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bullet     daithimax , 04/28/2001
    Hi all Irish guy here 21 visiting prague may28th for a cpl of days just wondering if theres gonna be anyother fun-loving travellers around for a cpl of days around then. email me at daithimax@nurse.com.

bullet     theprophe , 04/28/2001
    hello Lenka this is Gary in Canada, let me say that your website is one of the best on teh net for Prague, good going!! Anyways i didn't see it on your site, maybe i missed it, but since last year, you can get your tax back on products you buy in the Czech Republic and take with you out of the country, You can pick up the forms at the airport and get your money refund at the airport also, there are some limitations, so when you enter the country get the pamplet and save,save,save, coming to Prague May 17th, have fun,
ANSWER: You can get the TVA (DPH) back. I do not not know how it exactly works, I will try to find it out. Please check this board again before you go.
Here it is: You can get 22% back, but the price of the item must be at least 1000CZK. You need to save the bill and fill out a form (they should give it to you at the shop), when you leave the country the custom officer should give you a stamp on the form. And when you come back (it must be in three months), you go back to the shop and they give you the money back. If you feel like not bothering with all this stuff, you can use a special offer- a company www.vatmax.cz will do it for you.

bullet     Amy , 04/28/2001
    Can someone recommend a hostel by the station Republiky? Is it true that there is shuttle service from the airport to that station? I will be arriving at night and would like to find inexpensive accomodations by that station. Thanks!
ANSWER: Yes, there is a shuttle bus from the airport to namesti Republiky. However for 300 crowns this shuttle bus will take you wherever you want /to your hotel/.

bullet     Andy , 04/27/2001
    We are coming to Prague in July and have booked into a pension Vila Kozlovka, Dejvice Prague 6. Can you tell me anything about Vila Kozlovka or recommend any good pubs / clubs / eating places in that area?
ANSWER: Vila Kozlovka is located in a very good area. Hanspaulka is one of the most prestigous places in Prague. It is close to the metro station and you can directly walk to the Prague Castle from there. I saw some pictures of it and it looks nice. Hanspaulka is also know for its pubs, make sure you visit one. For more tips about clubs, visit our nighlife section, info about restaurants can be found at gurman.cz.

bullet     SmokyMonster , 04/26/2001
    Hi! I'm 21-year-old student from Holland, visiting Prague may 7th. I will be staying for a week/week and a half. I just want to learn a new language/meet new people. If anyone is visiting Prague in that period, please send me an e-mail and maybe we can meet. The address is smokymonster@hotmail.com.

bullet     Anna , 04/25/2001
    I am a Czech born who now lives in the US. I became a US citizen, and had to give up my citizenship. I would like to regain my Czech citizenship and become a dual citizen. My question is, where I can go about it, here in the US or in the Czech Republic? I will be travelling to Prague in a couple of weeeks and I would like to know if I should start overthere?
ANSWER: You can either contact our embassy in the US or directly email to eromancov@csu.notes.cz, who should be able to tell you more. Or visit www.mvcr.cz.

bullet     Arie , 04/22/2001
    Hi I wolld like to know were is the location of the "ibis karl-inn hotrl" in the map on saldova st. 54 prague. thank you
ANSWER: To see the map, click here. The best way to get there is by metro to "Nadrazi Holesovice", it is the red line /C/.
Thank you for your suggestions- we will add a map in June.

bullet     Bets , 04/19/2001
    sorry, i forgot to ask an important question. Is it perfectly alrite not to know any Czech language to come by in Prague!?
ANSWER: It is OK. Do not worry about Czech :).

bullet     Bets , 04/19/2001
    Hiya! I'm a medic from Hong Kong and I'm hoping to come and visit Prague in July/August on a budget tour. What's on during these months and how to make the most out of the minimum budget that i have? Thanks a lot!
comments: Thank you so much for the site. It's just so useful and I must come back again! It makes me really want to come to Prague (please pray that I'll pass my exams!!)
ANSWER: July and August are in the middle of the main season. There will a lot of things going on. Please check out ticketpro.cz for the list of all events. Do not forget to check out our tips and tricks section, that might help you to save a few bucks. Also the main guide and FAQ are very useful. Good luck with your exams!

bullet     Sean , 04/14/2001
    Congratulations to Tomas Enge for taking third place in the San Marino Formula 3000 race today. He is a very much up and coming Czech racing driver. Hope we see him in Formula 1 soon!
COMMENTS: I can't wait to see him in Formula 1 :).

bullet     Mike Ratel , 04/11/2001
    This is the best web site I have seen on Prague. Cheers to all for a fine job. I am a photographer and will be in Prague between April 23rd and the 28th. I mostly do glamour and rock and roll photography. Here in the states most of the time all I need to do is ask the band and I can take all the photos I want of their performances. While in Prague what advice can you give me about taking my camera into clubs? I plan to keep it in a back pack as not to tempt the pickpockets that may be lurking outside the club. My site is www.chaoticlifestyles.com
comments: Do you have any idea where models can be hired in Prague?
ANSWER: Every club has its own policy. It is always better to ask in advance, I'm sure they will agree and you won't have any troubles. Make sure that the camera can't be easily taken out of the back pack. While in the club, do not leave it alone. For the models, try to search seznam.cz /it is something like Czech Yahoo/.

bullet     Sean , 04/10/2001
    Hi Lenka When we were in Prague we noticed something that puzzled us. From the old town as you look accross the river there is something on the skyline that looks like a metranome or a wand waving back and forward. What is it?
ANSWER: Hi Sean. That strange thing is a huge metronom. It takes about 20 seconds to get from one side to another. On the same place (Letna) used to be a huge statue of Stalin, after the Velvet Revolution it was destroyed (thanks God) and replaced by this metronom. I have a photo of it in the picture section.

bullet     Jelly Bean , 04/09/2001
    I am a young musician planning to move to Prague in June, and though I've visited the city once before, I wasn't viewing Prague through the eyes of a prospective "Prozane". Would you say that my hopes of erking out a living and finding a reasonably cheap apartment(~8500cz/month and for at least a summer) are excessively romantic. Also, I'm a bicycle mechanic and would even be interested in teaching english, only I have no certificate. Are my skills at all marketable in your illustrious city!?
ANSWER: It will be pretty hard to find such an accommodation in the center, however if you share the appartement with someone, than 8500 CZK is enough. You can give private lessons in English even if you have no certificate. Go for it and come here for the summer. Tons of opportunities are waiting here for you.

bullet     Marc , 04/05/2001
    I am one of a 26 strong stag party visiting prague this weekend. Any ideas about where we should watch the England V France rugby (it's on Sky) and any suggestions about nightlife (eating and drinking)? Thanks
ANSWER: You should be able to watch that game in a sport bar. There is one on the Wenceslas Square- Jagr's Sportbar. For the nightlife, see our special section.

bullet     Neil , 04/05/2001
    Hi, I am coming to Prague at the End of April and will be staying at the Pension Unitas. What is it like and what is the best way to get there from the airport?
ANSWER: It has just one star, so I would not expect a big comfort. It is located in the center, that is a big plus. Take the bus from the airport to Dejvicka, there get in the metro. Get off at Mustek and then walk to Bartolomejska.

bullet     chris , 04/04/2001
    If traveling to czech where would one workout at and what quality of gyms are there.
ANSWER: The quality of gyms is very good here. If you want to workout go to a "special" gym, we call them "posilovna". There are tons of them in Prague and even in small cities.

bullet     Hugo, Ken , 04/04/2001
    "Vote" not working.
ANSWER: Sorry. Poll is outsourced by alxnet.com. There must have been some failure on their server. Now it is OK.

bullet     Alice , 04/03/2001
    We will be staying in Prague over the Easter holiday. Do you know of any special activities or celebrations on Easter Sunday that we should attend? Are any of the churches known for their Easter Mass or celebration?
ANSWER: There are special Easter markets on the Wenceslas Square (Vaclavske namesti) and Old Town Square (Staromestske namesti). Some nice concerts should be at Klementinum, Bazilika sv. Jakuba and in Kostel sv. Simona a Judy. For the Easter Mass is the best St.Vitus Cathedral 15.4.- 9.30, 16.4.- 8, 9.30 and 11 h. Happy Easter!

bullet     Nitsan , 04/02/2001
    What are the best places to change money in Prague, especially travellers cheques? Where can I get the best rates?
ANSWER: The best place I know is Ceska pojistovna in Spalena, just next to Tesco. For the travellers cheques go to American Express on the Vaclavske namesti or any bank. Do not use the specialized exchanges.

bullet     Nitsan , 04/02/2001
    What are the best places to change money in Prague, especially travellers cheques? Where can I get the best rates?
ANSWER: The best place I know is Ceska pojistovna in Spalena, just next to Tesco. For the travellers cheques go to American Express on the Vaclavske namesti or any bank. Do not use the specialized exchanges.

bullet     Nitsan , 04/02/2001
    I'm going to Czech Republic from April 12th to 19th. I'm flying in and out of Prague, but I would like to spend some time elsewhere, probably at Cesky Krumlov. As this is Easter festival week, how congested these places are expected to be, and how should I plan my itinerary to avoid the most crowded days? Would it be sensible to go out of Prague on Easter (Saturday to Monday)? What places are likely to be most congested and when? When would the roads and trains be the most crowded? Is it too much trouble anyway? Also, I would like to know if sights that are normally closed on Monday should be open on Easter monday and closed on other days instead?
The E-mail to lenka@prague2000.com bounced back. How to contact you then?
ANSWER: The most congested place is the Prague center (especially Old Town Square, where is a special Easter festival) during the weekend and Easter Monday. So if you want to avoid the crowds- go to Krumlov on these days. It should be cute there. We have only Monday off, so most people, if they go out, will travel on Friday afternoon/Saturday morning and Monday evening. I can not guarantee you that all the sights will be open, but I think most of them will.
If you want to contact me by email- type in lenka@prague2001.com (not 2000). Have a nice stay!

bullet     Kim , 03/31/2001
    I'm leaving for Prague on April 3rd for my 2nd visit. I was there last January and really enjoyed all the beauty. One city I'd like to visit on this trip is Karlovy Vary. Could you tell me the safest way to go there and what is the expected cost.
ANSWER: The best way how to get there is by bus from Florenc bus station. The ticket should cost about 140 CZK.

bullet     Anne-Leen , 03/31/2001
    Hi there, just found out about this site not too long ago. I'm coming to prague next Monday, April 2nd, with one of my best friends; we wanted to go see some theater or opera, but the thing is: we couldn't order any tickets online since none of us has a credit card... :( Is there no way we could've just ordered the tickets online and pay them at the ticket office once we get to prague? I know it's a little too late now, but for the future... Anyway, we're hoping to still get to see a show, and we're really looking forward to our trip !!! babye!
ANSWER: You need a credit card to be able to order the tickets online. Maybe Ticketpro will change its policy in the future, right now it is this way though. Sorry. Since it is not the peak season, you should be able to get the tickets before the performances. Enjoy your stay!

bullet     Hugo , 03/28/2001
    Is travel insurance, for the Czech Republic, sold in the exit hall at the Prague airport?
ANSWER: Almost everything is sold or rented there. I'm not so sure about travel insurance, though. I will try to find it out for you.

bullet     michelle , 03/28/2001
    Hi i'm going to Prague for 2 weeks in the beginning I went there in the summer for about 1 month and i also stayed in Melnik I was wondering is there any really nice places to go i've been to the old town sqaure .Also i'm from Toronto(Ontario)and if anyone can help me or you just wanna talk e-mail me at skaterchick_1999@hotmail.com.
ANSWER: Hi, there are tons of really nice places in Prague (read more in our walks). If you want something really special- visit Kampa. Have a nice stay!

bullet     woz , 03/28/2001
    hi all, i am a single guy in prague for a while and i would like to meet up with anyone for fun or to swop emails my email is colinpaulq@hotmail.com. i would love to hear from anyone about anything at all cheers

bullet     abbie , 03/27/2001
    hi i'm thinking of spending the summer(june to septembr)in prague. im an Irish student and i was wondering if it is easy to get jobs- either in an office or restaurant/bar. i only speak english and french. could anyone give me information or sites that might help. thanks
ANSWER: I think it should not be a big problem. Here are several web sites (most of them are in Czech, though): jobs.cz, jobpilot.cz and prace.cz. Probably the best web site for you would be kappa.cz it is specialised on students and it is also in English. Good luck!

bullet     doris , 03/25/2001
    Hi, is anyone familiar with the itc-training for English as a foreign language in Prague? Recommend nearby accommodation? Best airline to get there from DC?
ANSWER: Try to contact the Caledonian school for more info about the itc training ( info@caledonianschool.com). For accommodation we recommend the abaka.com web site. There is no direct flight form DC to Prague. You can fly to NYC and then to Prague, I like CSA the best.

bullet     Canadian Traveller , 03/24/2001
    Hello/Dobry den, Ahoj,
I will be travelling to Prague (from Ontario, Canada)for about 8 days at the end of April. I don't know much "Cesky", althought I'm trying very hard!
I'm a little nervous about my initial arrival at the airport. I've heard I need a Visa (which I don't have), but that the month of April is a "grace period." It's got me thinking of what else I'll need! I have a passport, but that's it! I need advice/tips/thoughts for my arrival in Prague, as well as my survival while there as an English speaking Canadian!
Thanks all and hope to hear from you soon!
Canadian Traveller
ANSWER: Ahoj Canadian Traveller. We are here to help you. Please, first read our "survival guide", you will find all the needed info there. Do not forget to check out our tips and tricks section. Very useful is a new guide for the first time visitor written by one of our visitors Sean. We wrote answers to the most frequently asked questions at the FAQ section (such as how to get from the airport to the center, where to stay etc.). All you need is a passport, money or your credit card and of course you. :) If you still have some questions feel free to email us.

bullet     Jaska , 03/23/2001
    I like to contact some students, whos could work as guide for group of 15 years hockey players. English skills must. jagr@ruuvi.me.tut.fi

bullet     Janko , 03/22/2001
   For those of you who love clubbing, I would strongly recommend:
(1) Roxy (located approx. 5 minutes walking distance from the Old Town Square in Dlouha Street). They also do various cool projects focusing on alternative music... But if you really want to have fun and enjoy great techno/trance music, this is certainly the place to be. Also, you should not miss the MEGA TECHNO CLUB party taking place in Roxy on March 24. Its goal is to present top world Djs and producers of contemporary techno scene. This event will be held four times a year. The first Dj at the MEGA TECHNO CLUB premiere on March 24 is going to be English DAVE CLARK, who belongs to the category of most required techno DJs and producers today. www.roxy.cz

(2) The second place I would recommend is Radost FX www.radostfx.cz Their website is pretty cool and informative, so check it out! There is also a very good veggie cafe upstairs... and they have funky theme nights!!! Not to be missed!

(3) If your mood changes every one hour or so, you should visit Karlovy Lazne or Lavka just by the Charles Bridge. These places are gonna be generally full of tourists, but then, on the other hand, there are only very few places in the center, where you could possibly avoid them... The good thing about Karlovy Lazne is the fact that you pay one entrance fee (50,- before 10 p.m. and 100,- after 10 p.m.) for 4 clubs at the same time. The three top floors play all kinds of music from 60s to today's techno and trance... In the basement, there is live music almost every night!

For those of you who would like to enjoy your morning cup of coffee or afternoon tea in peace and without having to listen to loud Italians, and the omnipresent Germans (no offense:))), I would strongly recommend the Theatre Cafe Gaspar Kasper. It's located in Celetna street. Walk from the Old Town square, pass by Celetna Crystal store on the left side and turn left through a big wooden gate (which is always open), to a quiet, calm and cool courtyard! All of a sudden, you will be in a totally different world... It's a place where you can easily forget all the people around and relax! Once you get into the courtyard, walk about 30 metres and then, take the stairs up and turn left. Hope this is not too confusing! Wish you a great stay in Prague! Also, if you need more info, I am also willing to help out. I grew up in Prague, so I know it better than my own shoes! E-mail me at jankozak@yahoo.com.
ANSWER: Janko, thank you for your wonderful review of the best Prague clubs. We are preparing a new section about night life in Prague. It should be up very, very soon.

bullet     Sean , 03/22/2001
    My friend and I have just returned from our first visit to Prague and we both thoroughly enjoyed the trip. The architecture is breathtaking, the people friendly and the transport system is very efficient. We would like to offer the following advice and recommendations to anyone planning a trip to Prague: From the airport travel in a CEDAZ people carrier to anywhere in Prague for 360CZK (maximum four people). They are easy to find, walk a few metres beyond the standard taxis that are right outside the arrivals exit. Buy a tourist tram/metro ticket for 24 hours unlimited travel for just 70CZK. Continue reading....
ANSWER: Sean, thank you for your brilliant and very informative insights of Prague. I'm sure our visitors will appreciate it a lot. I do absolutely agree with all your opinions and I'm happy you had such a great time in Prague. lenka

bullet     Old Timer , 03/21/2001
    Is A prescription, from a Doctor, needed to get non-narcotic medication. Or, can you get it directly fron the Druggist if you know the name of the medicine.
ANSWER: Yes, you will need a prescription. You don't need prescription only for the very common drugs- aspirin and stuff like that.

bullet     efi , 03/21/2001
    Hi!My name is Efi and I will be visiting Prague the last weekend of May.Could you recomend me something intersting culture happening at this period?Could you also recomed me which locations are ideal for looking for accomodation(not expensice and nice areas)
ANSWER: Prague one,two and six are the most expensive. They are in the center and most of their parts are very nice. If you want to stay in an area that is not that expensive I would recommend Prague 3 or 4. To get an idea about the prices and locations, visit our partner web site www.abaka.com. We have very good references about them from our visitors.
Culture events are available at ticketpro.cz. A good place where to go is Krizikova fontana, FOK (the philharmonic orchestra) is playing and also a very popular thing is to visit a Czech musical. Have you ever heard The grease or Monte Cristo in Czech?

bullet     Trevor , 03/20/2001
    If you had to choose between April/May or September/October, what would be the best time to vist. My cousin and I are planning a trip...not sure when would be a good time for pleasant weather..warm, hardly any rain...etc. Your opinion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
ANSWER: I would choose early May. The trees and flowers are blooming and flourishing, it is a wonderful time to be in Prague. It should be warm enough, nobody can guarantee you that it won't rain :(, though. September is also a good time to come. Happy deciding!

bullet     Dennis , 03/20/2001
    Thanks for the info. One more question if you don't mind, what is the mains voltage supply?
ANSWER: 220V, 50 Hz AC. The electric outlet is different than in the US or UK.

bullet     SJS , 03/20/2001
    Great website. My husband and I are planning to come in Sept. for 3-4 days. Is that too less a time? Also, we are vegeterian (no meat or fish)- is veggie food easily available?
ANSWER: It is always better to come for a longer time. But if you can't, three or four days are absolutely fine. Check out our 3 day Prague walk, that might help you to decide what to see and where to go. A list of veggie restaurants is available on this web site www.gurman.cz. Enjoy your stay!

bullet     Dennis , 03/18/2001
    Very informative site. A group of us are planning to visit Prague during the second week of May. What sort of weather/temperature should we expect? Some elderly people, ages 75+, will be travelling with us, do you have any recommedations in this regard.
ANSWER: This is a good time for visiting Prague, especially for the elderly people. Prague is not that crowded and it is usually sunny and not very hot (the temperatures are about 20C/70F).

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