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Czech people- Who are they? How different they are from us? What should I expect from them? It is hard to generalize but oh well...

It is hard to describe a mentality of one person, and it is almost impossible to characterize a nation. There are always some dogmas and characteristics. Not all Czechs are like described below. It is just a big generalization and therefore don't take it too seriously :).

bullet They said about us:
People in the whole kingdom are habitual drinkers, indulge in a gluttony, superstitious and greedy.
Pope Pius II. (1405-1464)
Nation of the slaves is under the power of dumb and splendid aristocrats. Cavaliers are immoral, women are vicious and nobody cares about the law.
Casanova (1725-1798)
Czechs are the most mature Slavonic nation, that is because there are no such big differences in education as in the east.
L. N. Tolstoy (1829-1910)
What can you do for a nation that refuses to defend itself?
Charles de Gaulle (in 1968 after the invasion of Soviet troops)
bullet Characteristics:
When tourists are asked why are they coming to visit CZ? The answer is: women and beer. It is said that Czechs have the best beer and the most beautiful women in the world. It is also said that we are: peaceful, intelligent, untidy, reserved, greedy, single minded, competitive, unrespectful and that we love culture, black humor and almost everybody here is an intellectual.
bullet How do they see us?
Some men are really exclusive here. Not handsome but they have a great sense of humor and charm. But they are vain and unreasonably self-satisfied. Women are much more different. They are self confident and they know how to take advantage of their virtues. Sometimes I just have to stop on the street and watch how they disappear in the crowds.
Czechs love to gather together on a glass of beer and there to discuss everything (politics, sport...). Family is a very important issue. If you get the opportunity to be a part of their world, it is a wonderful experience. Czechs love to enjoy their lives. They have a good sense of humor and love to smile.
a German
Every women is called Sarka and has such long legs. In general most Czechs are good looking. But why do they have the tendency (especially men) to loose their appearance very soon? Maybe it is because of knedlo-zelo-vepro, beer and smoking.
Czechs have an impeccable taste. Sometimes I would think that the worst insult the communist did on them, was when they replaced the crown of the Czech symbol- lion- with a red Soviet star. What I really don't like is the envy and greedy.
an American
Women are beautiful. But sometimes they are trying too hard to look the same as those models in magazines. Then I feel like I'm meeting "the same faces" all the time. Men don't care a lot about themselves. However younger generation is changing this slowly.
Czechs had a lot of famous writers, composers and scientists. They are intelligent. That is true about individuals, not about society as a whole. I like that they respect old and historical things. But when they buy new things, they don't care about design and stuff like that.
At first I thought Czechs are cold, that they are worried about something. Today I think it is because of their reserve. At home or between their friends they act so much different, they are friendly and sincere. Inside their families they are bound tightly together and they help each other a lot more than in Japan. That is what I admire. And they talk with each other a lot, sometimes even too long.
a Japanese
Slavonic women are beautiful, it is said that Polish women are the most beautiful in the world. I always recognize a Pole in the crowd but I'm not sure if I would recognize a Czech. Czechs are proud on their intellectuals. Especially their schools are pretty hard.
I don't think Czechs have a good taste. However there are big differences between the young and older generation. Old people are too conservative, they were influenced by the communism more than they can accept. Young people are open to new things, you can see their joy that they have a choice.
What is very typical for this nation is their discretion. They don't solve problems right away, they sit down and talk about it or let the time to solve it. Most of my friends agree that Czechs are nicer than Poles- when they see a foreigner they either try to get money out of him or to help.
a Pole
I think a lot of people here have a problem with their freedom. To understand it, to enjoy it. They are not used to it and they always look for some restrictions. They don't want to be responsible for their lives, they need "someone" who will take care of them, who will tell them what to do.
Most of the people have a good taste, not the rich people. They became rich too quickly and they don't know how to spend their money. Czechs are reserved, don't like to say their opinion in the public. If they have a goal, they go for it. They love competition. What I really hate is their aggressivity while driving. They don't have respect for each other. And one more thing, Czech men don't know how to flirt- they take everything to seriously.
an Austrian
Main source for this article was the May edition of Lidove noviny.
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