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bullet     Betincka , 10/18/2001
    I am going to visit Prague for New Year's Eve together with my friends. We are coming from different countries of Europe and we have problems in finding cheap accommodation for 5 nights. Can u help me?
ANSWER: Stay in the hostel if you want some cheap accommodation. However if you do not like this type of accommodation check the abaka.com web site. I am sure you will find there what you are looking for.

bullet     Keith , 10/17/2001
    Thanks for answering my question! Many people have said the same thing to me.... Prague will have everything you need. It's funny that you mention chocolate chip cookies because one of my favorite things to do is make chocolate chip cookies. I make dozens of them every month. People I know who have been to Prague tell me that I will make a lot of friends in a hurry! One food item that I enjoy and would like to know if Prague has is Jell-O Pudding Mix. Do they???
ANSWER: You can buy Pudding mix here, but I do not think that they sell the original Jell-O Pudding Mix. Better take it with you :)))).

bullet     Jerry , 10/17/2001
    Hi! I am an American 39 year old professional male who will be visiting Prague for a week to 10 days in early/mid December 2001. I would love to meet and enjoy the company of a lady, young 20's to young 40's, who would enjoy doing cultural events such as, symphony, dinners, nightclubs, sightseeing. I look forward to hearing from you!! I will answer all responses. My email is: Namdoog97034@yahoo.com

bullet     Roger , 10/16/2001
    Hi!! I'm portuguese and I'm planning a trip to Czech Republic with more three friend. I would like to visit the best spots in the country and live together with the czech people. One thing I hate is be treated like a common tourist, like an ET who lives far from the country reality. The best to know in a foreign country is meet the local people... even in night life. Adeus rogeravolare@yahoo.com.br

bullet     Edna , 10/16/2001
    I am visiting Prague at the end of November for a long weekend with 2 friends. As part of the weekend we would like to visit a Christmas market. Does anyone know if there will be one that weekend, where & when etc. Is there anything else that we should do/see? We will be staying approx. 15 mins from the centre, any special recommendations where to eat at reasonable prices? Thanks for your help.
ANSWER: There should be already some Christmas markets in the center (Old Town Square, Vaclavske namesti, Havelska etc.). Walk through the Old Town and you will find a lot of interesting things to see there. Food- if you are staying a little bit out of the center eat there. Also a lot of restaurants with reasonable prices can be found in the Zizkov district. Enjoy your stay!

bullet     Barbara - Sydney, Australia , 10/16/2001
    I just discovered your site this evening and have spent a couple of enjoyable hours reading the information and looking at the photos. Thank you!
ANSWER: Thank you. Messages like this- that is why I'm doing it.

bullet     Bert from Holland , 10/14/2001
    Hey there. I've got to get over to czechia. Surfing the web I've never seen such a concentration of fine women. My compliments
ANSWER: :))))

bullet     Keith , 10/10/2001
    Hello! I am coming to Prague in early March to attend classes at ITC to get my TEFL Certificate. I found this website and think the people here are very friendly. What I would like to know is this... is there anything you would recommend that I bring with me from the United States for my new life in Prague? Any suggestions would be great!
ANSWER: A box of the chocolate chip cookies :). You can buy here almost evrything you are used to, you do not need to take anything special with you.

bullet     Mark , 10/04/2001
    all stag nights arranged help with Hotels ladies bars ect . mark0602411661@yahoo.com

bullet     Mark , 10/04/2001
    I would like to talk to you about exchanging links. do you have an email ? Mark
ANSWER: Yes, email me to lenka@prague2001.com.

bullet     For mike gregory , 10/04/2001
    Mike I can help with all for you stag night. mark0602411661@yahoo.com

bullet     db , 09/28/2001
    Hi. I am going to Prague to attend a conference in early October. I usually carry a couple of laptops with me wherever I go - however I have been warned that I should consider takeing neither of them, let alone two. Customs are very strict. Is it advisable to leave my electonic goods at home? Or are the 'warnings' just hearsay?
ANSWER: If you are used to travelling with a couple of laptops I would take them. They should not bother you at the customs at all.

bullet     Barnie , 09/25/2001
    Hi there, i am coming to prague at the start of next year and am wondering about the possibility of catching an ice hockey game? Also there will be a lot of drinking and debauchery going on so a few good places wouldn't go amiss.
ANSWER: The ELH will be going on, so there will be a lot of ice hockey games. In Prague you can go either to Paegas Arena in Holesovice or see the games of Slavie in Eden. The playing days are Tuesdays and Fridays. For drinking- any "hospoda" a little bit out of the center is a good choice.

bullet     mike gregory , 09/25/2001
    I am bringinig a stag weekend over on 25th to 27th of jan 2002. We need things to do,so if there are any nice ladies willing to be our guides i would be most greatful.Cheers!

bullet     Rondo , 09/23/2001
    Heya Rob, Here below you can find internetsites that can give you some information about the weather in Prag www.prag.cz http://de.weather.yahoo.com/
ANSWER: Thanks for the info.

bullet     rasaki , 09/22/2001
    I will be coming to Czech from the 29th of sept to Dec for a business course and seminar and I will like to have some company also .I will like to know more about the language and the people and how much is $1 to the czech curreny.I will like to have a female friend to take me around and show me the place.I will be coming from africa.You can send me an email at rasaki@mailcity.com.
ANSWER: To learn more about Czech people see our "mentality section". For one dollar you will get about 36 Czech crowns. I am sure some of our (female) visitors will contact you. Have a nice stay!

bullet     Tweedy , 09/21/2001
    can anybody tell me if there are any ice hockey matches happening in late january and if so how would i get tickets? also is it possible to tour the excellent breweries you have in Prague?
ANSWER: Yes there are ice hockey matches in late January. The best Czech team Sparta Praha plays in Holesovice (Paegas Arena) and you can get the tickets right before the game in the box office at the stadium. As for the breweries- I think that you can tour the brewery of Prazske pivovary /they make a beer called Staropramen/ located on Smichov. If you would really like to see a huge brewery, go to Plzen (Pilsen).

bullet     Sandra & Linda , 09/18/2001
    HELP!!!!! Does anyone know why everyone strokes the bronze dog on the statue of St John on Charles' Bridge? I know it's probably a evil ploy to scam some money out of Japanese tourists but it's been driving us scatty trying to find out?!?!?!? Please make a couple of Edinburgh girls happy before we have to leave (no smutty comments required!!!!)
ANSWER: There is a bronze cross on the bridge that if you touch, you can wish something and it will come true. But I do not know anything about St John. Could anyone help to answer this question?

bullet     Rob , 09/17/2001
    Hi, we are going to Prague for a few days in early october and am trying to find out if there is a website that gives historical weather details - or can anyone say what the weather and temperature is (usually)like in early october
ANSWER: I do not know about any web site with these data. It should be between 10-15 C, it might rain.

bullet     Mark , 09/17/2001
    Looking for company I will be in Prague for few days on a work trip. I am looking for a company of a lady while I am there for going together to places, dining, etc.. I am 32 years old professional male. Please send email to mail9283746@yahoo.com

bullet     Sean , 09/11/2001
    Tomas Enge will drive for Prost in the Italian grand prix at Monza. As far as I know he will be the first Czech ever to drive in a formula one race. Tomas is replacing injured Luciano Burti after his 280 kph crash at Spa in the last grand prix.
ANSWER: Yeah. That is awesome. I am sure he will do a very good job!

bullet     Jennifer Foster , 09/10/2001
    I am looking for an old friend. Her name is Christine A. McHenry. She has two sisters and one brother. She lived in Elkhart, Texas and attended school at the Elkhart Seventh Day Adventist Church school. If anyone knows her please let me know by e-mailing me at prissy_britches23@yahoo.com Thank you Jennifer

bullet     holden , 09/05/2001
    I visited Prague in June and ate at the Lvi dvur/Prazske selatko restaurant. I loved their Salmon tartare. Is there a way to get the recipe
ANSWER: Contact directly the restaurant lvidvur@lvidvur.cz.

bullet     Mark for Ingi. , 09/05/2001
    Ingi. There is a great out door go-karting track in Prague 9. send me an email if you need more info. mark0602411661@yahoo.com

bullet     JJ , 09/02/2001
    I will be traveling to Prague the last week of Oct and I am interested in purchasing European kaleidoscopes. Can you help with the name/address of any shops that would carry this item?
ANSWER: Try the biggest bookstore in Prague- Kanzelsberger. It is located at the bottom of Vaclavske namesti, it is a huge building, you can not miss it.

bullet     rico , 08/30/2001
    wher can i find a good billiard club in prague where a can play my favorite game of carambole billiard?
ANSWER: List of Prague billiards clubs is available here . Choose one that fits you.

bullet     Anna , 08/29/2001
    Hey, I live in Canada for 3 years now and I very much enjoyed your site. I lived in Brno, CR until I was 13 years of age. I absolutely love Praha and everything about it. Thanks for making this such a good site and representation of Czech Republic. It's appreciated more than you know
ANSWER: Thank you. I am glad you like it. lenka

bullet     Tara , 08/28/2001
    Is there any shops in Prague that sells floss, threads (for embroidery or knitting) etc. and anything else you need for crafts? I would very much appriciate help! Thank you in advance!
ANSWER: You should be able to get this stuff in the big stores, such as Kotva at Namesti republiky or Tesco on Narodni. If not, there is a small shop on the corner of Francouzska and Slovenska (near nam. Miru) where they have this for sure.

bullet     fo , 08/26/2001
    I'm searching for a partner for a startup business in Prague. Must be motivated and willing to live/work in Prague for a couple of years. Investment of $10K USD is required, but this point is negotiable. If interested, please reply to fotta@home.com

bullet     Mark , 08/22/2001
    Hi! I'm Mark from Poland. I'd would like to know how many Kc I'll get aproximatelly for 1$ in Prague's exchange.
ANSWER: You should get about 38 Czech crowns for one dollar.

bullet     Bara , 08/22/2001
    to Ingi: There is go-karting in hotel Diplomat in Prague so called KART ARENA.

bullet     James , 08/22/2001
    Hi There, Great site by the way, really helpful. I am planning to visit Prague in December 17th to 21st (it has to be these dates as my university term finishes then) and I just wanted to check Prague was still all alive with christmas cheer at that time - all the beautiful markets and decorations I have seen - and if attractions such as the castle etc.. were still open at that time of year?? I hope they are as it looks lovely at Christmas. thanks in advance for your help, James T
ANSWER: Prague is awesome at that time of the year- full of lights and Christmas atmosphere. Most of the attractions are open.

bullet     Houby , 08/20/2001
    Lenka, You are taking to much time off from your "Posting" job on this bulletin board
ANSWER:You are right Houby. But can not spend all my vacation in front of the computer screen. Additions will be done every day once the summer is over.

bullet     Tanja , 08/20/2001
    Ahoj! I'm looking for pen-pals from Prague. I hope that I'm able to travel there sometime next year. I visited there once in March 2000 and I truly fell in love with that city and now I hope to find some friends there. I'm 27 years old lady from Finland and just love to meet new people and learn about different cultures! I'm not any party animal and I love museums, art exhibitions and just about anything that has something to do with creative life! I love good and long conversations and I'm "obsessed" with history! So now... I'm looking for you.. lady or gentleman age between 27-??! Write to me and let's share all good and bad things that life brings to us! Hope to hear from you soon! Love,Tanja..... little.queenie@stones.com

bullet     Ingi , 08/20/2001
    Hi my name is Ingi and im from Iceland. Im gonna visit Prague soon. Is there a Go-Kart racing somewhere where you rent a Go-Kart and race?
ANSWER: As far as I know there is no Go-Kart racing here.
ADDED LATER- there is one, see Bara's posting

bullet     Sherry , 08/18/2001
    I am looking for information on Prague Artist Jaroslav Sefl, and completed works, circa 1920.
ANSWER: I can not find anything about this guy. Sorry.

bullet     ???? , 08/17/2001
    i from of iran

bullet     School visit? , 08/16/2001
    Hi, We are about 20 teachers at a vocational high school in Norway. We'll be visiting Prague 19-24 September and would like to visit a (vocational) high school in Prague. Can anybody put us in touch with one that might be interested in spending a few hours with us? Thanks! Please reply to: b_espedal@yahoo.no
ANSWER: Try to contact the school directly. List of vocational schools can be found here.

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