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bullet     Noami Ziriyour , 03/09/2002
    We would like to rent a chalet in the forest or on the mountains in the Krkonose area in Czech, for the 2 last weeks of Augoust. We need about 4-7 beds, a kitchen and toilets. We shall be very grateful if you could help us find it.
ANSWER: Hey. Contact the company Interhome, they specialise in this area. interhome.cz.

bullet     DEEDEE , 03/05/2002
    Is it possible to drive from Prague to Brno and back in a days time? How far is it?
ANSWER: Yes. It is no problem, there is a highway between those cities. It should take about two hours (one way).

bullet     Donnie , 03/05/2002
    Where in Prague can we find a translator to go with us to the town of Hromnice?
ANSWER: Try to contact one of the translator agencies. Their list is available here. One of the biggest agencies is skrivanek.cz.

bullet     Rob Grundy , 03/03/2002
    I am having my stag night in prague and wondered if there are any independant tour guides that could sort us out for the weekend Ie arrange our transport, our nightlife (clubs ect) and some kind of activity on the sunday as we fly home Monday.
ANSWER: Hi Rob. I know some guys who are doing this- their web site is http://www.praguepissup.com/.

bullet     Therese Clancy , 03/01/2002
    Hi.. I am looking to find a guy called Franz(I'm afraid I don't know his last name). He is originally from Salzburg Austria, now living in Berlin. I met him on the week of the 25th January 2002 in Livigno Italy, actually got chatting at the cloakroom in Kokodie nightclub. Used to ski and sunbathe up the Mottoliono quite a bit. Was supposed to catch up with him on my last day in Livigno but unfortunately wasn't able to make it! Would like to get in contact. Anyone reading this, who thinks they may know this person, please leave a reply on this site. Thanks Therese
ANSWER: Good luck in your search.

bullet     Lasko , 02/27/2002
    in response to the guy who was asking where to watch the England/Argentina game this summer: well, if you're a Brit, you'd probaby prefer Legends, as that is the prime hangout for British expats. Jagr's is also a good place, and Caffrey's, which is right at the Old Town Square, will probably also have the game on (warning: probably the most expensive bar in Prague) Hope this helps.
ANSWER: Thanks Lasko.

bullet     Yellow , 02/22/2002
    Hello all, Just returned from my 5th trip to Prague in 4 years and am seriously thinking of moving from the UK to Prague. Looked into stuff like work permits and visas but was wondering if anyone knows much about the IT industry in Prague (which I specialise in). I'm a senior tester for a software house at the moment. What companies are major IT players in Prague? What areas of IT are in growth at the moment in Prague? Are there any English companies with links to Prague in the IT sector? (hmm, expat salaries). Also, any links to good jobs sites welcome (already know about Prague Post and Jobmaster.cz). Anyways, thanks in advance for any info.
ANSWER: Hey. Most of the top players have at least a small branch in Prague. So you can contact a company you would like to work for in the UK and ask them if they have a position. Or there is another way how to find work in IT, contact Grafton (they are HR specialist for IT sector) grafton.cz

bullet     Erin , 02/22/2002
    Hi! I recently decided to make good on my dream of living in Prague and doing some European travel for a while. I'm not leaving the US until May of 2003, so I've got quite a while to plan and save. I'm just looking for general words of advice and perhaps some information on working and living in Prague as a non-citizen. I would like to work while I'm there, perhaps teaching English as a foreign language. -erin
ANSWER: Hi Erin. There is quite new web site for the people like you. It is calle expats.cz. Good luck!

bullet     RA , 02/21/2002
    I'm trying to connect from Prague to other european cities, what are the direct flights out of Prague, such as Vienna, Zagreb, Rome trying to travel to slovenia....I'm only finding flights to Zurich...
ANSWER: Those flights (direct) are definitely available. For more info check out Czech airlines website .

bullet     KAllen , 02/19/2002
    Thank you for your advice. It is very helpful. I have another question for you. In all of the reading I have done about the Czech Republic and it's people, one thing that I seem to find a lot are quotes like this: "...American confidence and the smiley all-is-well mentality is seen as superficial." Most everything else seems to be wonderful! Is this really the case? I am a person who tends to smile often and sincerely. I live my life very simply and have very, very few problems. Should I be concerned about smiling too much? This seems like a silly question to ask, but I would like to know. One more question... Since business is mostly done in cash, how much cash, in general, do people usually carry with them? Are bank checks not widely accepted? Thank you, again, for all of your help!
ANSWER: Keep smiling and do not worry about it. Bank checks are not very common here. Either use a normal debit card (visa, mastercard etc.) or pay cash. I would say that people usually carry about 2000- 3000 CZK, but that may vary.

bullet     Mirza , 02/19/2002
    I am an expat from Denmark, living in Prague for next 6 months. I was wondering if there are any basketball club (not competition) where I can play two times per week. So if you know any information, or are playing yourself, e-mail me at cain_one@hotmail.com Best regards Mirza
ANSWER: Hi Mirza. A list of basketball clubs for women can be found here.

bullet     KAllen , 02/11/2002
    You have the best website about Prague on the internet! Thank you for all the time you have put into it. My question is this... I am moving to Prague in March and will be teaching English as a foreign language. What is the average Czech's monthly salary? I've been told to expect about 14,000Kc per month. It doesn't sound like very much. How does it compare to the average Czech's salary? Thanks again!
ANSWER: Thank you. Yes, the average month salary is about 14 000,-. Especially in the academic sector the salaries are very low. If you are going to teach for a private school, ask for more because the accommodation in Prague is quite expensive. Good luck!.

bullet     yolande Viljoen , 02/09/2002
    Hello to ALL AU PAIRS IN BERLIN GERMANY. Im from south africa and i would like to meet other au pairs in berlin even maby go to a aupair club. Please let me know if you know about something of that sort!! Thanks a lot! Yolande

bullet     Rinus , 02/09/2002
    Hello, Next summer we will visit the Czech republic. We will stay in the area of Karlstejn. Can you tell us if there are any internet cafes in or nearby Karlstejn? Thank you and greetings from Holland.
ANSWER: I looked at the Internet Cafe guide and they do not have any cafe near Karlstejn in their list. Sorry.

bullet     Donnie , 02/06/2002
    I have read a lot about Euro money now in Europe, but have not seen Czech Republic on list. Do they now use Euro money?
ANSWER: No, we aren't in the European Union. We are still using our "old" Czech crowns.

bullet     waz's stag do , 02/05/2002
    Prague rocks get yourself down to that big arse nightclub near that bridge. It got a name something like carlo liugnie. Sorry for the spelling and also Goldfingers is great!! Thank you Prague!!
ANSWER: :) carlo liugnie= Karlovy Lazne.

bullet     jaydee , 02/04/2002
    Hello I posted a question several days ago about places to watch the England Vs Argentina football game on 07/06/02. As yet I havent seen a reply. Please can you help, I'll get lynched by my own Stag Group if I dont find a suitable venue to watch this important game by the time we arrive ! Thanks Jaydee
ANSWER: Hi Jaydee, I'm sorry that it took me so long to answer you, but I wasn't able to get online for a few weeks because the main Prague phone switchboard was on fire and the internet connection did not work. Once again sorry, my reply is posted under your first message. Have a nice day!

bullet     Phyllis , 02/04/2002
    I want to travel from Austria to Prague. We will arrive in Schladming, Austria......is there a train from Salzburg, Austria that will take us to Prague and how long does it take? Thanks, Phyllis
ANSWER: Yes there is a train from Salzburg, but it takes almost 8 hours to get to Prague. More info at jizdnirady.cz

bullet     Helen , 02/01/2002
    I am looking for a former Marine whose name is Robert Lemanski. He was a security guard sometime between 1962 and 1964 in Beirut, Lebanon. Through sources here we have been told he married in Finland and might be living in Finland but have no idea exactly where. Could you please try and find him since 25 former friends just met in Sept 2001 for a reunion and would very much like to try and find him so that he may join us for the next one. Thanks for your help. Helen email:hholiman@optonline.net in the USA

bullet     Lil' Tin Soldier , 02/01/2002
    i every1... Just found ur site and I have an ickle question... Me and my mate are thinking of touring east europe in the summer, and have found a bus ride to prague from london. What I want to know is, does anyone know of a bus route between Prague and Berlin, or even Munich? I suppose a train woul;d be OK but there generally more expensive and we'll have a buget of around Ģ250 for about 2/3 weeks trip. (Only a short trip cos my parents wont let me go for longer (im 17))... Ne help would be apprecuiated, it really would. Thanx...The Lil' Tin Soldier can be contacted at samf82@hotmail.com
ANSWER: If you are a student you can get a bus ticket to Berlin for 1500 CZK. MOre info about it at gtsint.cz. Enjoy your stay!

bullet     jianming , 02/01/2002
    HI i am looking for liping graduated fron ite bedok bullding drafting department 2001.Where are you liping you leave me so fast i am very sad now can you contact me dairymansg@yahoo.com

bullet     Joli , 01/31/2002
    Hi! Very good site!!! I'm making a travel guide as school work and this was very useful. However, is there a site or a place where I can find where and when there are concerts in Prague?
ANSWER: Hi. Thank you. The web site you are looking for is ticketpro.cz.

bullet     GOTHICA , 01/30/2002
ANSWER: There are several companies offering the bus sightseeing tours. Usually they have stands in the center of Prague. For exemple Martin Tours is located "Na Prikopech". For the walks try to use the services of PIS (Prague Inforamtion Office), they have really good guides.

bullet     Mollymae , 01/30/2002
    I will be visiting Karlovy Vary in May & was wondering if it is safe to rent a car from the airport to Karlovy Vary. Is the raod in good condition & are there many different road signs to learn?
ANSWER: It is safe to rent a car at the airport, there are a lot companies renting car there. It should be no problem to get by car to Karlovy Vary, not at all. Enjoy your stay!

bullet     sameh hamdy"mo7a" , 01/29/2002
    hii,last year i was chating with a friend , now I couldn't find him. I want a site tell me with some information about him where he is and his number pls . if u can help me pls send me an e_mail to mo7a_eg@yahoo.comI'll wait really. bye.
ANSWER: Did you try to find him on ICQ?

bullet     Jaydee , 01/28/2002
    Hello and congratulations on a very useful site. I am looking for a bit of advice, I will be in Prague from the 7th June 2002 - 9th June 2002 with 16 of my mates on a "Stag Do". Our age ranges from 21 - 48 so we are not pureley looking to get legless the whole time, though I suppose there will be some of that! What I am interested in is details of where we might be able to watch the England Vs Argentina world cup game game on TV (preferably in a bar!) which will kick off at 2.30pm your time (I think)07.06.02. Also I would like some I deas of thing to do for a group of males to enjoy, is the Straporamen brewery tour any good? Finally do you have problems with security on doors (bouncers) in Prague like we do over here? Many places wont let groups of males in even if there is only 3 or 4 at a time.
ANSWER: Almost in every pub or bar. We did not qualify for the World Cup, but still everybody will be watching it. Probably the best place is the Sport Bar at the top of the Wenceslas Square (Vaclavske namesti). While travelling to Austria probably Mikulov is the best place. Staropramen brewery is definitely worth visiting, you will have a lot of fun there. There should be no problems with the security. Enjoy your stay!

bullet     Teri , 01/27/2002
    Plan to spend two weeks in Prague in early autumn. How practical is the idea of driving across border of either Germany or Austria on a day or overnight trip? Which direction would we be better heading towards regarding scenery? Am I hoping to accomplish more than can be expected in such a short time frame?
ANSWER: It is possible to make such a trip. A lot of people travel like this to do some shopping or to ski. It takes around three hours to the border. If you go to Germany try to cross the border at Rozvadov (a very nice scenery). While travelling to Austria probably Mikulov is the best place.

bullet     Houby , 01/26/2002
    Ahoj Lenka, When in the Spring does it warm up enough to go about in your shirt sleeves during the day?
ANSWER: Ahoj Houby. You could go out in your shirt sleeves this weekend. It was so warm that no one would believe it is the beginning of February. However usually we have to wait till the late April for such a weather.

bullet     bertsmid@zonnet.nl , 01/23/2002
    interested in sharings life's experiences, dreams and dramas, worries and hopes,generating love in a fearfull world

bullet     Keith , 01/20/2002
    What are some of the quiet little towns around Prague where a person can live quietly and peacefully while still needing to travel into the city (on public transport) to work? Also, how long of a commute would it be? Thank you for your help!
ANSWER: The best towns are in the southern and western partsof the Prague outskirts. Such as Pruhonice, Nebusice, Zbraslav. Have a detailed look at the Prague map. If you commute, it takes usually about 30-60 minutes. The public transportation is very good.

bullet     David from Sweden , 01/18/2002
    Yesterday I saw (for the first time in a few years) Milos Formanīs Amadeus. I know most of the outdoor filming took place i Prague as Vienna today didīnt really look herself. Does anyone know the more exakt locations where thos shots were made? Iīm going to Prague in may and have some plans to walk in Mozarts, or at least Formans, tracks.
ANSWER: The two most famous places are Bertramka (Prague 5), where Mozart used to live and than Stavovske divadlo, where was the premiere of the opera Don Giovanni. While in Prague, try to stop at the PIS (Prague Information Office) they might organize some special Mozart walks. Have a nice stay!

bullet     kazza , 01/18/2002
    I am hoping to go skiing in Spindleruv Mlyn (Krkonose) in February, and am having difficulty booking accommodation. Does anyone know any (very cheap) cottages in the Krkonose, with phone/contact email?
ANSWER: For a list of cottages in Spindleruv Mlyn click here.

bullet     Mari , 01/10/2002
    Hi everybody! I am a 49 aged woman who would like to have a Luxemburg penfriend if possible, if not from Luxemburg from any other place in the world. I live in Spain-Barcelona and love travelling. My e-mail address is inesja@mixmail.com but I love writing in paper rather than in the computer...

bullet     Lars , 01/07/2002
    Does anyone know the name of those narrow steps that leads from Uvoz to Loretanska?
ANSWER: I was trying to find it on a map, but it seems they don't have any name.

bullet     Michael , 01/06/2002
    Ahoj! I come to Praha regularly for work. I am looking for the company of a young lady while I am there for going together to places, dining, etc.. I am 34 years old professional gentleman, financially independent, confident and fun loving. I am also learning to speak Czech! Please send email to deman67@hotmail.com.
ANSWER: Good luck. :)

bullet     Steve , 01/03/2002
    Excellent site that has proved very useful. we are visiting Prague for a week from 22/1. Enjoy football and was hoping to see either Slavia or Sparta while there. However, I suspect they may be in the middle of a winter break. Do you know of a Czech football site (in English) that could help with this. In case nobody has found them, Go are offering return flights for less than Ģ60 from Stansted.
ANSWER: You are right, both teams have a winter break. Czech league starts in the middle of February /10.2./. The best web site is cmfs.cz, but it is in Czech.

bullet     Steve , 01/03/2002
    Excellent site that has proved very useful. we are visiting Prague for a week from 22/1. Enjoy football and was hoping to see either Slavia or Sparta while there. However, I suspect they may be in the middle of a winter break. Do you know of a Czech football site (in English) that could help with this. In case nobody has found them, Go are offering return flights for less than Ģ60 from Stansted.
ANSWER: You are right, both teams have a winter break. Czech league starts in the middle of February /10.2./. The best web site is cmfs.cz, but it is in Czech.

bullet     Lynny , 01/02/2002
    Does anyone know the story behind the statue on Charles Bridge on which there are two brass plaques - the one on the right is of a man being cast from the bridge, and on the left, a man with a dog?! The man being cast from the bridge and the dog on the left side have been rubbed shiny. I asked several people during our stay what the significance of the dog was, but no one knew..... Also, where can I find a photo of the Stalin bust that used to sit where the big metronone is now across the river from the Intercontinental Hotel?
ANSWER: That is a very interesting question. I will try to find what is all about in a book. I will let you know, if I succed. As for the picture of Stalin- the best way how to get it is to visit a bookstore and buy an old Prague guide or a picture book.

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