 57328571

hours: 8pm-3am

entry fee: $2-4

music: This is same as Lucerna- both a night bar and a konzert hall. Performing some of the most popular Czech bands; ( Tri sestry, Kabat, etc) Twice a week 80's and 90's party- Dj Jirka Neumann and DJ Roman Pluhar

crowd: friendly, no age border

editor: This place was lately renovated so its interior is very nice and pleasant


address: Narodni 20, Praha 1, ( Nearest underground stations is Narodni Trida)

phone: 02 24914416

hours: mo-fri (10pm-3am); sat-sun (9pm-3am)

entry fee: $2 (discount if you have ISIC, ITIc or GO25)

music: some nice life konzerts, revival bands, DJ Murphy- residential DJ

crowd: nothing special

editor: it is a larger three story complex ( a konzert hall, three bars; music store; art gallery; cinema; internet cafe-80czk/h,126/kb); medium prizes ( bier about 24,-), the entry fee gives you 15 free min.of Internet and free movies, nice place to relax, but not for heavy drinkers or clubbers

web address: www.rockcafe.cz

We are fixing to add some more reviews ( clubs Mecca, Acropolis, De Lux, Delta) into this section in the close future, so please don't forget to check them out.

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