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Read these tips&tricks especially tailored for your needs. You can be without them but if you know them, they will make your stay more pleasent.

1. Are your legs tired but you would like to take a tour of Prague? Get into the tram #22, sit down and watch. I bet you will like what you will see. The most interesting part is between namesti Miru- Pohorelec.
2. Would you like to read some books written by Czech autors but don't know any Czech? No problem. Books written by famous Czech authors are translated usually into English and German. A bookstore I really like is Academia in the middle of Wenceslav square. A bookstore specializing on any literature in English is Big Ben near Old Town square.
3. When you are cold and tired of sightseeing visit a literary cafe or "cajovna". You can sit down there, order something to drink or something light to eat and ENJOY the special spirit of such place.
4. Are you planning to visit a lot of tourist attractions? Maybe you should check American Express office at the top of the Wenceslav square. They offer a "Prague pass" and it could save you a lot of money.
5. You are definitely going to visit Prague Castle. You have to buy a ticket to be able to visit certain attractions. Get one ticket for all places. It is worth it. It is valid for 24 hours and you pay less.
6. Are you hungry and don't want to go to any fast food restaurant? Take one or two stations out of the center (for ex. to namesti Miru) and find a restaurant with modest prices.
7. I know that you are coming to Prague to take some time off and don't want to get up very early. However it is definitely worth it if you once get up very early in the morning and walk through the center of the town. Imagine being the only one on the Charles bridge! Early morning Prague has a special atmosphere.
8. If you need to use subway to get to the place you are staying at, don't forget that subway closes ot 12PM and re- opens again at 5AM.
9. Watch where and on what you are stepping. A lot of people in Prague have a dog as a pet and some of them don't clean after their dogs.
10. When you will be on the Charles bridge, don't forget to visit one of the bridge towers. If you walk on the top, you will get a fascinating view of Old Town.
11. You are in the center but would like to change this for few minutes of silence in nature? Go to Petrin. That is a hill with a small Eiffel tower on the top of it. You don't need to walk on the hill, special trin will take you there. Have your cameras prepared because from the train you will have a very nice view of Prague.
12. Don't forget to visit the Technical Museum on Letna. Especially if you have kids with you. It is not for geeks at all. There are really fascinating things there.
13. Never take a taxi on the street. Call for one.
14. Good way how to spend evening is to visit the Krizik's fountain (Krizikova fontana) on Vystaviste, Prague 7. It is a music-light show and you will definitely like it. They play every day and it's better to buy tickets for a later show (when it is dark).
15. Looking for a good bookshop? Try Academia bookshop in the middle of Wenceslaw square. Are you on budget? Than go to Levne knihy right next to Academia. They have all kinds of books and CD's there.
16. Traveling around Europe or just staying in Prague a little bit longer? Than you definitely need to have a place where to do some laundry. Prague Laundromat on Korunni street, near the metro station Namesti miru is the place where to go. While your clothes will be washing you can check your email or browse the web. And if you feel like it you can leave a message for others on the facade of the house.
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18. Where should I stay? Could you give us some tips on accommodation? Now we have the best answer for you. Our partner abaka.com has one of the largest databases of the Prague hotels and pensions on the web. You can compare prices and book your accommodation online.
19. If you like the visage of the Municipal House (Obecni dum), do not forget to visit the Mucha Museum. It is dedicated to the life and work of Alfonse Mucha, a celebrated Czech artist from the Art Nouveau period. The exhibition includes paintings, lithographs and drawings. More info at Mucha.cz.
20. The National Museum offers free admission on the first Monday of every month.
21. Have your bike with you and enough free time? Check out http://www.pragueviennagreenways.org. Prague-Vienna Greenways (Czech Greenways) is a network of hiking and biking trails between Prague and Vienna connecting cultural monuments, castles and historic towns through charming underdeveloped countryside of Bohemia and Moravia in the Czech Republic.
22. While wondering through Kampa park, your guidebook might tell you to stop at the John Lennon wall. Since it's creation, the original picture of Lennon has disappeared and was replaced by a smaller, less impressive version. It is still surrounded by pacifist graffiti and Beatles lyrics. Postcards can be bought of the original.
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