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bullet     Jio 06/13/03

bullet     Allen 06/12/03
    Seeking Woman Companion in Prague. Hello, I am an American living in Germany, I travel to Prague two weekends per month. 32 years old, good looking, and have money. I'm looking for a woman 18-27, very good looking for dates and fun. Possibly we can meet regularly. I stay in nice hotels, and am generous. Please email with photo anthonyallen2@hotmail.com

bullet     danny 06/09/03
    i will be moving to prague at the end of the year and i wanted to know if there is any punk/ska scene in prague and also what can i expect to pay for a one bedroom apartment somewhere near the center of town,,,
ANSWER: Punk- yes. As for the rental prices. Expect to pay between 6000- 12000 CZK, if you want to live close to the center of Prague.

bullet     dave 06/09/03
    I am an Australian male, 30 years of age looking for a place to stay in Prague on Friday the 13th June. I have czech parents and would prefer if i could stay with someone willing to show me the cultural highlights of the town, preferably female! Please e-mail me at: davidzetak@hotmail.com

bullet     London Boy Cumming to PRague? 06/06/03
    Hi I am a 23 year old Pakistani asian guy from London visiting Prague on the 20th June to the 23rd! Any tips on where to go, hang out? I will be travellign alone! Anyone else gonna be there at that time! I would love to make friends, have fun etc! :-) mail me on musicmad1@hotmail.com thanks!

bullet     Gothicantera 06/04/03
    Hi Folks - Im a corporate Goth planning to start teaching in Prague from August/September of this year BUT Goth music and culture is very important to me and there seems very little mention of Prague in the International websites. Am I missing something, can anyone help me out here and let me know if there is Gothic life in Czech? I can buy you a beer/vodka when I land! Cheerz
ANSWER: Some info about Czech Gothic music can be found at alvarezperez.zde.cz. It is also in English and have some useful links. Also see discussion forums nyx.cz or hofyland.cz.

bullet     dona 06/04/03
    ahoj hledam ceskou holku pro praci v pubu v londyne minimalne na 6 mesicu...zaklady anglictiny nutne a zkusenosti za barem take... zacit bys mela koncem tohoto tydne, specha to... vyborny pub a skveli kamaradcti lidi a sef...pospes je to opravdu pohodicka...muj mobil : 0044 7952 506 512 dona

bullet     roland 06/03/03
    Hello, I am visiting Prag on July 12 2003 and would like to meet two or three girls for fun, dinner and adult fun. You get a gift. Please send me your offer with a picture. Hope to see you soon. Reply to rolandschacher@hotmail.com

bullet     teddybear 06/03/03
    I am going to Prague on the 7th of June and will staying till the 11th. I am a middle aged american and looking to have a good time. Any thoughts, email me teddybear469@hotmail.com

bullet     Ricardo (From Brasil) 06/02/03
    Hello you all, I would like to know this (if its possible): Do any of you know the Youth Hostels in Prague? Are they, you know, clean and safe? Is it really imperative that I should stay in a hotel or B&B instead? Can I get to know Prague well in just one week? Load of questions, huh? Hope you can answer me... IŽll be going to Prague in July (18). Thanx and see you later! Rick.
ANSWER: There are a lot of hostels in Prague, some of them are quite good. Travellers hostels are located in the center and have quite a good reputation. Hostels are also good meeting points with other young people. B&B is more comfortable and more expensive. So it all depends on your budget. A week should be OK for Prague :). Enjoy your stay!

bullet     CATERPILLAR 05/31/03
    I will be in Prague next June for 3-4 days and I am looking for a young nice blonde girl that can escort me.I am 30 years old business Italian man very good looking and good body. I will stay in a good hotel Please contact me by e-mail cat990a@aol.com

bullet     riseagain 05/30/03
    hi 2 all! i`m travelling praha since half a year regularly. through a stupid way i lost almost all my contacts there... if you travel there or are therefor longer time post a answer and we`ll meet for some fun! age 20-30/noncomplicated,easy and openminded! see you soonfolks!

bullet     Stephanie 05/30/03
    Hi, I'm planning to study at the Charles University Faculty of law for two months this summer. I might rent an apartment on Kostelni in Prague 7. Can You tell me if this is a good area? Is it safe and fun?
ANSWER: Kostelni is very close to a huge park- Letna. In general it is not the best area to live, there is a lot of traffic. But it is OK- not very far from the center and a lot of clubs and restaurants around. However if you an opportunity to live in the students dormitories- I would go for that. It is a lot of fun there and you can make friends easily there.

bullet     jimmy 05/29/03
    Hi all my name is Jimmy 44 yo male visiting prague from in the first week og aug 2003 iam looking for a female good looking to escort me in prague and for 3 days picture important and english is important my email is sure233@yahoo.com if you have a tel to contact thx Jimmy

bullet     Oliver 05/27/03
    Hye I'll spend a few days in praha from 7/06 to 9/06. I'd like to meet a nice czech girl to spend some hot time together. CU

bullet     Elizabeth 05/27/03
    Hi. I am for South Africa and am visiting the Czech republic for the first time and will be staying in Olomouc. What is the weather like from June 25 to July 5? What season is it during this time of year? Are there any places of note I should visit?
ANSWER: It is summer time- it gets quite warm, usually between 23-25C. Olomouc is a nice city- visit their information center for tips what to visit in that area.

bullet     Colin 05/26/03
    We are 4 businessmen from ireland in our mid twenties, looking for romance maybe more in prague, early june. keoghcf@hotmail.com

bullet     Kevin 05/25/03
    Hi! I'm a 22 year old from San Diego, California. Myself and two friends are taking leave from the Navy in mid-October and we are looking for a few nice Czech girls to show us around while in Prague. Please email me at fedorka@boxer.navy.mil

bullet     Dave 05/23/03
    Single British Photographer (54) visiting Prague 28 May to 3 June Would like to meet a VERY Slim 0ver 18 friendly female to act as a guide / friend for a few hours / a day /or an evening during my visit. Please send details of your Age Height Weight Etc and Pic if possible ASAP . All or any offers would be very welcome Ps My Hotels in New town area and you can phone or send Texts to +44 07970 218985 anytime while im in Prague !! Dave xx mrphotographer@lycos.co.uk

bullet     lali 05/22/03
    hi -i am travelling from india for a week to prague. i am 29, athletic and looking toward meeting young czech girl who likes trekking, jam-bands and czech literature. i will be arriving monday may 26. my email dheeraj@glide.net.in

bullet     Vital 05/22/03
    I'm a single male 29 yo,188cm tall I plan go to Teplice and Prague in 2003. I'm visiting Czechia often for business and I plan to stay in Teplice for a long time. I would like to meet my new friends. Please write me: dzen-2001@ukr.net

bullet     Salsa Dancer 05/21/03
    I will be visiting Prague in late May and I was wondering if Latin music and dancing is popular in Prague and if it is, where is a good place to go dancing. Salsarifico@yahoo.it
ANSWER: Latin dancing is quite popular in Prague. List of latin clubs with salsa is available at salsaonline.cz.

bullet     Rob 05/21/03
    I am in Prague June 3/4/5 and would like a female guide aged 18 to 25 to show me around Prague and join me for dinner and fun in the evening.Reasonable costs would be met......If interested please em me at.......robertnod@yahoo.co.uk

bullet     Exdura 05/19/03
    I will be in prague the last week of may 03, and I am looking for any latin pubs, latin restaurants or Good Salsa!! exduran@msn.com
ANSWER:List of latin clubs is available at salsaonline.cz.

bullet     anna 05/19/03
    I am traveling to Prague for the month of July to take the TEFL course. Any helpful suggestions on that? Also, I would like to do some travelling to nearby countries...what spots are close and must-see before I depart?
ANSWER: Good luck! As for the nearby countries. If you have enough time- go by train to Budapest and Vienna.

bullet     Mary 05/18/03
    I'm coming to Prague with three of my girlfriends for four days in June to sightsee and party. Does anyone know of any nice hostels or cheap hotels that are right in the middle of things? Also, what are the best places to go at night for college girls? Any help at all would be appreciated. Thank you so much!! you can get in touch with me at ivy135@aol.com
ANSWER: Travellers hostels are located in the center and have quite a good reputation. Where to go- that is a hard question since I do not know your preferences- there is a huge choice of all kind of activities in Prague.

bullet     barbara 05/17/03
    hi, i am a student in UK and planning for a trip to Prague. i want to ask what will be the best time during the year for my first visit? thanks!
ANSWER: I would say that May, June and September are the best months.

bullet     bipz 05/16/03
    hi i live in london i am going to prague for fun i am looking for female aged 30 to 45 for some fun i will be there on the 5th of june. my e-mail is bipz69@hotmail.com

bullet     sofia 05/14/03
    i want to know if there are any good parties from dj coming to Prague,especially Global Underground,until 9 of June!
ANSWER: There is always something going on-see fanonline.cz.

bullet     Kikker 05/12/03
    Hi there. I am considering booking an apartment in Prague in either Slezka street (Prague 3) or Tusarova street (Prague 7). Do you know if these are good neigbourhoods? According to the information it is about 3 to 4 tramstops to the citycenter, do you happen to know how long this would be by foot? Thanks!
ANSWER: From Slezska it takes about 15 minutes by foot to the Wenceslas Square. From Tusarova it is at least 35 minutes. Prague 2 is a really good neighbourhood, however Slezska is quite a busy street- a lot of traffic. I do not know that much about Tusarova, in general Prague 7 is a worse place to live than Prague 2.

bullet     Cheds 05/12/03
    I am planning a short break to Prague in November. Does the nightlife differ mid-week to a weekend or is it just as lively all week long?
ANSWER: Nightlife is good all week long. The best days are however Friday and Saturday.

bullet     Pavel 05/11/03
    Ucil jsem and studoval v cesko. Ucil jsem anglicky a napsal jsem kniha pro cesky lide jako ucebnice anglisku pro cesky lide. Poradil jsem nekolik studentu pro aglectinu.Je uz byl asi 20 roku. Marta Kritickova, Ales Ryba, Nina Vratna,pani Bartosova atd byly muj studenty. Ucil jsem cesky v Dobruce. Chtel bych ucit anglike jasyk pred internetu a jeste pres CHAT. Muzete prosim poradit jak se budu startovat ?
ANSWER: That is a hard question. If I were you, I would make a web page informing about your services and then I would advertise the web. If that sounds too complicated- try to put classified advertisement into the major Czech newspaper like Mlada Fronta Dnes, Lidove Noviny etc. It is not that expensive.

bullet     Nigel 05/10/03
    hi, Has anyone stayed at the Hotel Otar. Is it close to the centre and what are the late night/early morning transport links like
ANSWER: It is not very close to the center, about half an hour to get there. You can get there easily by the public bus, during the night you have to use the night buses (different numbers, longer interval).

bullet     Marty 05/10/03
    will be in Prague, I would like to find a few bead shops, are there any, thanx
ANSWER: Yes there are. If you will walk in the center, you will find many.

bullet     Traveller 05/09/03
    I'm travelling to prague in a couple of weeks and was wondering what the Le Palais Hotel Praha 2 is like. As i am staying there. And also if there is much happening round the area. Cheers
ANSWER: Prague 2 is a residentail area- there are a lot of reataurants and bars. It takes just a few minutes to get to the center from there. Hotel Le Palais is in a quiet area. More info at their web.

bullet     Merlin 05/07/03
    Hello, I plan to visit Prague in June and part of July 2003. I am a university professor from Canada. I would like to meet as many people as I could during my visit. You could write me at: kingyahoo@shaw.ca

bullet     simmo 05/06/03
    me & my wife are visiting prague in mid november staying at the arcotel teatrino have you an opinion on this hotel & can we except snow that time of the year?
ANSWER: Hello. I do not know this hotel. In the late November you can expect snow, usually it is quite cold and foggy. Liquid.

bullet     Liquid 05/05/03
    I sent some picture for the website to the address that appears under Contact, what happened to those?
ANSWER: Hello Liquid. They are still waiting in my mailbox. Sorry for that, but I had to do a lot of studying lately. I am planning to remake the visitors gallery in June. I will let you know, when it will be done. Thanks.

bullet     mattB 05/05/03
    Hi, Planning a trip to Prague in June 2003, can someone tell me how good Engligh is spoken in places such as shops, markets, buses etc etc??? thanks
ANSWER: If you will be only in Prague, the language is no problem. You will always find someone who will help ypu. In the countryside it is a lot worse.

bullet     Debby 05/05/03
    Hi, I want to buy Czech glass beads (lampwork). Are there any shops in Prague, I'll be there in June. Thanks
ANSWER: Yes, there are a lot of shops like this.

bullet     John 05/04/03
    I live in a beautiful place in Ireland and I'm devorced with a son of 13 yars old and I'm 50 years old and I'm looking for a lady about 25 years plus that will come and live with us and do some light work and mabe romance might happen. I live by the sea in the South of the country. June July Aug.2003. Thank you. P.S. Must have some English.

bullet     Ben Zvi Gedalia 05/03/03
    For anybody who loves art and apreciates good artists, i'l have a one man show of my new works: "The seven daysof creation" in the Millenium Gallery in the city of Prague from the 15th of May to the 15th of June. the gallery is near the American embassy on Trzni 5. You are welcome!
I am an Israeli born a long long time ago in Czechoslovakia and I am "closing a circle" with this unique show.

bullet     AB in Enland 05/01/03
    I'm visiting you fair city at the end of May along with 13 other gents - we have found out that Bohemians FC are play football of the that weekend. I need to find 13 Bohemian football shirts prior to our visits. Can anyone suggest how I can do this?
ANSWER: Try to search for this info at their official web site www.fc-bohemians.cz.

bullet     xtomz 05/01/03
    I'm visiting Prague in June and would like to know how I can get tickets for the Czech-Moldova EURO2004 Qualifier in Prague on 11 June. Thanks.
ANSWER: Tickets for this game are sold at the stadium where it will be played (FanShop at football stadium in Olomouc, Legionarska 12).

bullet     Carlo 05/01/03
    I am traveling with a friend to Prague. Would like information on gay clubs and restaurants in Prague. Thank you
ANSWER: You can find those info at www.gay-europe.net.

bullet     E 04/27/03
    I plan to visit Prague for the second time during the last two weeks of May and wouldn't mind meeting with someone for sightseeing (BUT NOTHING MORE!!!) 30 years old, like both the city and country, comfortable with the local public transportation system. Please e-mail me if interested: kreimhild@yahoo.com.
ANSWER: For E.- if you have some nice pictures, that you would like to share, I would be glad to add them to the visitors gallery. Lenka

bullet     Peter 04/25/03
    Hi, I am visiting Prague on business in May and I am looking for an intelligent attractive girl to show me round. Reply to peterknowles34@hotmail.com

bullet     Veronica 04/24/03
    I was the last week in Prague. I am an italian girl, and the i want to say that Prague is wonderfuuuuullllll!!!!!!!! I met in the Music club on monday evening a boy from new jersey, his name was Patrik, he staid in the Top hotel in Prague, but i forgot to ask him the e mail adress... Patrik where are you?? i don't forget you... Please help me... my e mail is veronica.moling@libero.it Thank you very much a kiss Veronica

bullet     Beetle 04/15/03
    Hello! Last night, I broke one of six bohemian crystal wine glasses that I bought in Prague. i would love to order new glasses, and also more pieces from the same collection, but I don't know the name of the artist or the name of the store. The store was on the right hand side of the road after crossing the Charles Bridge from the old city. The glassware was very simple, with no designs or etchings. Each glass had an air bubble dropped deliberately into the neck of the stem. Any suggestions about where/how I can find out more information or track down this store? I haven't been able to find a website yet.
ANSWER: Those stores usually do not have web sites, because they make so much money, that they are not motivated anymore. However here are some adresses of online crystal shops: crystal-bohemia.cz, crystal-co.cz. But I am not sure if you will find there exactly, what you are looking for. Maybe the easist way would be to contact the manufacturer, if you can find the name of it on the glass.

bullet     Beetle 04/13/03
    I'm planning to arrange a stag do in Prague in September '03 - how does the entertainment / atmosphere rate for the beginning of the week compared to the typical week-ends? Pubs, clubs etc...
ANSWER: Some of the clubs are closed on Mondays, on the other hand the rest of them offers some good deals. It might be even a better idea to have the part during the week when the clubs and pubs are not that crowded.

bullet     john john 04/11/03
    any attractive czech girls out there hledam a sporty englishman i have been to prague and have found it difficult to meet a girl or two if interested e.mail bbandq9@hotmail.com

bullet     mary 04/09/03
    It is my goal and obsession to relocate to the great city of Prague from the U.S. I absolutely love this place. I have been searching the net for work and I don't seem to find much except for teaching english which does not interest me much. Can anyone please help me with ideas or suggestions?? Thank you. Sean9769@msn.com
ANSWER: There should be no problem to find a job in Prague. Try to search some of the webs like cvonline.cz, jobonline.cz etc. Also check out the page expats.cz, there are tons of useful advices for people like you.

bullet     mary 04/09/03
    hi, Has anyone stayed at either the Hotel Kampa or the Hotel Kinsky Gardens? Are they in central locations? Are the hotels of a good standard?
ANSWER: Both of the hotels are very good, they are in the center. Hotel Kampa is right next to the Charles Bridge. Kinsky has a better reputation, more about this hotel at hotelkinskygarden.cz

bullet     Charl 04/08/03
    I'm a single male 42 yo,189cm tall professional and single(never married no children or obligation)living and working in Greece.I would like to meet an interesting lady for a serious relationship.I'm visiting Praque often for business.Please reply: trispo2@yahoo.com Thank you

bullet     Paublo 04/08/03
    Im looking for local information about Liberation Day (May 8th). Mainly if everything closes down and if there are festivals or such or is it just a day off for the Czech public? I will be staying in Prague. I would also like to contact any Greshko's or Gresko's living in Prague or near abouts.
ANSWER: In Prague most of the shops and attractions for tourist stay open. Usually there are no special festivals- people just have a day off. Check out the web of Prague Information Service for any events on that day.

bullet     Francois-eric 04/07/03
    hello i'm a french man single and i'm loocking to come for a second time in prague.i was comming for 2 years,but before to come back i would like to seek a girl so we can move together in town .i'm 1.90mts and i be happy to know a girl with 1.70mts or more if she speak french or german it's ok i also hope she like techno , electro-gothique and piercing my adress: francois-eric@net-up.com

bullet     Adrian Darley 04/02/03
    Good Day to you all, Im travelling to Prague at the end of April for drinking / partying / music - Would love to here from anybody who would like to spend a few hours showing me the cool clubs and hot shops. I'll treat you to a Manchester United / liverpool shirt if anybody can help. Im 24,from Bradford, Yorkshire, England. GET IN TOUCH!!! Adrian. Darley@bradfordhospitals.nhs.uk

bullet     Judy 04/01/03
    Can anyone tellme the name, address and contact details of crystal shop in Old Town Square that is opposite the Astronomical Clock, on the corner by the alley way that leads out of the suare. Many thanks
ANSWER: I will check it out for you when I'll go to that place. However, there are tons of crystal shops in that area. Please, can you specify the street where it is located?

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