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bullet     LIN LIN 03/24/03

bullet     Richard 03/24/03
    Am looking for any nice friendly czech girls to take me clubbing or show me around prague when i visit this may.Ita my first visit in prague so i would appreciate it!richard( ricchh@hotmail.com)

bullet     Richard 03/24/03
    Hi am coming to prague from london for the first time for a week...any good clubs playing RNB/90's , music ??what about any nice and lively wine bars with good atmosphere ??please let me know!richie
ANSWER: When you get to Prague, stop at the newspaper store and buy a Prague monthly cultural review. It is in English and you will find in it addresses of some good clubs and bars.

bullet     toddroddy 03/23/03
    Hi I am a British Businessman travelling to prague soon who would love to meet a woman aged from 30 to 45 for friendship, possibly more, is there anywhere else I can put a message to meet someone? my email address is toddroddy2000@hotmail.com.

bullet     Sajan 03/23/03
    HI all. I am cool honest and good looking man visiting prague very soon and looking for a nice girl who can accompany me as a friend during my visit . if any one u are interested pls mail to kalesh_ar@hotmail.com . Thanks & Regards Sajan

bullet     Bergaut 03/19/03
    hello, I'm french guy 57 years old looking for friendly girls during my stay in Prague (4/12-4/14) and perhaps have then visit me in France (40 km north from Paris) at a future date. (picture welcome, mine in return) you can email at bergaut2@free.fr kind regards

bullet     nubreed 03/19/03
    hi, im coming to prague in april with my girlfriend and we like clubbing. could you recommened a good club with some good dance music.
ANSWER: Roxy in Dlouha, or Radost FX in Belehradska.

bullet     jos 03/18/03
    Hey is it easy to get served alcohol in prague or do u need id?
ANSWER: No ID is usually needed. You should be older than 18, but I have never ever seen anyone checking it.

bullet     Andrew Sherman 03/14/03
    Do you know where I can buy a Slavia Praha shirt?
ANSWER: Sorry for the late answer, I did not get to internet last week. I wasn't able to find any address where to buy the shirt. Try to email them slavia@slavia.cz or ask the fans at their discussion forum.

bullet     zeta3 03/13/03
    i'm looking for a sweet and nice czech girl for romantic relation..... please, write me at: hafena@inwind.it

bullet     Liquid 03/11/03
    I know in the Guide Section, you dedicate a few words to the theme of Money. But I wonder... What is better, to take Crowns, or Euros? Im gonna bring my Debit Card, but I also would like to take some cash. And is it better to change in the airport there, or here on any exchange agency (such as thomas cook)? Another question. What is the price for a train ticket, from Prague to Ljubljana - Slovenia and the time you spent on travelling?.
ANSWER: If you have some crowns- take them, because you can not pay with EUros here. You will get the best changing rate in the center at one of the exchange agencies. To Ljubljana it takes about 12 hours by train, but I do not know how much it costs.

bullet     siiseli 03/11/03
    I am coming to Prague in may and I'd like to find a cheap accommodation for two months(may,june). I'd perfer if it's located near metro station or has a bus route going to centrum. It doesn't matter if it's located in suburbs. comments: could send the same answer to my e-mail? If so, it's mikaetelalahti@kanetti.com. And if possible maybe a few web addresses.
ANSWER: Try to search on the web expats.cz in the accommodation section.

bullet     stevie 03/11/03
    Hi, I will be in Prague next Thursday (20th March) and does anyone know where I can watch the Liverpool V Celtic UEFA Cup quarter final. There must be at least one bar in the centre of Prague that will be showing this English football match! Please email me on stevie77@btinternet.com if you know! Cheers stevie
ANSWER: There is a Sportbar Ve Smečkách 12, Praha 1. You can reserve your seat on their web sportbar.cz.

bullet     miki 03/10/03
    i was just wondering if it is possible at all to change Czech crown in England? or at Prague airport? fancy going skiing at the end of March, hows the snow condition over there?
ANSWER: You can change money at the airport, or take a credit card with you and withdraw money from one of the ATM's at the airport. For the snow conditions see the webcams from the Czech mountains at holidayinfo.cz.

bullet     Ishmel 03/09/03
    Actually, I like vissiting fiends and allowing friends to visit me in Ghana my own country with a variety of cultural activities.You are happily welcome if you want o visit me,I would also like sombody to invite me to visit prague.I am 22years boy.My Email is: iddsuma@yahoo.com

bullet     jordi 03/09/03
    Hi, I'm planning 2 move 2 Prague, but I would like 2 find out if there is a Pentecostal church there? do they have a web page?
ANSWER: Their web address is betanie.cz.

bullet     The Montanan 03/07/03
    I am fairly certain that an old college buddy of mine is owner of a bar in Prague. (Marquis de Sade). We went to college in Montana. Does that bar have a web site or email? Otherwise, a mailing address would suffice.
ANSWER: The address is Templova 8, Prague 1, 110 000.

bullet     Graham 03/03/03
    Any ideas where to find a single apartment, looking at a place seems expensive, commission cost and deposit alone account to almost 5000 euros !
ANSWER: Try to search on the web expats.cz in the accommodation section.

bullet     Neil 03/03/03
    hi I am in Prague for a week and would like to meet up with some fun people if you are up for a fun time then let me know thanks... 1st time in Prague and I cant wait!

bullet     Liquid 03/01/03
    Hey, Im a latin guy, which speaks spanish and english, im travelling to Prague from the 15 to the 23 of March, I might go to somewhere else, like Slovenia. Im looking for a girl from anywhere, which wants to travel with me, i just dont want to go alone. By the way Im 23 doing my master. Leave your email i will contact you.

bullet     Scott H. 02/28/03
    I am trying to find an old friend who lived in Praha. Can someone check the telephone listings for me? His name is Miroslav Bily and he had started a publishing company called MBI. I can provide more information about his old address if you need, just ask again on this web sight
ANSWER:I checked the phone directory and there is no Miroslav Bily in Prague, but there are quite a lot of people with this name in CZ.

bullet     Jebs 02/28/03
    I was in Prague in December 2002 and visited a Medieval Armor shop selling swords, armor, etc. in Old Town on a side street near the Charles Bridge. Does anyone know the name of the shop and how I might contact them? Thanks.
ANSWER: Hello, if you could find the name of the street I would be able to find the contacts- but there are so many streets close to the Chares bridge..

bullet     Mark 02/24/03
    Hello, I am looking for friendly girls to have fun and party with during my stay in Prague (2/25-2/28) and perhaps have them visit me in the states (Texas) at a future date. You can email me at DomRasta@aol.com

bullet     thepinkzebra 02/23/03
    Are there any good flea markets in Prague? Do you know anything about exporting small items from Prague to the US? I am visiting Prague for one month, and would like to buy/bring back some small things to re-sell in the US.
ANSWER: Flea markets are not very popular here. If people have something old, they usually throw it away or if it is of some value, they sell it to the antique stores. You can usually export items like this, but it is better to ask the seller if there are some restrictions before you buy it.

bullet     Russel 02/21/03
    Hello, I am trying to find a wooden cottage to rent in Livigno or on the Dolomites and was wondering if you could help. Thankyou in advance.
ANSWER: Here is a link to web sites offering accommodation in Livigno.

bullet     nikki 02/20/03
    I will be travelling to CZ in April 2003. What kind of weather should I expect? Thank you!
ANSWER: It should be around 10-15 Celsius, in April weather is changing very often- definitely bring an umbrella..

bullet     Lars 02/19/03
    Someone asked about a church decorated with skulls and bones. It does actually exist. It's located in a small town outside of Prague by the name of Kutna Hora. You can get there by bus (Holesovice station) and takes about 40 minutes to get there. It's an interesting, it somewhat bizarre experience... Hope this helps.
ANSWER: Thank you Lars.

bullet     Gaja 02/13/03
    Hallo I am going to Prague in March. I am looking for adesses of club where played Gothic, EBM oder Metal music. If anyone could help me? Thank you. Bye bye
ANSWER: There is a special club that plays this music called St.yx on Sokolovska 144. They do not have their programme online, though. .

bullet     Jerry 02/13/03
    Coming to Prague in March 2003, would like to look at Antique or Bric Brac stores, that carry old weapons or knives, Nazi items, such as knives, guns, emblems, etc. Also would like to know about the policies of the Czech govt concerning buying such items and taking them home with you to the USA. Maybe even look at some flea markets if they have them in Prague... Thanks..
ANSWER: Items with nazi symbol are illegal and permitted in this country, so if I were you I would look for different stuff in the Antique stores.

bullet     Paul 02/12/03
    I'm going on a stag weekend on 5th - 8th July 2003, do you know where I can book tickets for events such as ice hockey?
ANSWER: The hockey season is over in July- sorry. Usually you do not need to book tickets in advance, most of us buy them directly before the match.

bullet     Liz 02/11/03
    Hi, I am looking for the address of a restaurant in Prague named U Marcanu. If anyone could help me Thank you. Byby Liz
ANSWER: The address is Restaurace U Marcanu, Veleslanínská, 14, Prague 6, tel: 2367 910.

bullet     Donal 02/10/03
    I am going to Prague in March.I am looking for 2 seperate bits of information. 1) Someone told me there are Tours Of Breweries available, preferably tours where one gets to sample the beer at the end. Any information on this ? 2) Also, is there a listing of Rock/Pop concerts for March. i already tried Ticketpro but there is nothing of interest. The listing I am looking for would say what is on in sa y the "Lucerna" and other venues on specific dates in March.!! Thank you.
ANSWER: Yes, most of the breweries make tours for their visitors- in Prague it is Staropramen on Smichov (for more visit this web). For the programme of the clubs- see doklubu.cz, but it is only in Czech :(.

bullet     Irishman 02/09/03
    I will be bringing a group of friends(male) to prague at the end of february.(not a stag party) Can you reccommend any lively nightspots and bars where we could meet some czech girls....
ANSWER: I have no special recommendation. Choose any bar that you will like- for exemple Lucerna music Bar in Vodickova.

bullet     Tommy 02/06/03
    Myself and a couple of friends (males) will be visiting Prague in Easter and we would like to hook up with a couple of ladies from the city who would be able to show us around the sites and party with us at night. We just want a few days real fun and would take care of all expenses for the lucky ladies! By the way, we are Irish and speak only English. My E-mail is Obongo666@aol.com

bullet     wslehman@hotmail.com 02/06/03
    Looking for fellow time travellerz. Im stuck. Ws

bullet     Barbara 02/03/03
    Hello: My daughter and I will be visiting Prague in May, 2003. A few questions I have are: "I have distant relatives in the area of Czech Republic, would it be possible to find them??? - "Also please recommend a nice, village, hotel or Bed and Breakfast??? "Also are there any bead factories open to the public??? ---- Thank you very much.
ANSWER: Czech Republic is not that huge, so there is quite a good possibility to find your relatives. If you know their last name and area where they live- try to search in the yellow pages ctel.iol.cz. I recommend to my web visitors to book their accommodation at abaka.com. As for the beads- I found a small firm where it might be possible to visit the factory, try to contact them euroring.cz.

bullet     Dave 02/03/03
    I'm seeking glass ball for Christmas that look like snowballs. I bought them previously from Bohemia Crystal1 on Malostranske; can someone tell me if they have a web site or a phone number or mail address?
ANSWER: I wasn't able to find a contact to the mentioned store, but this web might also help help you: crystalcz.com.

bullet     Bohemian-Bob 01/29/03
    Hey, finally an expatriate has written a novel about the wonderful land of the Czech Republic. It's called Steffi's Club, by D.A. Blyler, and I just finished reading it. Very funny and well written. Takes place in the famous brewery town of Pilsen. Published by Burnhillwolf Books, you can check it out at: http://www.burnhillwolf.com Na Zdravi, Bob

bullet     Mari 01/28/03
    Hi, I am a norwegian girl studying in Praha.I am looking for a girl who would like to go for coffe etc, from time to time. My e-mail: marislaatta@hotmail.com

bullet     aka 01/27/03
    hy,i'm cook from Croatia and i'm interested to work in Prag in vegeterian restaurant-please,can you tell me something about that
ANSWER: First you need to find a restaurant and contact the owner, once you have a promise for job, everything is easier. The biggest problem is to get a work permit, that takes a lot of time. There are Croatins working in the restaurants, so it should be possible.

bullet     Anne 01/24/03
    Does anybody have any idea how much an American (or Western European) would earn in American industry in Czech, working at MBA level? Do they pay regular salaries, or do they discount? Anne
ANSWER: Middle managemant salary is usually between 50 000- 80 000. Top management, as far as I know, could earn about 150 000CZK. There are big differences, so these figures are just to get an idea.

bullet     bridget 01/23/03
    Which breed of horse originated in Czechosloviakia?
ANSWER: The horse is called "prevalsky", but that is in Czech, I do not know the English equivalent.

bullet     Keith 01/23/03

bullet     Larz is lokking for Klarka 01/17/03
    Regarding my friend long lost friend. I couldn't pronounce her name, so she told me just to call her Claire. I believe that is translated as "Klarka" in Czech? Not much info, but maybe someone could help? I believe she knew people at Karlovy Lazne. She's a beautiful young lady with a magical spirit. I've got the picture of the two of us on file if it would help. Any more suggestions? Anyone care to take this one on (i.e. Prague dwellers)? Thanks a million, Larz

bullet     David 01/24/03
    I recently watched a program on TV which showed a Church near Prague decorated with bones and skulls from the years of the black death. As I intend visiting Prague this year 2003, I was wondering if you could give more information and directions. many thanks
ANSWER: This is the first time I hear something like that. I will try to find some info, but I am not sure if I will be succesfull.

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